NecKomfort Reviews, Functions and Price

Neck and back pain are known to anyone who sits at the computer for a long time. But those who do a physically demanding job also have back pain more and more often. There are numerous treatment methods for this. However, most are associated with taking medication. Overall, however, this is not useful because the cause is not eliminated, but only the symptoms are eliminated. Accordingly, a product that reduces back pain is always welcome. The NecKomfort is a hammock for the neck, which ensures a natural posture and helps to get back pain under control.

What is NecKomfort?

Unspeakable back pain mainly causes one thing: headache. Those with a headache are no longer as productive and fail in the long term in their jobs and private lives. Therefore, a good method is always required to get rid of this annoying pain. The product presented here helps to reliably eliminate them. Especially if they come from the neck. Here are the advantages that the manufacturer is focusing on:

  • easy to use
  • suitable for everyday use, everywhere
  •  helps with cramps in the neck
  • relieves pinched nerves
  • also used for herniated discs
  • also works against pressure pain


As you can see, the manufacturer has given a lot of thought to what pain is most annoying for the user. Accordingly, the neck hammock can be used for all purposes related to headaches and for which one wishes to have the cause eliminated.

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What does NecKomfort help with?

Head pain mostly stems from an incorrect posture. This is why most of them fight with them who work in the office or who have to adopt a one-sided stance. Even in everyday life, without work, there can always be back problems, where the use of the neck hammock would make sense. With the help of this product, the user is in a completely natural posture and muscle relaxation is guaranteed. You no longer need to be an expensive massage therapist or chiropractor, because the problems are all eliminated by the neck hammock.

Why do I need NecKomfort?

The product is primarily aimed at everyone who is struggling with back problems and who also has pinched the neck more often. For those who don’t want to live with a headache anymore and want to tackle the problem. Both women and men can benefit from the product, age also does not matter. The problem has already manifested itself in older people in particular and may be chronic. But even in this case the neck hammock can help. In principle, it is suitable for anyone who wants to continue to save pain and suffering.

Neckomfort neck pain

How is the product used?

For a good effect, the correct use of the neck hammock is important. This is first attached to a door with one end or to a secure railing. In any case, the product should have a secure attachment. Then you just lie down and stretch your neck to lay your head in the hammock. The application should continue for about ten minutes, while the mat can help with muscle relaxation. If you want, you can use it at different times of the day, even several times a day, to find the right difference and to find the right time for yourself. Depending on this, this can also have a positive impact on the result. Most find it very pleasant to carry out the procedure especially in the evening when they want to relax and unwind from everyday life.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every health product, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize below. Because you should be clear about all of them before buying. This can also contribute to a purchase decision.


  • easy to use
  • expensive muscle relaxation
  • no more visiting the doctor
  • relieves the spine
  •  reliably eliminates headaches


  • not known

In any case, the product can also be used very well for chronic problems, which is why the target group is very broad. No visits to the specialist are necessary as soon as a headache occurs, as the product reliably eliminates them. The application is also very simple and can be done by everyone without having to read long instructions. Nevertheless, the set even includes one that is even illustrated.

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General NecComfort test and quality features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and put the product through a test. It came to us and made a solid and above all stable impression. This encouraged us to try it out. The quality can be seen in any case. The application is completely uncomplicated, you just have to make sure that the mat is stuck. Everything else is a breeze. As the manufacturer recommended, we attached it to a door. It is important that the attachment does not slip over the knob. It can also be easily attached to the railing. In addition, it should be ensured that the hammock does not lie on the floor, otherwise the head will not move into the correct position. Then you just lie down and your head in the hammock. When we were lying down we noticed that the muscle relaxation was quite large. The pain in the head decreased and the position was so comfortable that you could have fallen asleep.

Overall, a very good product, which we would be happy to recommend.

Neckomfort content

General NecComfort experiences and opinions

We also looked around for other reviews. There are far too many people who have to deal with headaches every day and cannot do anything except take pills. However, this is not useful in the long run. Most of those who used the hammock quickly found good muscle relaxation, which completely eliminated pain and a good result was possible in the long term. Many also recommended the product to their friends, who were also satisfied. We could not find any negative reports, so the evaluations of our experiences underpinned in any case.

Are there any known NecComfort problems?

It can be said that there were no problems with the product. The type of attachment could be seen as such, but only if you live in an apartment with the door handles lower. But even here there is still the possibility that the lines of the hammock can be shortened. Therefore, this is not a real problem. At this point we would like to briefly mention that there are problems for which such a hammock is not a solution. Often, however, these are diseases that require surgery or other treatment anyway, so we advise you to clarify with a specialist beforehand.

Where can I buy NecKomfort?

The product can be bought easily on the Internet. The manufacturer offers its own website for sale, where it not only has the product itself in its range, but also has a special offer. However, these can only be used within a limited period of time and it therefore makes sense to be quick. These offers usually contain several copies, so you can always carry one with you. Whether at home or at work. The order is completely uncomplicated and is quickly completed. The payment is also without any risk. Different methods are available for this. Including credit card and PayPal. The shipment is quick and the parcel reaches the front door a few days later and you can try it out immediately. It couldn’t be easier.

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NecKomfort Technical details

We wanted to summarize all the details about the product here again. However, the manufacturer makes relatively little information about this, so we have to summarize the list in small parts:

  • made from a skin-friendly fabric
  • durable materials for safe durability
  • other accessories included
  • including sleep goggles, storage bags and fastening cuffs

Overall, the product is therefore prepared for many events. If you have the time, you can also put on the sleep mask while relaxing to relax even more. In addition, an instruction manual is included, which is even illustrated. This also eliminates any application errors.

NecComfort rating and recommendation

We think that the product can be used to very well prevent headaches, provided they come from the neck or back. The product is easy to use and suitable for every use. Both at work and at home, this head hammock is excellently designed for the treatment of pain and saves you a lot of money and time, since you don’t have to go to the specialist, or to the masseur or chiropractor. It did well in our test, as did other users who had a little experience with the product. We are happy to recommend it at this point and believe that it can bring significant relief, which can make tablets unnecessary in the long run.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is sold by a company based in the Netherlands. The complete address is as follows: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670 AE Zetten, The Netherlands. There is also an email that people can contact if they have any questions. However, this is only set up for England, the USA, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. You can also register there by email and also ask questions. The email address is also more suitable for those for whom there is no dedicated hotline. It is:

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Application 8.0
Effect 8.5
Overall 8.0