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Neck and back pain are not easy to bear. However, massages always cost a lot of money if you want to be treated professionally. Massage devices available on the market offer an alternative. However, they do not always create the desired effect. At this point we would like to introduce the Neck Relax. A massage device that massages both the direct neck area and the back. Back pain is thus contained and avoided. In addition, it is an effective means of relaxation, which can be used regularly.


What is Neck Relax?

This neck massage device is a product that performs the relief massage and contributes to general pain relief and relaxation. It is easy to put on and use. This means that back pain has no chance at all. Here are the characteristics indicated by the manufacturer:

  • healing by means of infrared technology
  • easy to handle
  • six different programs
  • flexible and ergonomic
  • 16 different types of intensity
  • for neck and back area

Neck Relax

Some devices on the market concentrate exclusively on the neck area, others only do the back. This device has both options, so a holistic approach to treatment is followed. It is also uncomplicated to use and can make a significant contribution to making pain a thing of the past.


Why does the Neck Relax help?

Who has ever had back pain, or is constantly struggling with it, knows how restrictive this can be. Most people prescribe painkillers in such cases, but this is not a long-term solution. Therefore it always makes sense to aim for a different kind of treatment. Although most massages are useful, they only last for a short time. Therefore, the neck massage device is an optimal alternative. In addition, it only works externally and does not strain the liver or kidneys, as is the case with many pain killers. Accordingly, it can also be used more often, if necessary.

The relief massage also helps to relax and back pain can be prevented optimally.

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Why do I need the Neck Relax?

Neck Relax is aimed at all those who have to struggle with back pain and do not know how to treat it properly. It is also a successful alternative for painkillers and those who no longer want to count on it. Neck Relax can even be used if the patient’s movements are restricted. Thus it is aimed at both young and old, who can benefit equally from it. Men and women can also use it. Its use is uncomplicated. Even at work Neck Relax could be put on at short notice. The target group is therefore quite diversified.

neck pain


How is Neck Relax used?

First of all, it is important to be in a resting position. This can be the case while sitting or lying down. Neck Relax is then placed around the neck and the two pads are positioned on the back. They stick by themselves and are easy to remove afterwards. Once the pads are connected to the neck section, the desired intensity and the corresponding program are switched on. After that you can just relax. The treatment takes several minutes and the device switches itself off automatically. This treatment is carried out several times a week, according to your needs. A consistent treatment should significantly reduce back pain and make it easy to get a grip on it.


What advantages and disadvantages does Neck Relax have?

The neck massage device has several advantages and disadvantages that you should inform yourself about before buying it. We therefore summarize them in the following so that everyone can form their own opinion as to whether or not the device appears suitable for a relieving massage.


  • easy operation
  • several programs and intensities for individual adjustment
  • also suitable for the back
  • for massage and relaxation
  • healing infrared technology


  • none known

In general, there are only advantages to report about the device for neck massage. It is easy to put on and use, whereby intensity and program can be individually adjusted to the user. By offering both a relief massage and relaxation programs, it can be used both for the feel-good factor and for medical treatment. Thanks to infrared technology, it is gentle on the massage and helps to make back pain a thing of the past.

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General Neck Relax Test and Quality Features

Of course we wanted to get a picture of the device ourselves. Since we work in the office every day and know how easy it can be to get into bad postures, we also have to deal with back pain here and there. There are few treatments. Although painkillers contribute to the fact that one does not go into the relieving posture, they are not a long-term solution. Furthermore, massages are expensive and help only to a limited extent. In most cases, you have to use several until they have an effect. The neck massage device presented here is easy to handle and made a very high quality impression on us after unpacking. We put it on and positioned the pads on the back. Afterwards we went through the different programs and intensities to get a better overview of the functions. The device provides a pleasant treatment and you feel a little better afterwards. Over a period of two weeks, it relaxed our two test persons very well and provided a perfect relief massage, which is normally very cost-intensive. All in all, we were convinced of the performance and are happy to recommend it to others.

neck massage

General Neck Relax experiences and opinions

There are already many opinions about the device on the Internet, which we had also looked for when we were looking for information. Most of them are enthusiastic and use the device regularly. They find it very easy to use and believe that it is the perfect alternative to ordinary massages or treatments. They like to use it and therefore also recommend it to other people who have to do with back pain again and again. We could not find any negative reviews. However, it was a few users a little too weak. However, there were mostly already back problems, which can often only be solved effectively by surgery. The device provides rest for back pain, but does not replace an operative alterative. Further customer experiences are available over this link!*


Are there any known Neck relax problems?

There are generally no problems with the device. It takes a moment until you are really familiar with the device, but this is rather a factor of familiarization. Once you are familiar with it and its functions, you can work with it without any problems.

Neck relaxation


Where can I buy Neck Relax?

The best way to buy the device is directly from the manufacturer. Only here you get the guarantee that it is the original and that you get it at a good price. Usually such massage devices are very expensive, especially if they are used for relief massage. However, this is not the case with the device presented here. The price is moderate. For this you can use the scales provided by the manufacturer. Within these it is guaranteed that one gets several devices at a more favorable price in each case. The second device can thus be used by the partner, or it can be given away as a gift. The dispatch takes place fast, after the uncomplicated order was transacted. Within a few working days it already arrives at your home. The payment takes place over risk-free methods by means of Paypal or credit card. The buyer therefore does not take any risk and the order is very secure. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

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Neck Relax Technical Details

Very little is known about the technical characteristics of the device. Nevertheless, we would like to list below everything we have been able to find out:

  • healing infrared technology
  • several programs and intensities adjustable
  • ergonomic construction, suitable for everyone
  • pulse massage for relief massage

The device for neck massage is therefore ideally suited if it is not only pure back pain, but also for relaxation, for example if you have a hard day at work behind you and simply want to switch off. It has the necessary technology so that it makes you forget the stress of everyday life and significantly alleviates existing back pain. If it is used continuously, it can even prevent the development of any.


Neck Relax Evaluation and recommendation

All in all we consider this device to be very useful and therefore recommend it to others. It helps those affected to treat back pain and not to have to accept high costs. It offers a good alternative to painkillers and other devices available on the market. Its function also supports not only the treatment of back pain, but also the general relaxation to let go of the stress of everyday life, or just to feel good. Through the neck massage and the inclusion of the back, it is an ultimate device that should not be missing in any household. At some point, everyone will experience back pain and benefit from the device’s features.


Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions:


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