Musculus X Reviews, Ingredients and Price

Musculus X facts

Musculus X is a preparation for men which, according to manufacturer information, has undergone scientific development. The product is used as a nitrogen dioxide preparation. It is capable of raising testosterone levels, building muscle mass and quickly defining an athlete’s body. The increase in strength due to the intake of the product is described by the manufacturer as unprecedented. In addition, the product supports fat burning, increases the available energy many times over and thus optimally supports the training results.

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The manufacturer promises that together with gym training, the product produces 52% more muscle mass, increases strength endurance by up to 42% and reduces training fatigue by up to 47%. This is a muscle-building preparation developed on a scientific basis. Even after training and during the recovery phase, the product continues to have an effect and supports the defined muscle build-up even during the resting phase.

The product is enriched with many different ingredients that support strong muscle growth. According to the manufacturer’s information, various other preparations that support muscle build-up become superfluous and the often used pills to support muscle build-up are no longer necessary with the use of this preparation. This should also save costs.

The manufacturer promises that with the use of the preparation an intensive muscle growth and at the same time a clearly noticeable fat reduction result, which should lead to a defined, slim and sexy body. The effect can already be felt shortly after the first use of the preparation and an explosive amount of energy is produced. Together, supernatural results can be achieved in muscle building and fat burning.

In addition to promoting muscle growth and reducing fat mass, the manufacturer also promises an increase in libido.

The preparation

  • increases muscle mass by up to 52
  • increases the strength endurance of athletes by up to 42
  • reduces exhaustion during training by up to 47
  • Musculus X has a libido enhancing effect

Musculus X Ingredients

The manufacturer is generally very cautious about the ingredients contained in Musculus X. Only two ingredients can be researched, with the main component in the product for muscle building in arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG).

  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG): This ingredient is a further development of arginine. This in turn is a very common amino acid in nutrition, which has a broad spectrum of effects in sports and physical activity in general. The ingredient plays a major role in protein synthesis in the organism and is also responsible for the production of nitric oxide. The latter process in the body causes vasodilatation, which in turn supports blood flow into the muscles and the supply of nutrients as well as the removal of metabolic end products. Arginine is an important component of creatine, which in turn plays an important role in energy metabolism. The release of growth hormones is also promoted with the ingredient. However, the dosage of the ingredient per capsule is relatively low at 225 mg, as a dosage of 5,000 mg per day is recommended for optimal effect by experts.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 plays a significant role in the important central metabolic processes in the organism. It is essential for the incorporation and conversion of proteins as well as the protection and development of nerve connections and it also has a very positive effect on the immune system. The human organism is not able to produce vitamin B6 itself. It must therefore be supplied through food intake.

Who is Musculus X for?

Musculus X is aimed at men who want to build muscle mass quickly and at the same time promote optimal fat reduction in order to achieve a defined and muscular body. Together with training in the gym, muscle build-up can be promoted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Even during the rest phase, i.e. in the phases between the individual training units, the build-up of muscles is sustainably promoted and the goal of optimal musculature is also supported during the rest phases. The manufacturer addresses men who want to shine with a high testosterone level and at the same time want to present a high muscle percentage in their body. The product appeals to fewer users who want to shine on stage as bodybuilders, but rather to men who want to define their figure for optical reasons.

Musculus X is aimed at men

  • who want to increase their muscle growth
  • who want to efficiently break down fat
  • who want to build up muscles quickly and efficiently, even during rest periods
  • who want to increase their libido

General Musculus X Test

The statement that this product is the only one that can be used for optimal muscle building and that it replaces other preparations such as protein powder or pills that support muscle building is questioned by athletes with extensive expertise in muscle building. Users also criticize the fact that the amount of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) in the product with a dosage of 225 mg per capsule is too low compared to the recommended dosage of 5,000 mg per day by experts. Thus, experienced athletes find the product too expensive for an optimally high dosage.

The manufacturer suggests to the potential customer an effect that is doubted by experienced athletes. There are also – apart from the manufacturer’s statement – no further indications as to how the scientific development of the preparation has taken place.

Overall Musculus X is very sensational advertised and the potential customer is convinced of the purchase of the product with few, but very effective advertising slogans, without provable effects being proven or justified here. Also the ingredients, which are supposed to make the excellent effect of the product, are not explained further and an interested customer is forced to do research about ingredients outside the supplier website.

Here, competitive products work more transparently and more convincingly and informatively for the customer.

General Musculus X Opinions

In principle, experienced athletes who have already worked with boosters take a very critical view of the purchase and use of the product. The dosage is criticized, because in the dosage, as the capsules are equipped, an unattainable effect is described. In addition, the advertising for the preparation is perceived as very sensational and it is criticized that a preparation in this composition can under no circumstances achieve the effects which are certified by the manufacturer. The muscle build-up of about four kilograms per week, some of which was promised on advertising pages, is described as very unrealistic and almost dubious. Users also report that after four weeks of the product in combination with muscle training, there was little or no increase in muscle build-up compared to the time when the product was not used.

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How does the Musculus X effect work?

The effect is described by the manufacturer in such a way that the ingredients contained in the preparation achieve an immediate and clearly noticeable effect with regard to the growth of the muscles and also that the undesirable fat mass is broken down sustainably and quickly. According to the manufacturer, the muscles also grow when the body is at rest and no training takes place in the gym. Unfortunately, however, the exact mode of action of the product is not described coherently, logically and comprehensibly for the user. In addition, the manufacturer does not describe exactly which effect is achieved on the basis of which ingredients of the product. The customer is therefore dependent on trust in the product when he buys it.

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What is the Musculus X intake?

The product is applied by taking the capsule. The capsules, which are relatively large, should be swallowed as a whole if possible. The encapsulation of the capsule should only be dissolved in the stomach by stomach acid and the contents of the capsules should not already be effective in the mouth. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily.

Are there known Musculus X side effects?

Interactions with other products and side effects are not described by the manufacturer and there are also no user instructions describing side effects when taking the product. This is probably due not least to the fact that the product is relatively low dosed and that the daily intake of two capsules is far below the daily dosage recommended by experts.

Where can I buy Musculus X?

The product can be purchased via well-known Internet platforms. Here is the price for a pack of 60 capsules, one dose for one month, at 40 euros. Shipping costs vary. When ordering on the manufacturer’s website, a 30-day right of return is granted. The mail order business on the Internet sales platforms is legally obliged to grant a 14-day right of withdrawal.

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How is the Musculus X price graded?

If the product is implemented via the manufacturer’s website, the customer receives two cans of the product and one additional can free of charge. The price is 119,90 Euro and there is a discount of 20 Euro. This means that a supply is available for three months, which costs 99.90 euros and is also free of charge for the customer. If three cans are purchased, two additional bonus bottles will be sent to you. The price is calculated here with 179,85 Euro. With a discount of 30 euros, the customer has guaranteed a supply for five months at the final price of 149.85 euros. Only the starter package with a can at a price of 59.95 euros and a discount of 10 euros is more expensive than in Internet trade on the familiar platforms.

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