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Everyone has had this experience: You wake up in the morning and you are covered with mosquito bites. Not only do they hurt, the itching is almost unbearable. If you don’t treat the bites properly, they can also become inflamed and you have to go to the doctor. Overall, this problem is very annoying and causes health problems. To protect yourself from it, several methods can be used, but none of them offer effective safety. At this point we would like to introduce Mosquito Block. A product that makes use of the natural function and helps you to sleep calmly again.

What is the Mosquito Block?

In terms of mosquito protection there are a lot of things on the market that you can use. Typical are for example anti-fly screens as well as insect spray, with which you can get rid of the pests. However, these methods have some disadvantages, which you will only realize when you use them. For example, the mosquito screen does not allow as much draught to enter the room. Even if you open the window at night, it does not cool down thanks to the dense fabric. Insect spray, on the other hand, usually contains substances that cannot be used for long periods of time. They not only damage the skin, but are also sometimes harmful to health. For children, the use of insect spray is unthinkable. According to the manufacturer, the tape presented here has the following properties:

  • Mosquitoes and mosquitoes are kept away up to 70 percent
  • barrier between human and insect is created
  • natural concept is used
  • ¬†comfortable to wear
  • long battery life
  • easy handling

Mosquito Block

With all these properties, it is quite possible to keep mosquitoes at a distance and create a barrier that should have a good effect especially at night. Optimal protection is therefore a prerequisite.

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What does the Mosquito Block help with?

Particularly at night you are affected in summer if you leave the window open: Mosquitoes gain access to your realm and bite you so badly that you have to endure a lot of pain afterwards. Some of the bites are even so dangerous that one has to go to the doctor with them. The bracelet protects you up to 70 percent from such bites without the need to use any anti-mosquito agents. It works in a natural way and only with a sound that only the mosquitoes can hear. So you will experience a quiet night where you are as well protected as possible.

During the day, on the other hand, the band can also be used and even serves as a fashionable accessory with which you can be seen.

Why do I need the Mosquito Block?

The product is intended for people who are particularly affected by being bitten by mosquitoes. Especially at night, this is extremely annoying and the bites sometimes cause severe pain. The age is irrelevant, as is the sex. Men and women can use the tape equally. It is already interesting for children to protect them from annoying mosquito bites. Moreover, thanks to the product you will no longer come into contact with the typical anti-mosquito agents, which not only smell strangely, but also do not necessarily have a good effect on our skin.

How is the product used?

The product is simply placed around the wrist and switched on. Afterwards, you can already use the appropriate mosquito protection without using chemicals or other measures. However, the battery life must be monitored regularly in order to recharge the device if necessary. By the way, it is charged through the USB connection of a computer, which is very uncomplicated. As far as the battery status is concerned, the user also has the option of keeping the light on the front constantly in view. If it strikes, the battery should be recharged.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any product, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should know about before. We would like to summarize them below and also give you the opportunity to better orientate yourself. The list can be a purchase decision for you and serve as an aid.


  • easy to create
  • good protection also at night
  • fashionable accessory
  • suitable for all age groups
  • protects in a natural way, without any chemicals


  • the effectiveness is only 70 percent

The only disadvantage of the bracelet is its effectiveness. Even the manufacturer gives a guarantee of up to 70%. So there is still the risk of being stung. In addition, the mosquito protection has other advantages. These include ease of use and naturalness, so that no chemicals have to be used. In addition, it is a fashionable accessory that also looks good.

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General Mosquito Block Test and quality characteristics

We wanted to convince ourselves of the capabilities of the bracelet and tried it out. The summers are getting warmer and warmer and therefore an appropriate protection is more and more necessary. Especially on holiday, when you spend it in foreign countries, mosquito protection can always be recommended. The bracelet was easy to put on and was hardly noticeable with time, similar to a normal watch. However, it cannot be worn together with one. However, if you wish, you can use this element as a fashion accessory, in addition to the watch. Something about effectiveness: We spent the nights without any further protection and with the window open.

In the course of time it became apparent that we were stung to varying degrees. One of us was spared from everything, but he already had less problems with mosquito bites before. We attribute this phenomenon to the fact that there are people who get bitten more than others. For these people the bracelet can have a good effect and at least reduce the number of bites. However, it is not 100% certain that all mosquito bites will disappear in the future.

General Mosquito Block experiences and opinions

During our research on the product, we also looked for other opinions and experience reports and found what we were looking for. It became apparent that the majority of users had no problems with the device and could use the mosquito protection effectively. Many praised the easy handling, even during the night. The wristband is easy to put on, pleasant on the skin and therefore hardly noticeable when you put it on properly. Many also had good success with it. However, there were also one or two negative reports. Here it became apparent that the bracelet was used incorrectly or had no effect. Therefore we assume that it can be of good service to some people, but that it does not necessarily work for everyone. Overall, however, it was highly praised and was gladly recommended. You can find more customer experiences via this link here! *

Are there any known Mosquito Block problems?

As the product is made of a harmless substance, it is not to be assumed that problems will occur. However, according to the evaluations, it has already been the case that it does not necessarily have a sufficient effect on everyone. It is certain that about 70 percent of the users notice fewer mosquito bites. However, they are also naturally less bitten than others. Nevertheless, we think that it is definitely worth a try to use and try out the mosquito protection. If it turns out that the bracelet is effective, it can provide lasting relief, especially during the night.

Where can I buy Mosquito Block?

The purchase is best done through the manufacturer himself. They offer their products on their own website on the Internet. There you will also find corresponding offers, which you can use for your financial benefit. We will also come to this later in this paragraph. The manufacturer offers an easy order, for which it is only necessary to enter some information in a form and then you can send the order. A little later, payment is made by means of uncomplicated payment methods and just a few days later, the package reaches the orderer, who can try the product right away.

The tape can also be purchased by means of corresponding offers. These offers include several of the bracelets, which can be used on the road or when the battery of a bracelet is empty. Nevertheless, you can equip your whole family with it. The product is sold at a special price, in which the individual product costs less than if you order it alone. So it is worthwhile to check the website from time to time and use the offers when they are available.

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Mosquito Block Technical Details

Unfortunately we could not find many technical properties for the tape. However, we have found the following information and make it available for you:

  • Use of sound and frequency that only mosquitoes and mosquitoes can hear and that they are uncomfortable with
  • 130 hours battery life
  • comfortable to wear

The product does not have to be recharged over and over again, as many a fitness watch does. It takes some time before this is necessary and the charging is simply done via USB connection on the computer. The wristband follows a natural concept in combat and therefore has all the important technical requirements.

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Mosquito Block Assessment and Recommendation

All in all, we recommend that you just try the tape. Even though the chance of getting rid of the vermin forever is only at 70 percent, this is a significantly higher chance than doing nothing. Furthermore, the product is suitable for use at any age.

Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called Kaizen Clicks LLC It is located in the USA and has the following address: 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A197, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001 United States.

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Mosquito Block

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.5
Overall Rating 8.0