Mobile Klean Reviews, Functions and Price

We all know the situation of touching countless things during the day that someone else has already touched. Accordingly, they can also be contaminated with certain viruses or bacteria. This problem can usually be solved with a disinfectant. The Mobile Klean product presented here serves precisely this purpose and, thanks to integrated lighting with UV radiation, enables its user to check a cleaned surface afterwards. Moreover, the device itself can also be used to clean surfaces.


What is Mobile Klean?

The product offered here is a UV lighting system that illuminates affected areas well and indicates which areas are affected by bacteria, fungi or viruses. It is easy to use and ideal for people who are forced to take care of their surroundings because they may have a weaker immune system. But it is also useful for everyone else to make use of such a device. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • easy handling
  • clean surfaces after disinfection
  • shows every little speck of white paint
  • destroys the bacteria when illuminated
  • made for doctors and nurses
  • can also be used by anyone else

Mobile Klean

All in all, it is a product that destroys even the bacteria and germs, but at the same time ensures a clean environment. It is designed for use by doctors and nurses, but it is also useful for everyone else.

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What does the device help with?

If you think about what we actually touch every day, you will see that this is a lot. The shopping trolley in the supermarket, the computer at work, even at the amusement park, we touch devices that come into contact with thousands of hands every day. Bacteria spread in the process, of course. But we don’t want them on us, let alone get sick from them. Most bacteria are harmless, but there are worse ones that can cause illness.

In order to avoid the risk of becoming infected, many people disinfect their surroundings, but they cannot be 100% sure that everything is disinfected. To do this, one needs UV lighting, which the product presented here has. It illuminates all surfaces and provides information about what is clean and what is not. So it is completely unproblematic to create a germ-free environment without having to calculate a lot of effort.


Why do I need Mobile Klean?

The product is aimed at all those who appreciate high levels of cleanliness in their environment. Those who are also dependent on disinfectants and therefore need a clean environment. It does not matter whether the person is young or old, especially children and older people with a weaker immune system are punished, so they should pay special attention to their environment. It does not matter whether the person is male or female, the device works equally well for both and is easy to use, so that really everyone can cope with it. Using this device is simply useful if you value a germ-free environment and want to be clean at all times. Not only does it make you feel safer, it also significantly improves the quality of life for some people.

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How is the product used?

Ideally you should always carry disinfectant with you. If you suspect that a certain area is contaminated with bacteria, simply illuminate it with UV lighting. Then you can get a real picture of the extent. A simple blow with the device is enough to eliminate and render bacteria and viruses harmless. Afterwards, if desired, the whole thing can be treated with the disinfectant and afterwards, one checks once again with the lighting if any residues are also disappeared. If necessary, the affected surfaces can be treated again and checked afterwards. There is absolutely nothing more.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every product, this one also has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize in the following. This list can also be a purchase decision for you, if you are not yet sure if it is the right product for you.


  • simple usage
  • ideal as a supplement to disinfectant
  • perfect for on the road
  • reliable UV-illumination


  • none known

As you can see, there are no drawbacks to this product to worry about. The UV illumination is reliable and the device is easy to use. It is just right for travelling, as well as at home. You can see its benefits in any environment and use it accordingly, usually after a treatment with disinfectant. In principle, however, this is not absolutely necessary, but actually only serves as additional protection against the distribution of bacteria or viruses.

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General Mobile Klean Test and Quality Features

We wanted to take a closer look at the capabilities of the product and ordered one. We already know that you come into contact with many bacteria and viruses every day and that a healthy immune system is so important not to fall ill with anything. Especially now, when disinfectants are in short supply, it makes sense to have another device to keep up to date when you touch things. As far as quality is concerned, we were not disappointed with the device. It made a solid impression and the UV-illumination shocked us at first when we checked in our environment what was contaminated by bacteria.

We then used a disinfectant to clean up our environment and had good success. Of course, it is always useful to disinfect the things one deals with from time to time, but never could one be so sure that everything is really germ-free. We are very convinced of the product and think that it is definitely worth a recommendation.


General Mobile Klean experiences and opinions

While searching for information about the product, we also looked for other opinions and came across various field reports. The product is very well received by everyone and therefore the feedback was very positive. Most of them were enthusiastic about the ease of use and the security it provides. They also washed their hands more often and thus ensured a higher level of cleanliness, but the device helped them significantly in eliminating all bacteria and viruses completely. The device was also convincing on surfaces. We could not find any negative reports. Many users do not want to do without the product any more and are happy to recommend it to others. You can find more customer experiences via this link here! *


Are there known Mobile Klean problems?

It is important to check the environment again and again if it is absolutely necessary to keep it clean. Accordingly, it is also necessary to allow some time for larger areas. Because of the relatively small size of the light, the area must be approached slowly but effectively to eliminate all bacteria and viruses. A follow-up with a disinfectant can also be helpful to remove all residues. A professional disinfection can therefore also be a little more complex.


Where can I buy Mobile Klean?

It is best to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers his goods via his own homepage, where you can also use the corresponding offers. The advantage: These contain several copies at once, but are offered at a preferential price. This means that each one is cheaper than if you place an individual order. Ordering is very easy and is done with a few entries in a form. Afterwards, one only has to pay, for which different methods are available. Credit card and Paypal are only two of them. They are as risk-free as possible. Afterwards the package will arrive at your home only a few days later. So you do not even have to pick it up. Then you can try it out right away. It is recommended to order via the manufacturer, also to get an original and not just a badly made fake.

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Mobile Klean Technical Details

We could not find any technical details about the device, but we can say that it contains a UV-C light which has the ability to kill all multiplying bacteria and microorganisms. This significantly reduces the risk of disease outbreak and creates a clean environment.


Mobile Klean evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we would like to recommend this product very much, as it gives you the necessary security that you need in your daily environment. Even people who always attach importance to and depend on the disinfection of their daily utensils can benefit greatly from this product. It cleans the environment and frees it from germs and bacteria that can cause illness. It is also very useful when you are on the move, when you come into contact with many things. Whether on the bus or train – the device can also be used effectively for your own benefit. Therefore we think that everyone can benefit from it. Of course it is always useful to carry an additional disinfectant with you, but actually it is no longer absolutely necessary with this device.


Information on the provider or shipping partner

Strong Current Enterprises Limited
Suite 2201, 22/F, Chinachem Century Tower
178 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Homepage: *


The support address to which questions can also be directed is: The provider usually responds to the sender within 24 hours.

Mobile Klean

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 8.0