Mindinsole Reviews, Functions and Price

Accupressure is a traditional concept that works with the energy in the body and can be influenced by certain points. Mindinsole takes advantage of this concept by influencing certain points on the foot and thus being able to control all the energy that moves in the legs. This procedure is particularly recommended for pain, because it does not require any medication. We have tried the insoles in more detail and would like to present the product again below.

What is the Mindinsole?

Everyone knows the problem with foot pain. Especially in jobs where you have to walk a lot and have to walk, your feet logically hurt in the evening. Certain medications usually help to relieve pain, but they do not seem suitable for long-term use. There are also many insoles, but they are very different and do not necessarily have an effect. However, these acupressure insoles are said to help relieve pain and bring well-being back to your feet. The main focus of the manufacturer is:

  • works with tried and tested methods to positively influence foot health
  • mixture of magnet therapy and acupressure
  • Relieves pain quickly and reliably
  • also suitable for long-term use
  • works after a short time


Basically, it is an insole that reliably influences foot health. For this purpose, different components are processed in the sole, which all take on a different task.

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What do the Mindinsole help?

Anyone who is on their feet a lot every day knows the problem that in the evening they usually suffer from pain in their feet. Footbaths are the order of the day, creams anyway. But if you finally want to face this problem, you will experience a real upswing with the new soles. Because you just put them in your shoes and the pain is history. You also need a short time to get used to the other feeling, but you don’t want to do without the acupressure pads anymore. At some points, a magnet is integrated inside the sole, which influences the health of the foot with its energy. They help relieve pain and have the advantage of being delivered in one size. It is then adapted to your own foot using a template.

Why do I need these insoles?

The acupressure pads are aimed at all men and women who have problems with their feet and are looking for a natural alternative that they can use to relieve pain. The soles offered here do not make a difference even with age, especially because both young and old suffer more and more from foot pain.

Because they are comfortable to wear and suitable for long-term use, they can also be inserted into the shoe in the long term.

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How is the product used?

The acupressure inserts come to the user in one size. However, there is also a suitable template on which the respective shoe sizes can be found. Using this, it is possible to easily cut the soles with scissors so that they fit in your own shoes. Once they have been adjusted, they are simply put in the shoes that are worn all day. In this way, they can significantly influence foot health and contribute to pain relief. It is important that you wear them for a while to have a good success with them. You don’t even have to take them out of your shoes after a certain time, you can use them permanently.

Mindinsole application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every health product, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should find out about. We will put them together for you below so that you can get your own picture of them. This can also affect your buying decision if you are not sure yet whether the acupressure pads are for you or not.


  • Pain relief with just a few steps
  • fits everyone, thanks to one size
  • easy to use
  • works with traditional healing methods
  • not complain about the shoe


  • you have to get used to it first

It is clear that when you use the soles for the first time, you first have to get used to the feeling of wearing them. However, this is relatively quick and should settle after a few days. During this time, the soles have a positive influence on the feet and can help to prevent pain from becoming as bad as it was used to be. The handling is child’s play, which is why they appear suitable for everyone.

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General Mindinsole test and quality features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and tried the insoles and made our own picture. The concept of acupressure has long been a successful concept in medicine, which can help very well with pain and is therefore used again and again. The insoles come in one size and make a clean, high-quality impression. You cut them to your own size using a template and simply place them in your shoes. The acupressure insoles adapt to the foot over time. The first few days you have to get used to the new comfort, but that settles relatively quickly. Once you get used to the new soles, you don’t really want to take them out of your shoes. If you travel a lot every day and your feet hurt in the evening, they are very helpful in the treatment without having to take medication. They are also suitable for long-term use and are therefore a useful utensil from which your whole health can benefit. Overall, we were convinced of the product and can give it a good rating.

Mindinsole effect

General Mindinsole experiences and opinions

During our research, we were also able to read testimonials from other users and found that there are already some who can use the acupressure inserts well and have learned to appreciate them. We could not find any negative experiences. Most are happy to recommend the soles because they successfully relieve pain and are enthusiastic about their use. You no longer want to do without the soles and therefore use them continuously. It was also repeatedly praised that they are delivered in one size and still meet the points that are necessary to relieve pain. All in all, the users like to use the soles and were very satisfied. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there any known Mindinsole problems?

As already mentioned, there is a small familiarization phase during the first few days of wearing, with which some have more problems, others less. However, once you get used to the soles, the comfort is very good. Another problem could be the material from which the soles are made. Some users reported that the soles could be more breathable because there are a few problems with sweaty feet that cannot be eliminated. However, in this case you should try to do something about your own sweaty feet.

Where can I buy Mindinsole?

It is best to order directly from the manufacturer who offers the soles on their own website. So you get the original in any case and at a reasonable price. Another advantage of ordering from the manufacturer is that there are certain offers that are made available from time to time by the manufacturer. You should strike as long as you can. These offer multiple soles, with each pair costing less than ordering a single pair. As far as ordering and payment is concerned, the manufacturer is very accommodating because it uses risk-free methods such as PayPal and credit card. You really can’t go wrong here.

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Mindinsole technical details

Here are the technical details that we were able to find for the soles:

  • five integrated magnets for the individual energy points
  • pleasant structure that integrates acupressure points
  • One size fits all
  • made from a skin-friendly material

Unfortunately we were unable to find any more information on the technical details.

Mindinsole evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we think that the insoles are interesting for everyone who has to deal with foot pain every day. Those who travel a lot and cannot find suitable footwear that support their own needs. We were very happy with the result and think that the traditional medical properties of the soles are excellent for relieving pain and that one pair of soles should be used for each pair of shoes. The best: They are suitable for permanent use and are therefore a good help over the entire wearing time.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer is based in Hong Kong. Here is the complete address: Think Tech Sales Limited, Rm 709B, 7 / F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI, Hong Kong.

Mindinsole Logo

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Application 9.5
Effect 8.5
Price 8.0