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Smartphone, tablet and Bluetooth headphones – all of this has to be charged because the battery will eventually run out. And there is a charging cable for each individual part. If other devices are added, such as a smartwatch, you also have to find space for this. Nowadays there are devices that can be easily connected and where you put the devices, but they are not so cheap, let alone that they have the desired effect. There were always error messages or callbacks on the part of the sellers who wanted to bring a reasonable, wireless charging station onto the market. With the device presented here, the worries are over. A wireless charger enables multiple devices to be charged at the same time and is therefore ideal for avoiding cable clutter once and for all.

What is Maicharging?

Maicharging is a wireless charging station that is compatible with both Apple and Android and on which you can charge your smartphone, tablet and wireless headphones at any time. The creation of tangled cables is clearly a thing of the past. The following properties are emphasized:

  • fast loading in a short time
  • compatible with Apple and Android
  • suitable for several devices at once
  • one cable
  • nice to look at
  • automatically connects


So you can save yourself the unpacking of several charging cables in the future. If you have a preference for Apple devices, you know exactly what problems arise when you want to pair them with other charging mats. Either they don’t charge properly, you have to lie them in the center, or it takes hours until the battery is really halfway charged. That should now be a thing of the past with this device.

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What does Maicharging help?

Apple announced an alternative charging station years ago. To date, however, nothing has come of it. Comparative devices that can also be used are available on the market. However, these do not support fast charging, nor are they so easy to pair with the device. This wireless charging station is simply connected to a socket and can be used for all Apple and Android devices to charge the batteries quickly and as efficiently as possible. The device also looks exceptionally good and, in addition to the station for the cell phone, also has one for an AppleWatch, or the AirPods, which otherwise also need their own charging cable. All of this can be saved in the future and only uses the wireless charging station.

Why do I need Maicharging?

A wireless charger is attractive for everyone who owns an Apple or Android smartphone. It is also interesting for Apple Watch owners, or those who own a few AirPods. The devices are charged professionally and quickly. A wireless charger like this is easy to use, which makes it interesting for both the younger and the older generation. It can also be used by women and men alike. In the office, the device just looks good on the desk. In general, it is suitable for anyone who wants to charge the relevant devices as quickly and easily as possible.

How is the product used?

Handling couldn’t be easier. To do this, simply connect the wireless charging station to a socket and place the smartphone on the round surface. It adheres by itself and connects to the charging mat. The construct on the right is specially designed for the AppleWatch, which can be placed around it. The AirPods can easily be placed on top. The best: All devices are charged together at the same time. Fast and very efficient. It couldn’t be easier. You do not have to worry about the position of the cell phone, as the entire area can be used for charging.

Maicharging Application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would like to list them below and give you a better overview. This can also contribute to your purchase decision. It is therefore best to inform yourself beforehand.


  • easy to use
  •  loads several devices at the same time
  • also suitable for Apple Watch and AirPods
  • for Apple and Android
  • fast charging possible


  • not known

So the device only has advantages, as you can see very well. It is easy to use because it is only connected to an electrical outlet. Cable clutter is thus absolutely avoided. In addition, both Apple and Android are compatible. So if you want to charge your Android smartphone on the station, you can do so without hesitation. Several devices are charged simultaneously and very quickly. All in all, a wonderful device that should not be missed as an Apple enthusiast. A wireless charger makes charging extremely easy.

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General MaiCharging test and quality features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and take a closer look at the device. A wireless charger has always been promised by Apple so far, but has not really come onto the market to date. Alternatives that we tested were not as optimal. Often you had to place the cell phone really centered on the mat so that both devices could even connect with each other. That should be different with this device in any case. Apple and Android are supported, the manufacturer says. We also wanted to test that. In any case, it makes a high-quality impression at first glance and this also dragged on for the entire test. We connected it and finally tried out the different devices. The connection should be immediate and straightforward. Which was the case. Apple and Android cell phones connected immediately and started charging. The loading time is drastically reduced, we were even surprised that it went so quickly. In the space next to the charging pad you can put Apple Watch and a few Air Pods, which we think is very practical. Overall, we were thrilled with the product. It works reliably and is therefore ideal for users of Apple products. But Android users also get their money’s worth.

All in all, a solid device that can be recommended.

General Maicharging experiences and opinions

While looking for information about the device, we also found one or two reviews. The users had already spent some time with the device and were therefore able to get a better picture of it. Most were enthusiastic and would no longer want to exchange the product for anything. They got along very well with him and are therefore happy to recommend it to others. However, we have not found any negative reviews. Of course, this also underpins the experience we had with the device.

no tangled cables

Are there any known Maicharging problems?

Compared to other loading mats and their quirks, we could not find any problems with this product. The devices are all professionally and simultaneously charged, which means that you do not have to constantly look for a charging option for each individual device. So overall there were no problems.

Where can I buy Maicharging?

The best way to buy the product is directly from the manufacturer. This operates its own website, on which the products are available. He also publishes suitable offers from time to time, which include several devices. So you can either give one away as a gift or set it up in different rooms. For example, you have a charging option in the living room and bedroom. The order is straightforward and is completed with a few entries. The shipment is then free of charge and fast. There are several possible payment options that are as risk-free as possible and give the option that you can choose between them. Credit card and PayPal are relatively typical. A few days later, the parcel arrives directly at your front door and you can try out the device in detail. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Maicharging Technical details

Unfortunately we could hardly find any details regarding the technical details. Here is an overview of the functions that can be obtained using this charging station

  • Works with both Apple and Android
  • wireless possibility to charge several devices
  • also suitable for Apple Watch and Air Pods
  • fast charging possible
  • connects quickly to the devices

So there is everything you would expect from such a charging station and much more. It charges very quickly, brings comfort for the smartwatch and at the same time the headphones and is therefore an essential gadget that no user wants to do without.

Maicharging evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we rate the device very positively. A wireless station like this has not yet been launched by Apple itself. In addition, this had only one place anyway. Therefore, the device presented is already way ahead of her. You can charge both smartwatch and headphones on it and thus get an ideal charging station for all purposes, whether Apple smartphone or Android. That makes it all the more attractive. We are happy to recommend the device because it is a great addition.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company called “Strong Current Enterprises Limited”. The full address is: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands. A separate email address has been set up for support:

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Technical Details 8.0
Functions 8.0
Overall 8.0