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Nowadays, it is increasingly common to find that a health tracker is basically the companion of one in two people and provides them with the necessary conditions to monitor their own health and at the same time support their sport. However, while many models measure heart rate and count steps, advanced technologies are not supported at a low price. The Luxe Watch Pro, on the other hand, we would like to take a closer look at in this article, because it is supposed to be first class if you want to listen to the manufacturer’s opinion. In addition to this, the Luxe Watch Pro has a fashionable appearance that is supported by the Luxe Watch Pro and that can very nicely underpin the general wardrobe.


What is the Luxe Watch Pro?

Nowadays the Smartwatch a constant companion of many people, because it supports numerous apps that help you to do sports and also monitor your own health. At the same time, it is a beautiful accessory that, depending on your appearance, can be used to complement your wardrobe. In order to evaluate the health data, the data is transferred back and forth between the Smartwatch and the smartphone and evaluated. This allows a direct influence on one’s own health, as well as a good monitoring. Statistics underpin the activity of the health tracker. Thus, the Luxe Watch Pro is a great companion, which according to the manufacturer has the following features:

  • Heart rate measurement
  • ECG measurement
  • Calorie Counting
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitoring
  • waterproof
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • large clear display
  • Receiving calls and writing messages
  • take pictures

Luxe Watch Pro

The Smartwatch also has other functions that can be useful in everyday life and sports. According to the manufacturer, the Luxe Watch Pro represents a different form of fitness coach that can be used to your advantage and that allows you to take a much better orientation towards your own health.

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What does the Luxe Watch Pro help with?

Before you purchase a health tracker, you usually have certain expectations about its capabilities. In addition to sports support, the focus is also on health monitoring. In addition, many people also like to use the Smartwatch asmodisches Accessory, which is why it should have a special design. The Luxe Watch Pro has all these attributes, which you can also rely on. In addition to the features mentioned, it also has interchangeable wristbands that make it indispensable for your own wardrobe. Moreover, one always gets the information one needs during sports, in everyday life and also for other occasions. After work, in everyday life and during sports, the Luxe Watch Pro is always at your side. Women and men can wear it equally, and the age group is also irrelevant when thinking about the target groups. In addition, there are of course the many functions that are supported by the Luxe Watch Pro.


Why do I need the Luxe Watch Pro?

A great advantage of the Luxe Watch Pro is that it appeals to a wide range of people. The Smartwatch is primarily a nice accessory for young and old, as long as they still exercise regularly, Doing sports, or want to monitor their health. Young people and seniors alike benefit from the Smartwatch. The health tracker is made for both women and men, …because you two are good with the Smartwatch. Even those who prefer to use the health tracker as an accessory to spruce up their own wardrobe can get an optimal model with the Luxe Watch Pro, which adapts to their own fashion style. On the move, the Luxe Watch Pro does a good job, no matter where you go. As a sporty device, it is equally convincing as a fitness watch with numerous functions.

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How is the product used?

On the back of the Luxe Watch Pro is an access point through which the health tracker can be charged. Once this has been done, the health tracker is linked to the smartphone. This is usually done via Bluetooth, which should be switched on for both devices. Once you have finally activated the watch, simply follow the instructions on the display and after a few moments the Smartwatch is already set up. The operation of the operating system is intuitive and therefore easy to manage. By the way: If you want, you can also set up dials and install apps on your smartphone. Thanks to the additional use of the smartphone, the Luxe Watch Pro is able to display precise results and you can set up a wide variety of sports, which are recorded during physical activity.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any product, this health tracker has certain advantages and disadvantages that should be kept in mind. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to list what you can expect from the Luxe Watch Pro. Based on the information provided, you will easily be able to decide for or against the model and know what to expect from Luxe Watch Pro.


  • intuitive operation via the touch screen
  • different dials available
  • fashionable appearance for everyone
  • easily compatible with iOS and Android
  • many functions and good features
  • waterproof and therefore also suitable for use in swimming pools
  • including sleep monitoring


  • none known

Wie du siehst, hat die Luxe Watch Pro die Voraussetzung, mit einer guten Qualität zu überzeugen und hat dabei auch noch sämtliche Fähigkeiten, die man beim Sport gut gebrauchen kannst. Nachteile musst du bei ihr nicht befürchten, da du von ihren technischen Eigenschaften profitieren kannst. Modisch kannst du die Luxe Watch Pro perfekt an deinen Stil anpassen, da sich die Armbänder austauschen lassen. Sie ist sowohl mit iPhones als auch Android-Geräten kompatibel und lässt somit eine flexible Verwendung zu. Beim Sport als auch im Alltag bietet die Luxe Watch Pro einen echten Mehrwert für dich.

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General Luxe Watch Pro test and quality features

To get a better picture of the Luxe Watch Pro, we tested it ourselves and ordered it first. Not only does the product have the advantage of looking good, but it also has special functions. The manufacturer didn’t promise too much when he informed us that it is good value for money that gives the Health Tracker is the difference. In addition to the numerous functions that the Smartwatch brings with it, you can set it to suit your requirements. These include the various dials and easy set-up, including an intuitive operating system. The Coupling between smartphone and health tracker was done quickly and also remained relatively stable throughout the test. We would like to recommend the Luxe Watch Pro at this point, because we think that it is a quality product that can be used in everyday life as well as for sports. The functions are clearly arranged so that you can use them to your own advantage. Overall, it made a good impression.


General Luxe Watch Pro experiences and opinions

We also wanted to know how other users actually get along with the Luxe Watch Pro and therefore looked for experience reports that provide a meaningful picture. We also found what we were looking for, whereby the tone of the reports did not surprise us after our own test. Most users were very satisfied with the health tracker and so it went down very well. Most use the Smartwatch for sports, but also in everyday life to evaluate their sleep, count steps or monitor calories. The Luxe Watch Pro is described by most as a good companion for all occasions and therefore, it is also gladly and unreservedly recommended. The Evaluations on the Smartphone are above all clear and easy to see. The good price-performance ratio was also praised when comparing the Luxe Watch Pro with other models. All in all, most people would like to recommend the watch to others and were very satisfied, so that they wouldn’t want to be without the health tracker. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known Luxe Watch Pro problems?

After having done a thorough test and also convinced ourselves of the other opinions, we can say that the Luxe Watch Pro doesn’t cause any problems. After the initial setup, the health tracker was an easy-to-use tool that could be relied upon to work. You have to rely on your own intuition when using it, which is quite easy to do via the touch screen. The connection between smartphone and health tracker remains stable and works via Bluetooth without difficulties. However, one must always observe the battery status. Depending on how often you use it, it can run down faster than if you use only a few functions. Therefore, it is recommendable to be a little attentive with the Luxe Watch Pro. Otherwise, there were no other problems with the health tracker.


Where can I buy Luxe Watch Pro?

The Luxe Watch Pro is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides its products in an own online-shop and provides them partly also with some special offers that we will come to later in detail. During the order procedure, a certain lightness is guaranteed, as here, the prospective customer only has to fill in some information in a form before he can already send it. Afterwards he chooses which payment method he wants to use. In doing so, one can fall back on simple and as risk-free as possible options. Among them Paypal and credit card. Within a few days, the health tracker is finally sent out and arrives relatively quickly at the buyer. Even more customer security is provided by the 30-day return guarantee, which is valid from the time of purchase and under which the buyer can easily get his money back if he is not satisfied with the product. Once you have received the Luxe Watch Pro, you can also try out the health tracker right away. Let us now come to the offers. These are graded in different ways and contain several health trackers. But in total, the offer is much cheaper, than if you only decide on a single product.

This also enables collective orders with friends, from which everyone can then benefit equally. However, the offers are time-limited, so it is always advisable to take advantage of them while you have the chance. If there is currently no such offer, it is also worth waiting a little and then ordering when it is available again.

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Luxe Watch Pro Technical Details

Unfortunately, we could not find details about the technical features of Luxe Watch Pro. Here the manufacturer is keeping a very low profile. What we can say, however, is that it is equipped with a digital touchscreen that reproduces HD quality. In addition, there is a wristband that can be easily replaced. Since the health tracker has the ability to to measure heart rate and start an ECG, we assume that special sensors are integrated to support this function. However, we cannot give any further information.


Luxe Watch Pro rating and recommendation

In general, we would like to recommend the Luxe Watch Pro very much, because we think that it is a health tracker that has a good price-performance ratio, it has a lot of functions and can also stand up well to high-priced models. The users were generally very satisfied and like to use the watch as a fashion accessory, which is further supported by the interchangeability of the bracelets.


Finally, we would like to answer the most common questions to complete the evaluation.

  • What languages does Luxe Watch Pro support? – Chinese Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, and Armenian
  • What is included in the delivery? – Included is the Luxe Watch Pro, charging cable, user manual and an original retail box
  • Which sports are supported by the Luxe Watch Pro? – Besides running, walking, tennis, table tennis, hiking and mountaineering, sports such as cycling, swimming and meditation are supported.
  • Is it necessary to install a special app on the smartphone? – The details on this point can be found in the user manual, which is included in the delivery.
  • What is the quality of the touch screen? – It displays the information in HD quality.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions:

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Luxe Watch Pro

Technical details 8.5
Applicability 8.5
Price 8.5