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Learning a foreign language is not always easy. It is also always difficult to find a competent teacher who teaches you the language in such a way that you understand it. At most universities where courses can be taken, they also teach foreign languages, but the concept pursues learning over a period of several weeks or months. A beginner’s course is followed by an advanced one, and only then will you be able to come into the circle of those who also learn the vocabulary of use, with whom you can travel to that country and articulate yourself accordingly. Ling Fluent is a multimedia platform that makes it possible to learn a foreign language without prior knowledge within 4 weeks. We have therefore taken a look at the concept and would like to explain the advantages of the platform.


What is Ling Fluent?

ling fluentLing Fluent is a platform that has already inspired thousands of people of its performance. The platform makes it possible to learn one of a total of 8 foreign languages. Among them:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

The concept pursued on this platform does not only work with the stoic learning of vocabulary and the subsequent combination of grammar and language. Different senses are also required in order to internalize the language quickly and as efficiently as possible. The system is based on different index cards, which contain both word and expression, which form a contextual sentence and at the same time a translation and images are available, with which the user can connect the word. The learning process is thus much better stimulated and the language is learnt faster.


For wom is Ling Fluent suitable?

The portal is aimed at anyone who wants to learn a foreign language as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thousands of people have already registered with the service and are learning one of eight languages. Age doesn’t matter, because as well as a teenager you can learn different languages and as an elderly person who wants to tudy further. The portal is therefore suitable for anyone who is simply interested in other languages.

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How is the Ling Fluent content structured?

The Ling Fluent Portal divides its courses and programmes into three different categories. All three of them are about learning a language, but the content varies slightly. Here is a short overview of the respective contents:


  • 1,500 index cards with words
  • 15 topic categories
  • approx. 100 words for each topic
  • access to the learning material for 6 months at any time


  • 5,000 index cards with words
  • 25 categories
  • approx. 100 words for each topic
  • access to the learning material for 12 months at any time


  • 5,000 index cards with words
  • 25 categories
  • approx. 100 words for each topic
  • unlimited access to the learning material at any time

In other words, depending on how intensively you want to learn the language, there is a corresponding package. The Pro or Vip package is ideal for those who would like to familiarize themselves with a language. People who would like to learn the basics of the language also have great advantages in the Basic package. So there is the right course for everyone.


General Ling Fluent Test

We also wanted to take a closer look at Ling Fluent and booked the Basic Package to familiarize ourselves with one of the eight languages. The learning materials can be accessed not only on the computer, but also on a smartphone or tablet, which is especially useful when you are often on the go This way, for example, it is possible to learn units on business trips that otherwise would not be possible, Learning on the train is also easy.

The apps and programs are simple and easy to understand, so that you can use them easily and access them at any time. One learns in a completely different way than in school, it is more likely to get stuck, which makes learning a lot faster. The reason for this is the concept of associating words with situations or pictures. Because there is also a voice output, you quickly learn how to pronounce it correctly and then you can switch to another word. Due to the regular repetition, the language is understandable within a short period of time and so we managed to learn the basic principles of a language within three to four weeks and could go into detail afterwards.

The platform also offers the necessary vocabulary and index cards for this purpose. The system works, even if it may not look like it at first. This has also been proven in various studies, or at least a similar system. People associate things with images much better and thus learn quickly and efficiently, and this concept has also been applied to this platform. All in all, we were very happy with it, but we also recommend hat you book the Pro or Vip version if you want to continue learning the language.

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General Ling Fluent Experience

Many people have problems learning languages. They use different courses from universities or similar institutions. These courses are not only expensive, but often don’t help as well as you might have hoped. So some people tried this service and were as surprised by the results as we were. In general, the feedback is very good, and the association with pictures is also praised, as people can remember the vocabulary and basic features of the language so much better. It is not difficult for them to learn, which is why the pressure that many of them know from school does not arise in the first place. Older people also benefit greatly from the service and are satisfied with learning a language at a slightly older age, even if it’s just for holiday. Some people were also sceptical about the service, but they dropped it quickly after they tried the program. Click this link to find out more opinions and customer experiences! More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ling Fluent?

As with any service, there are a few things you need to look at before you decide on it. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that can be gained from the platform and what could be a reason for deciding against it:


  • learning from wherever you want
  • easy access
  • special and easy to understand apps
  • association with pictures
  • also possible as voice output
  • fast and efficient learning


  • Access is limited for Basic and Pro packages
  • thus a certain time pressure is possible

The only disadvantage of the packages is that you get under a certain time pressure once you have booked the package. After a period of 6 or 12 months, the access will be switched off again if you have booked the Pro or Basic package. Unfortunately, in life it happens quickly that something prevents you from learning the way you want to. Nevertheless, you should try it out. The advantages are obvious in any case.

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Where can I buy Ling Fluent?

You can book access directly via the homepage of the program. To do this, you have to register for the course and then get direct access to start learning. In the order form you just give some information about yourself, including your name, address, e-mail address and phone number.


What are the Ling Fluent costs?

Ling Fluent usually sells the access for 120 euros. Whoever catches it in an offer period, can also expect a price of about 49 euros. The offers are always different, so it is advisable to first look around on the site and then decide how to register to the platform.

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Conclusion on the product

We totally recommend Ling Fluent. Learning multiple languages is no problem with this program. Above all, it gives you access to everything you need to learn. Both vocabulary and phrases are learned, associated with different images, which makes language learning much easier. Voice recordings are also available, which make it much easier to orientate oneself. According to the service, a language can be learnt within 4 weeks and we have also made this experience in our test. An important point: You learn to speak fluently, which is often not the case at universities or similar institutions. And you can even go on holiday with your family to speak the language.


Special tips for learning languages

In order to learn a language, it doesn’t always have to be an expensive course to enroll for. Often, other attributes that a course fulfills are sufficient to learn a language – as is the case with Ling Fluent, for example. However, there are a few small tips to heed that will help you even better. For one thing: Those who feel motivated and determined will learn the language better than someone under pressure. One submits to a certain obligation when learning the language. Because nothing comes from nothing. Daily learning of vocabulary and grammar contributes to fluency in the language. However, this also requires the right program that meets the demands you expect from a language. And that doesn’t always come at a high price.


Ling Fluent

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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