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Anyone who does sports knows that some muscle groups always get a raw deal. Especially when it comes to a whole body training, you have to plan the right exercises to make it as effective as possible. KoreFocus is a piece of sports equipment that takes up very little space and can help you to achieve your own balance during training. If you consistently work with the board, you can not only do that, but also train muscles you didn’t even know you had. Accordingly, KoreFocus is a training device, whose use is very suitable. We would like to introduce the board in more detail and explain what is important when using it and above all, how you can use it to your advantage.


What is the KoreFocus?

The KoreFocus is a Fitness board made of plastic, which you can easily integrate into your home workout. It should address all muscle groups and thus become indispensable for a holistic training. The manufacturer is so convinced of his product that he emphasizes the following features:

  • the trainee finds his balance
  • Force is built up
  • the tonus of the legs is positively influenced
  • Muscle pain is reduced
  • can be used for numerous exercises
  • Stable construction for more durability



With this fitness board it is easily possible, perform numerous exercises and find your own balance in the process. Because it is essential for a balanced sport and strength building. Therefore, the Fitness Board is recommended to everyone who would like to extend their home workout with a piece of sports equipment that does not take up much space but is extremely effective.

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What is the KoreFocus for?

Anyone who does sports will notice relatively quickly that balance is important for many exercises. Unfortunately, many athletes train professionally and undertake training that builds up several muscle groups, but the balance is always neglected. It can, however, ensure that even the smallest muscle is addressed by the corresponding exercises that one carries out. With the Fitness Board, however, these are also addressed. In addition to perfect balance, you develop other muscles that you sometimes didn’t even know you had. Balance is what professionals call a component of functional fitness. This makes it all the more important if the training is to be particularly effective. The KoreFocus helps to train this fitness and is completely natural without any additional effort.


Why do I need the KoreFocus?

Of course, the question arises for whom the KoreFocus is actually suitable. This question can only be answered this way: If you want to bring a little bit more pizzazz into your home workout, you can benefit from the KoreFocus. Nowadays there are many people who don’t have the right balance but do a lot of sports. The balance is their weak point, which makes the training less effective. But with the Kore Focus it is it is quite simply possible to eliminate them. It does not matter if the user of the Fitness Board is young or old, all age groups benefit from the abilities of the home workout. It is also irrelevant whether the user is male or female. They all enjoy using the board equally. Furthermore, the Kore Focus is interesting for those who want to have a piece of sports equipment that is easy to store but has a maximum effect during training.

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How is the product used?

The Fitness Board is curved and rests on the floor in such a way that it only touches the centre of the floor. If you do various exercises on it, all muscle groups are addressed. This is the case with squats, dips and push-ups, for example. For example, if you do squats, you stand with both legs on the KoreFocus and then do your exercises. Meanwhile, you will notice that the fitness board is relatively unstable and therefore addresses muscle groups to keep your balance. The longer you practice with the board, the better these muscle groups are formed and you keep a firm foothold. The situation is different with dips. They are performed backwards on the fitness board and thus train the shoulder and arm muscles. In the long run, a perfect balance has to be developed, from which you can benefit in every respect during your home workout.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we want to use the possibility at this point and list and summarize them below. For you, this explanation can be a clarification, but at the same time it can also be a purchase decision support, if you are not quite sure if the KoreFocus is the right thing for you.


  • easy to use
  • trains all muscle groups
  • perfectly designed for the home workout
  • takes up little space during storage
  • to be used for every age group


  • none known

As you can see, the KoreFocus only advantages that you can benefit from. Not only is it easy to store when you’re done training. You can also use it if you are in a younger or older target group. Nevertheless, it is ideal for training your balance and is stable enough to last for a long time. It is perfect for the home workout and can therefore be used everywhere. You do not have to fear negative aspects.

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General KoreFocus test and quality features

We wanted to get a closer look at KoreFocus and its capabilities and so we took a test. We ordered the fitness board in multiple versions and took advantage of one of the offers available from the manufacturer. The ordering and delivery went smoothly, so we were able to get hold of the board relatively quickly. His Presentation appears very qualitative, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down during the exercises. The KoreFocus can be used well in different exercises, which you can integrate into your training especially at home. The fitness board was then tested by us accordingly. First we had problems to keep our balance, but we were prepared for that. But after a few minutes of training we noticed a small progress. The training with the Fitness Board is very challenging.

A few days later the exercises were already easier and we noticed that we had muscles in places that were not obvious to us. So we continued with the training. All in all we could notice that with progressive training level also our health characteristics became much better. The respective exercises had a greater effect in terms of fitness, which is why we think that the Fitness Board is very impressive. We believe that the KoreFocus is ideal for many exercises and can therefore enrich the home workout very well.

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General KoreFocus experiences and opinions

We wanted to find out if there are other people who have had good experiences with KoreFocus and searched the internet for reports. We found them relatively quickly. The users confirmed our findings and reported that they had good results with the fitness board. Of course, most of them had to deal with KoreFocus first before they could develop a perfect balance. They described it as a hard step, but one that is worthwhile. Many KoreFocus users find the training much easier with time and they don’t want to miss the fitness board during their home workout. Most of them would also like to recommend it and are convinced that it is versatile and can be used for all kinds of home workouts. We couldn’t find any negative reports, though. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known KoreFocus problems?

We took a look at the KoreFocus in our own test and read the opinions of others. We found out that there are no problems with the fitness board. However, we have to be careful, especially at the beginning. One should not be too over-ambitious with the sports equipment, otherwise there is the possibility of an injury. Especially stretching exercises should always be done before the training in order to in the event of unexpected movements not to warp completely at once. We also recommend a corresponding cool-down at this point. Apart from that, there are no negative aspects that should be mentioned here as a problem.


Where can I buy KoreFocus?

In order to make the best possible use of the KoreFocus Fitness Board to buy directly from the manufacturer. They offer their products on their own homepage, where you can also use corresponding offers, which we will discuss later. To place an order, there is a form available, which you only have to fill in and then choose the payment method. When the board is finally delivered, you can start right away with the exercises.

The mentioned offers have the advantage that you can not only use them to save money, but you usually get several boards that you can use. These graduated offers are perfect for a collective order, or if you want to equip the whole family. Therefore they are especially advantageous and should be used if you have the opportunity to do so. One more thing: The Offers are time limited, which is why it makes sense to strike when you have the chance. Otherwise there is no guarantee that you will ever get such a good offer again.

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KoreFocus Technical Details

At this point we usually summarize all the features that make up a gadget. However, we can only list a few for the Fitness Board, as it is made of a robust plastic. We therefore enter a little closer to the properties.

  • specially developed to strengthen core muscles
  • constant intervention in abdominal, back and pelvic muscles
  • to be noticed with every turn and bend
  • brings the body center and balance in harmony

The Fitness Board is ideal for a wide range of exercises and therefore an ultimate piece of equipment that you don’t want to do without at home.


How does the ordering process work?

On the manufacturer’s website there is an order form where you have to enter your own data. Before you do this, you should select one of the offers provided by the manufacturer. Then you can choose between various payment options select. This includes Paypal and credit card. Thus the order is as risk-free as possible. The Fitness Board will be shipped shortly after the order is placed and will be sent to the recipient by mail.

You also have the possibility to take a closer look at the KoreFocus and then decide whether you really want to keep it or return it. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. If you decide not to keep the KoreFocus, you will be reimbursed for all costs if you return it.


KoreFocus evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we would like to recommend the KoreFocus very much. A big advantage of the fitness board is that it trains your own balance, which is often neglected by many athletes. Therefore we assume that many of them also have difficulties with training certain muscle groups. During home workout the Fitness Board takes over tasks, that are otherwise only neglected. It can be integrated into a wide variety of exercises and thus achieves a good balance that pays off throughout the sport. We therefore recommend the KoreFocus very much and believe it can be a real enrichment for your home workout from which you can benefit.



In this section, we address the most common questions that may have been left open at this point. This way, we give you the option of getting everything you need to know to make it easier for you to decide to buy.

  • Is there a return policy? – Yes, the seller offers a return policy where you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with KoreFocus.
  • Which muscle groups can I train with KoreFocus? – Actually all those who are responsible for their own balance.
  • Is it possible to do a whole body workout with KoreFocus? – Definitely!
  • How about a six-pack? – KoreFocus also appeals to the abdominal muscles in the best possible way so that you can optimize your training as much as possible.
  • Can I reach my destination faster with KoreFocus? – Definitely!
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company called Strong Currend Ltd. Here is the complete address: Strong Currend Ltd., Suite 2201, 21 / F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. An email address is also available for any questions or further information. This is: support@buykorefocus.com. It is recommended that you use the English language when contacting us. This is the only way to guarantee that you will receive a corresponding answer from the company.


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