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Many people today want to train their muscles and use a wide variety of sports equipment for this purpose. One problem arises, however, because they all take up a lot of space. However, a regularly changing training stimulus is necessary for the muscles to continue growing. So what is the best way to proceed? Before you equip yourself with a lot of sports equipment, you can try Kore Tense. These exercise bands bring the appropriate challenge with itself and are variably adjustable, so that it comes again and again to a new stimulus, which one needs during sport training. Kore Tense also provides some good approaches that you can use during home workout and is therefore a good piece of sports equipment that you can use to your advantage. We would like to introduce Kore Tense and explain why it can enrich your training.


What is the Kore Tense?

Kore Tense is a Training device, which is similar in design to an expander. There are two handles between which rubber bands are clamped. These must be pulled apart during training. The resistance then gives the corresponding stimulus. While other expanders are built in such a way that you can only use them in one strength, Kore Tense is equipped with the ability to remove the individual rubbers to make the exercises easier or harder. Just the way you need it. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • better training stimulus possible thanks to variable training
  • train everywhere, therefore ideal for home
  • Muscle growth is effectively promoted
  • suitable for every training session thanks to five levels
  • for beginners and advanced students
  • does the work of 10 different pieces of sports equipment according to the manufacturer

Kore Tense

As you can see, the manufacturer of Kore Tense is mainly focused on the fact that you can use different devices in one for your training. The exercise bands are ideal for beginners and advanced users and therefore perfect for home workouts.

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Why do I need the Kore Tense?

The Kore Tense is designed for all people who would like to use professional sports equipment, which is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Thanks to its five levels of difficulty, it is suitable for all types of athletes. It does not matter whether young or old, man or woman. They all can equally benefit from Kore Tenseand make perfect use of the exercise bands to build muscles and train yourself. By the way, if you’ve used a few similar exercise bands before and weren’t satisfied with them, you could have a completely different experience with Kore Tense. So it’s worth trying out the bands and see for yourself. They are very popular and widely used for home workouts.


How is the product used?

For the Kore Tense there are different Training sessions. In principle, the exercise bands can be used to do any exercises that are also suitable for an expander. If the five bands are too strong for a home workout, simply remove them until the challenge is manageable, but still allow for a demanding exercise. In the course of the training it shows up that one can create new training stimuli with the respective rubbers again and again to improve the home workout. Thus Kore Tense can be a real enrichment in the long run.

Kore Tense Application


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, Kore Tense has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain in a list below. Based on this list, you can also get a still get a better picture of the exercise tapes and decide whether or not they qualify for a home workout. So the list is also a decision support for you, if you can’t decide yet.


  • Exercises possible everywhere
  • develops muscles faster during training
  • there is increased muscle formation
  • can be strengthened by means of different bands and thus vary the training
  • delivers new training stimuli again and again


  • none known

As you can see, Kore Tense basically only has advantages that you can benefit from. The exercise bands are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users, because they can set training stimuli again and again. This makes Kore Tense an indispensable piece of sports equipment that you don’t want to do without during your home workout.

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General Kore Tense test and quality characteristics

We wanted to see for ourselves the capabilities of the Kore Tense and once ordered the exercise tapes for our editorial office. It can’t hurt to get a little exercise and do a little workout every now and then in everyday office life. Since one of our editors is also very sports-minded, he took the tapes home with him and included them in his regular workout to get an even better picture. One thing can be said: The exercise bands are very stable and it looks like they have a good quality. Our athlete was also generally very convinced of this. We finally tried it and found Kore Tense to be a good piece of sports equipment that can be recommended without reservations. Our ace athlete also reports that there are good approaches to the exercise bands that are perfect for your own home workout. Accordingly, we are happy to recommend Kore Tense to others and think it could be a great piece of exercise equipment for anyone who wants to exercise but is not  Home Workout with an important piece of training equipment with which you can do a lot of things.

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General Kore Tense experiences and opinions

When we researched Kore Tense, we naturally also looked for the opinions of other users and wanted to know if they were as satisfied with the exercise tapes. Most users reported that they didn’t really know that a home workout can be so demanding that it can cause sore muscles. Professional athletes also came to Kore Tense and described how the gadget had become an essential element in their home. They were all very happy with the exercise tapes and would prefer not to let them out of their hands.

They therefore recommend Kore Tense to other users. We could not find any negative reports in our search. This proves, however, that the exercise tapes are suitable for both beginners as well as advanced learners can become a popular piece of sports equipment because they are so versatile and can be used for so many exercises. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Kore Tense problems?

After we were able to convince ourselves in the evaluations that other people have also had only good experiences with Kore Tense, we can confirm that there are no difficulties with the exercise tapes. So a home workout can be done with them easily and the demand and training variation is as good as with other sports equipment. It is just a completely different workout. Generally we can answer this question with “no”.


Where can I buy Kore Tense?

Kore Tense is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They have their own website on the web, where they sell their goods. To order the exercise tapes, you simply use a form in which you only have to fill in a few data. Then you choose the form of payment. This is done by means of uncomplicated and largely risk-free methods, including Paypal and credit card. If you want, you can take advantage of a money-back guarantee for a while after receiving the order if you are not satisfied with the exercise bands. This way you get your money back in full.

However, if you have ordered Kore Tense, you will first receive the product by mail, shipping will follow relatively quickly after receipt of your order. You don’t even have to go to the door for this, but simply accept a parcel, since it is delivered by mail. After unpacking, you can immediately start with your home workout. A tip at the end: Those who want to buy several devices should in any case resort to the special offer formats that the manufacturer provides from time to time. These include several devices at an absolute preferential price. Within these offers, a single Kore Tense is much cheaper than a single order. As long as the offers are available, it is time to buy.

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Kore Tense Technical Details

Let’s now move on to the technical specifications that can be made about Kore Tense. The Kore Tense consists of two grips, between which five rubber bands are stretched. These make a with varying degrees of resistance.

Here is the information in detail:

  • yellow ribbon: 10 pounds
  • red ribbon: 15 pounds
  • green band: 20 pounds
  • blue ribbon: 25 pounds
  • black band: 30 pounds

As you can easily see, the individual tapes can be used both separately and together. This means that in the end a resistance of up to 100 pounds is possible. Kore Tense is a challenge at the beginning and strengthens the muscles during home training and is also a great training stimulus later on, which pays off. The Kore Tense grows with the user.


Kore Tense evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we call Kore Tense a good home workout machine that can help you train your muscles and offer completely new training stimuli. The exercise bands are easy to use and can even be stored in a separate bag in the scope of delivery. Thus, you always have everything at a glance. The workmanship of Kore Tense is of high quality and you generally don’t want to do without the exercise bands during training. Therefore, we gladly recommend them to others, as we believe that they can be a real enrichment at home. You can find the following exercises numerous possibilities on the Internet, so that beginners as well as advanced athletes always have the right thing to continue their sports activities at home without the need to buy a lot of sports equipment.



Finally, we will come to the typical FAQs that we would like to answer about Kore Tense. So you can get a better picture of it:

  • What is the difference to a normal expander? – With a normal expander the individual rubbers often cannot be removed. Therefore, for a balanced training and a long usability you often need several versions.
  • Are the rubbers of the exercise bands easy to remove? – Yes, because they are equipped with a special buckle that can be opened easily.
  • Is the use of the exercise bands completely safe? – Of course it is assumed that a certain sense of responsibility is used to use the exercise bands correctly. However, you are usually completely safe.
  • Do I need more sports equipment to do the home workout? – You are already very well equipped with this sports equipment. As an alternative, a pull bar might be recommendable. But in most cases this product is sufficient to do a whole body workout or to train special parts of the body.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer? – Yes, there is. You can claim it without any difficulty if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • What is all included in the scope of delivery? – 5 sets of resistance straps, foam handles x2, ankle strap x2, door anchor x1, travel bag x1. So you get the full equipment to get started right away.
  • Which physical abilities can be trained with this sports equipment? – increases muscle strength, reduces body fat, improves balance and increases flexibility
  • Can the training be compared to what you do with weights? – Yes, that’s a good comparison. Because this one also provides the different demands on the trainee and can be increased again and again if one has the impression that some training stimuli are lost.
  • How long must I wait for my order? – Usually the manufacturer ships relatively quickly, so that the package should arrive at the buyer’s about 10 to 14 days after the order.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer or supplier of the Kore Tense is a company called Strong Current Enterprises Limited, located in China. Here is the complete address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, 68308, G/F building Kowloon East, 12 Lei Yue Mun Street, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. For questions, a support email address has been set up as follows: support@korehealth.com. There is also a telephone number to contact for the European area. It is: +44 8708 200084, but you should use English for both email and phone to get the right information.

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Kore Tense

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