Kompress Kinetic Reviews, Functions and Price

Pain and swelling in the ankles can be quite a nuisance. They force you to go wrong and develop even more difficulties. Buying an appropriate orthosis for this poses additional costs, which, depending on the quality, can be relatively high. The Kompress Kinetic remedy this. Because they are made of copper fiber compression stockings that can be worn all day without causing further pain. They were developed by experts and ensure that even existing problems are eliminated very quickly. We wanted to take a closer look at them and therefore tested them once.

What are the Kompress Kinetic?

In principle, these are a pair of kinetic socks that can be worn all day long and that ensure that problems in the ankles disappear. They contribute to a more comfortable posture and alleviate existing problems relatively quickly. Thanks to them, it is possible that incorrect posture is compensated for and pain and swelling no longer stand a chance. Here is a more detailed overview of the socks and their properties:

  • adjustable fuel belt technology
  • Localization of pain is easier
  • works with a compression material that contains pure copper
  • perfusion-promoting effect
  • works against pain and swelling
  • reduces tiredness, stiffness and relieves the appearance of varicose veins

Kompress Kinetic

All in all, these are a few fiber compression stockings that can help you get to grips with annoying problems as quickly as possible. Everyone who wears them gets a decent amount of relief and becomes more active again. In principle, you get back a large piece of quality of life.

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What does the Kompress Kinetic help for?

If pain and swelling are present, these are relieved by putting on these kinetic socks. They remain comfortable and convenient. At the same time, they prevent injuries and reduce the appearance of broom tearers and varicose veins. Fatigue, pain and stiffness are eliminated. Because the body receives the right support from the fiber compression stockings. Misalignments occur again and again, even if you strive for a healthy life, do a lot of sport and exercise. Unilateral loading can cause problems in the joints at any time. In this case, such fiber compression stockings are a good way to get a good grip on the resulting pain and swelling.

Why do I need the Kompress Kinetic?

The product is aimed at anyone who knows the problem with weak joints. It often forms as a result of incorrect posture. Women and men are affected equally. As a rule, the attending doctor recommends an orthosis, which is uncomfortable and cannot be worn in the long term. So it is good to have a comfortable alternative. Young or old benefit equally from this product and can make excellent use of the kinetic socks. It is important that you have a look at the product before you create it, so that you can localize exactly where the problem lies. As a result, it is much easier to use the fiber compression stockings in a targeted manner.

How is the product used?

The product is shaped like a normal sock that you can simply pull over your foot. For a little more hygiene, wearing over a sock is recommended. Then you can wear these kinetic socks longer. The toes are not covered. After the product has been pulled over the foot, it is only important to attach the straps correctly. For this purpose, the two belts are crossed at the front to be crossed again at the back, above the verses. Finally, the end of each strap is attached to the upper edge by means of the integrated Velcro strap. The fiber compression stockings should not be too tight, but in such a way that they provide a good hold. The advantage: they can be readjusted at any time and do not wear out. This also makes them suitable for almost every shoe size. The kinetic socks are put on in the morning or right before a sporting activity. This means that it can provide the necessary support exactly when you need it.

Kompress Kinetic application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Every product has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be determined in advance. Therefore, we will put them together below. This gives you a better overview of what can also influence your purchase decision.


  • easy to use
  •  supports pain and swelling
  •  alleviates existing problems
  • also used with broom tearers or varicose veins
  • also suitable for sports


  • not known

As you can see, the advantages are obvious. The fiber compression stockings are easy to put on and give you the opportunity to wear them all day long. They are comfortable and relieve existing pain and swelling. In sports, they become an indispensable accessory that you would not want to do without during training. All in all, a product full of advantages.

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General compressor kinetic test and quality features

We just wanted to know more about it and put the socks to the test. We wanted to know exactly how easy it is to use them and whether the support effect is really as good as is predicted. A lady from our editorial team also repeatedly struggled with pain in the joints, which is why this test was all the more interesting for us. She likes to play volleyball, which is why we gave her a pair of kinetic socks to try out. She reported that she had already tried one or the other bandage, but was rarely a model that offered such a hold as the model presented here. Even during sports, the socks did an excellent job and relieved some tension that is manifested by incorrect posture and thus causes considerable pain. Overall, she was very happy with the result. We can only agree with her on this point because we believe that the socks are also well made.

Whoever needs them can definitely rely on the fact that the kinetic socks bring good effects.

Jogging without problems

General Kompress Kinetic experiences and opinions

When looking for information we also looked for other reviews and found some consumers who tried the socks. Most were very satisfied with the handling and the hold was impressive in any case. Satisfaction was relatively high and they were happy to recommend the product. In addition: Kinetic socks are usually very expensive, especially if they are well made or contain special fibers like these. The price was also impressive, which was highly praised by consumers. In general, numerous users spoke in favor of wearing the socks and were very satisfied. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there known Kompress Kinetic problems?

Maybe a little problem is just hygiene. Theoretically, the socks should be worn directly on the foot. However, we recommend putting on socks underneath. These do not have to be particularly thick, but without the use of socks, the bandages are quickly ready for washing. In any case, it is advisable to buy several pairs if you want to wear them regularly. Otherwise there are no problems.

Where can I buy Kompress Kinetic?

It is best to buy the kinetic socks directly from the manufacturer. This offers them on their own homepage at a special price. The order is designed so that it is completed with the help of a few details. Shipping is fast and a few days later the customer should be able to receive his parcel. There are no shipping costs. Incidentally, several are used as payment methods. Here you can choose the option that is the safest for you. This also includes credit card and PayPal. The manufacturer also makes certain offers available from time to time. The main purpose of these is to buy several pairs, with each pair being cheaper than buying them individually. This gives you the opportunity to have a fresh couple for every day.

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Kompress Kinetic Technical details

Here are a few more details that we would like to summarize:

  • copper fibers integrated
  • have anti-inflammatory effects
  • blood circulation
  • essential for muscle and joint pain
  • ade from a skin-friendly material

Unfortunately we could not collect more technical properties. However, it turns out that the socks are ideal for the intended purpose.

Kompress Kinetic evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we can only praise the socks. They have everything you could want in a compression sock and much more. They offer an excellent hold. Both in everyday life and during sports. These socks offer a good alternative to typical bandages, especially when dealing with pain or when swelling is noticed again and again. In addition, the price is also very good, so that it is possible to purchase several pairs. They are a good recommendation that can be used to your advantage.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is called “Strong Current Enterprises Limited” and has the following address: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands. There is also an email address that you can contact if you have any questions. This is: support@buykompresskinetic.com. The manufacturer also gives its customers a satisfaction guarantee, which states that the socks can be returned at any time if you are not satisfied with them. The buyer will then immediately get his money back.

Kompress Kinetic Logo

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Kompress Kinetic

Application 8.5
Effect 9.0
Overall 8.5