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Kaydia Clip – Headaches and migraines are something that many people have to struggle with every day. Most of them take the advice of a doctor, from whom they then get a suitable medication. However, this does not always have the desired effect and there is still some pain.

This has a huge impact on the quality of life. The bad thing is that if you find an effective medication for this, it often develops side effects that you have to cope with as well. People withdraw from everyday life, prefer to spend their time alone and have to cope with pain and the problems that come with it. This is not a long-term solution.

An alternative to this is a new product, which we would like to introduce below. The so-called Kaydia Clip ensures that a certain point on the hand is worked on so that the painful symptoms disappear. It is based on a natural principle that does not have any side effects. We explain everything that is important.


What is the Kaydia clip?

The Kaydia Clip presented here is a clip in which a piece of copper is incorporated and which stimulates a certain point of the body to get rid of headaches and migraines. It is already known from acupuncture and acupressure that the treatment of certain points of the body can lead to the relief of some problems, including headaches.

Moreover, long-term treatment is possible, which is not the case with other methods. The Kaydia Clip works from the outside during its work, thus giving the possibility to use a painless alternative without any side effects. The manufacturer offers the following features for the Kaydia Clip:

  • successful in the fight against migraines and headaches
  • adjustable and flexible
  • high-grade copper plate
  • Stimulation of the HeGu pressure point
  • immediate relief after application
  • completely free from side effects

Kaydia Clip
The manufacturer describes that wearability over a period of 24 hours is possible, if desired. With other methods, only temporary use is possible, but permanent treatment is always required to eliminate headaches and achieve the desired results.

This is particularly recommended for migraine headaches, but cannot be achieved by ordinary painkillers as the side effects are too great. In addition, Kaydia Clip is designed for permanent use without any side effects or problems.

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What does the Kaydia clip do?

First of all it is interesting to explain how the product works. For this we have to address two issues: The copper content of the body and the details of the acupressure point in question, which is stimulated by the clip. Let us first address the topic of copper. For a better understanding, we should know that the human body should always have a certain copper content.

The necessary amount we usually take in through our diet. This is because copper is contained in numerous foods. Copper takes care of various tasks in the body. If we lack it, we get headaches and the bones are attacked in the long term. If, on the other hand, there is enough available in the body, it produces adrenaline and ensures that the cells are provided with a helping protective layer and that this remains in place in the long term.

Copper therefore performs so many tasks that it is practically impossible to do without it. A deficiency is relatively rare, but sometimes it happens more often than you think. In addition, headaches and migraines are a clear indication of this.

Another thing is the so-called HeGu pressure point, which is important in acupressure. It is located at the highest point between thumb and index finger and is responsible for the resolution of headaches. Even if you massage it a little manually, most of the pain in the head should slowly disappear.

However, the clip offered here performs even better and is therefore a good option for anyone affected, so that they do not need to seek professional advice. Thus headaches, migraines and stress can be reduced with it.

The Kaydia Clip has the advantage that it follows both approaches and at the same time headaches as well as migraines disappear in no time without the need for further treatment.


Why do I need the Kaydia clip?

The Kaydia Clip presented here appeals in principle to everyone who is looking for a solution to migraine and headache problems, but at the same time wants to use an alternative for painkillers. Age is not a primary consideration for the use of the Kaydia Clip, so younger people can already use it. However, older people also benefit from using it.

It is absolutely irrelevant whether the person concerned is male or female. Both sexes benefit equally if they suffer from headaches or migraines. A big problem is that recently more and more children are getting headaches and migraines. Unfortunately, the Kaydia Clip is not suitable for them because it is not the right size. Pregnant women should also not use it for headaches or migraines.

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How is the Kaydia Clip used?

The use is completely uncomplicated and simple and can be done by anyone. The Kaydia Clip is simply attached to the so-called HeGu-Point, which is located at the highest point between thumb and index finger. Headaches are immediately tackled by the Kaydia Clip and usually disappear within a few minutes.

The construction allows the Kaydia Clip to stay exactly where you attach it and work on the corresponding point during the period of stay. If it is removed in between, it can be stored in the box provided. However, it is still no problem if you leave it on permanently. There is not much more to explain about the Kaydia Clip in this point.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kaydia Clip?

Like any health product, Kaydia Clip has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will summarize below. If you are not sure whether Kaydia Clip is the right product for you to use in the fight against headaches, the following list may be helpful. This list will help you to orientate yourself if you are still in doubt whether Kaydia Clip is the right one for you.


  • easy use
  • designed for sustainable use
  • completely without side effects
  • works on a natural concept
  • eliminates migraine conditions and headaches in a few minutes


  • you need a little patience

Even today there are still people who have little faith in the concept of acupuncture . The situation is similar with acupressure. However, since the Kaydia clip is based on exactly these standards, one should at least have a little patience when trying this clip for headaches. It can happen that the Kaydia clip does not have an immediate effect and relieves headaches or migraines, but a few moments of patience are necessary.

However, it only has advantages, is easy to apply and designed for long-term use. Of course, it is also advantageous that it uses only natural concepts to improve the general situation and therefore no side effects occur. The Kaydia Clip therefore has only advantages and is an excellent alternative for typical painkillers.

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General Kaydia clip test and quality features

We have tried the Kaydia clip as well, because everyone who is under constant stress knows the problems with migraine symptoms and the thunderstorm in the head. Regarding acupuncture, one of our colleagues knew a lot about it and she confirmed the concept, which can work quite well. So we just tested the clip in the corresponding situation.

It is easy to put on and adjust by bending it a little bit. Then it stays at the point where it is attached. When you take it off, you store it in the box provided. It can be said that if you apply the Kaydia Clip correctly and have a little patience, there will be a marked improvement in headaches. In comparison, however, the improvement occurred relatively quickly. If you want to wear it permanently, you can do so without hesitation, as there are no side effects or even disadvantages.

Moreover, after a while you will not even notice it on your hand. However, you should check the fit from time to time and correct it if necessary. Regarding possible quality seals or similar, we unfortunately cannot give any information, as there is obviously no seal at all.



General Kaydia Clip reviews and opinions

While searching for information about the clip we also looked for experience reports. However, we could not find so many. But those we did find were in a very positive mood. Most of those affected used the clip to use it for headaches and had success within minutes. So they tried it over a longer period of time and could only report success.

Even those who are not convinced of acupressure had to admit that their condition had improved greatly under the effect of the Kaydia Clip. In each case they were given back quality of life, which they greatly appreciated. Accordingly, users are happy to recommend the clip to others. You can find out more about their reviews by clicking on the following link! *


Are there any known Kaydia Clip problems?

The great advantage of treatment with a clip is that no side effects occur during application. Since the effect always comes from outside, you can immediately counteract any problems that may arise if it doesn’t fit the situation. Apart from that, we cannot detect any problems or the like.

The use of this clip proves to be more advantageous in any case than resorting to typical painkillers, as there are no side effects. If you have any doubts, it is nevertheless advisable to consult a doctor or a specialist. They can give advice and help you to seek better treatment.


Where can I buy Kaydia Clip?

It is best to order directly from the manufacturer itself. This is because the manufacturer not only offers the original, but also some offer formats that can be used to your advantage. These offers include several clips, whereas a normal order only includes a single clip. The advantage: in the offer the single clip is much cheaper. Thus, it is worthwhile to make use of one of the time-limited offers, provided that one has the possibility to do so.

It is also worthwhile to look for offers on the website from time to time, as they are renewed from time to time. Then, however, it is time to take the offer. Thanks to the offers one always has one of the clips in one’s handbag, which is of course an advantage. The order is simply made by filling in a form, where you only have to enter a few data. A few days later the goods are shipped, so that they arrive quickly at their destination. By the way, if you are worried about the payment, you can rest assured. This is done via completely risk-free methods such as Paypal or credit card and is completed with a few clicks.

Furthermore, the buyer can make use of a 30-day right of return if he is not satisfied with the Kaydia clip. Here you can be sure that you will get your money back in full without any problems. Besides: After ordering you do not even have to pick up the clip anywhere. It is conveniently sent by mail and arrives at your doorstep just a few days after ordering. It could not be easier.

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Kaydia Clip Technical Details

As far as the technical details are concerned, we can’t give any details, because we hardly found anything about its composition. We only know that the tape is made of a skin-friendly silicone and that a piece of copper is incorporated.


Kaydia Clip rating and recommendation

Overall, we would like to recommend the Kaydia Clip very highly as we believe that the Kaydia Clip can be very helpful for people who complain of headaches and migraine problems and it can certainly give them back some quality of life. The effects of acupressure are now known worldwide and many people are already taking advantage of this help when they have a problem that they do not want to tackle with the typical medication. That is why the Kaydia Clip is recommended by us in any case. It is worth a try!


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The producer is a company called Strong Current Enterprises Limited, located in Hong Kong. It has the following address: 68308, G/F building Kowloon East, 12 Lei Yue Mun Street, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. For any questions, there is an email address on the website of the provider, which can also be used. This is: support@kaydiawellness.com.

Homepage: https://www.kaydiawellness.com/ *


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Kaydia Clip

Technical Details 9.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 8.5