Kailo Reviews, Functions and Price

When it comes to pain, a good solution is always relatively hard to come by. It doesn’t matter how well the disease or condition in question has been researched: painkillers always remain the last solution, but they not only treat the pain, they also cause additional health problems. Especially if they are taken for a long time. With the help of the patch presented here, however, there is now a solution, which stops the pain and does not transmit it to the brain in the first place. We have taken a closer look at the product and report below on how well it works, what it actually is and whether it is recommendable.

What is the Kailo Patch?

Pain has the property that it reaches the brain in the form of electrical signals. There they are output as the corresponding sensation, which is what we ultimately suffer from. The Kailo patch, on the other hand, prevents these signals by using a patented technology that works with nanocapacitors. The manufacturer promises the following effects:

  • Can be applied anywhere on the body
  • Relief within 60 seconds
  • Long-term pain therapy possible
  • Works completely without harmful substances
  • patches are recyclable and can be used for years
  • waterproof and versatile

Kailo Patch

All these prerequisites make for a good picture. This means that the plaster is simply stuck on and does its job within a minute. Pain could probably never be eliminated so easily.

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What does the Kailo patch help with?

People who experience pain usually go to a specialist at some point and try to get rid of it. Because it does not make everyday life any easier and takes away a great deal of the quality of life. A big problem is that some pains have a cause, but others do not. In most cases, the affected person simply has to cope with it without being able to eliminate the cause. In many cases, painkillers are prescribed anyway. To get back the old quality of life, one can use the patch, which is simply stuck on and does not restrict everyday life at all. With its technology, it works within a minute and leads to a long-term improvement in one’s quality of life. Taking medication is no longer necessary, not even in the long term.

Why do I need the Kailo Patch?

The patch is primarily aimed at people who have to deal with pain, but for which there is no real treatable cause. This means it can be used in any age group, as well as in any gender. All these factors are not important for the use of the patch. The pain therapy takes place within a few minutes and can also be used in the long term. However, it is always advisable to determine in advance whether there is perhaps a cause for the problem and only then think about using the patch.

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How is the product used?

The patch is simply applied to the area of skin where the sufferer is experiencing problems. Just one minute later, the pain is said to be significantly less. In the long term, the patch is patch is perfect for this, to seek treatment. Because another problem is treated at the same time. The more someone gets used to the pain, the more usual it becomes for him, he is usually still a bit more sensitive. In the long run, this leads to the fact that he perceives even the smallest stimulus as pain and reacts accordingly. The patch can help to extend this stimulus again and increase resistance. Mild pain is thus no longer classified as severe and a permanent improvement is achieved.

Kailo Pflaster Material

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every product in the field of health and pain therapy, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should inform yourself about beforehand. We have taken the opportunity to compile all of them. This way you can make up your own mind:


  • Simple application
  • effect within one minute
  • can be used for long-term therapy
  • without medicinal substances or side effects
  • can be used for years


  • none known

As you can see, the patch only has advantages. It is easy to use and works within a minute. It can be used for long-term therapy and eliminates the following without medical substances or side effects. side effects. The patches can also be used for years, because the set also includes an adhesive reinforcement, which can be used to increase the adhesive performance again.

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General Kailo Test and Quality Features

We wanted to find out more and took a closer look at the patch and tested it. Everyone knows what it’s like: you have a little pimple and need medical treatment. It can be treated up to a certain point, but then painkillers have to be taken. A non-medicated pain therapy is usually unthinkable to alleviate the symptoms. A colleague of ours has been struggling for years with a problem where there are always painful episodes that she has to go to the doctor with. Sometimes she is not even able to work anymore and has to sit out for the period until the episode is over. We gave her the patch to try and wanted to know if it was effective. She applied it professionally and wore it for several days and nights. She reported that the pain was still a little noticeable at first, but this eased as the days went by. After a while she no longer felt no problem any more and reported that such phases as mentioned before were also absent.

In long-term treatment, she reported a relapse, but she recovered quickly. We therefore rate the patch very positively and believe that it is a good way to fight pain and significantly improve quality of life. The colleague would have recommended the patch to others at any time. It is definitely worth a try.

General Kailo experiences and opinions

During our research, we also looked for other reports of experiences with the patch and found what we were looking for. Most of them reported very positive experiences, so that they achieved a completely new quality of life within a short time. They were very happy to recommend it to others and believe that it can help them very well in the future. What most of them emphasised was the naturalness of the product and the fact that there were no side effects. and that there were no side effects. It was a little difficult to put the patch on again and again over time, as the skin also suffered, but with the right care this was no longer a problem. The product was ideally suited for pain therapy and the majority was enthusiastic. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known Kailo problems?

First and foremost, it is important to find out where the pain is coming from. If it has a cause, this should first be eliminated. Unfortunately, such events often have the effect that the cause is eliminated, but the pain still remains. In such cases, the patch can be of good help. However, the cause should first be identified. Otherwise, no problems can be named that are related to the product.

Where can I buy Kailo patches?

It is best to buy the plaster directly from the manufacturer. This makes different offers available on his homepage, with which you can purchase the product and save money at the same time. You can order one or more patches at once. The package also includes a replenishment of glue that can be put back on the patch for permanent use. You only need to enter a few data for the order to be processed. A few days later the package arrives at your home. Payment is made either directly on site or via risk-free payment methods such as PayPal or credit card. It is also better to order directly from the manufacturer, since you can assume that you will receive the original.

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Technical Details

As far as the technical properties of the plaster are concerned, the manufacturer is not particularly transparent. Because it uses a patented technology, there is hardly any information about the individual details. Nevertheless, here is a small list that should provide a little information:

  • works with patented nanocapacitor technology
  • good adhesion
  • Instructions enclosed

Unfortunately, we cannot report more about the technology.

Kailo Plaster Evaluation and Recommendation

Overall, we think the patch is a great innovation that you should definitely try if you suffer from persistent pain. Because you don’t really have to put yourself through this permanently, as long as it limits your quality of life. The product is very easy to use: just stick it on and wait. Often, a small effect can be seen within the first minute. The patch is ideal for permanent use and can be and can always be refilled with enough glue to apply later. It also works without side effects or substances that can harm the body. It is worth a try in any case!

Information on the supplier or shipping partner

Not much is known about the manufacturer. However, it operates in the USA and the address is as follows: 8184 S Highland Dr Sandy, UT 84093, USA. For support questions, an email address is also given, which is as follows: support@gokailo.com. Any questions can be answered via the contact form provided on the website. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the manufacturer.

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Application 9.5
Effect 8.5
Price 7.5