Ionic Spa Shower Reviews, Functions and Price

For most people, enjoying the first shower in the morning is the greatest thing. Not only does it relax, it also gives you the energy you need for the day ahead. But even in the evening a shower can just be relaxing if you want to shake off all the stress of the day. The model presented here is a Ionic Spa Shower that brings the spa experience home. It can be brought into different positions to improve the shower experience. Different properties are used, such as the adjustable shower jet as well as the change of the water, thanks to the integrated mineral stones. The shower head also has a very solid and beautiful design and is therefore the ideal addition to any bathroom.

What is Ionic Spa Shower?

Ionic Spa Shower presented here is a shower head that allows a much better showering experience by ionizing the water. The manufacturer summarises the advantages as follows:

  • covers the shower user with steam or drizzle
  • simple installation
  • environmentally friendly design and high water savings
  • integrated ionic bio-mineral stones, which make the skin appear softer and smoother
  • beautiful and solid design
  • reduces fatigue, eliminates flaky skin and improves hydration as well as cell regeneration

All in all, this shower head delivers everything you would expect from a balanced shower experience. It gives you the energy you need to get through the day better and is a soothing treatment for your skin that you won’t want to do without anymore.

ionic spa shower

What does the Ionic Spa Shower help for?

It is now well known that the ionisation of water can have a more invigorating effect and thus provide more energy. The water feels better and the shower experience is completely different. The adjustable shower head makes it comfortable for everyone and the water jet can be ideally adjusted to make it extremely pleasant. It also provides another aspect: if you have extremely calciferous water in your house, it may damage your skin. Due to the integrated stones and the ionization, the water no longer has such a damaging effect on the skin. Although it removes unsightly dandruff from the skin and gives it a softer texture, it is much healthier than a normal shower head.

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Why do I need the Ionic Spa Shower?

In principle, anyone who wants a special shower experience can use the shower head. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you are male or female. The gadget takes you a lot further in the morning because it brings the experience of the spa straight home and you start the day so much more relaxed. It doesn’t really get any better than that. In principle, everyone should try it out and make their own experiences with it.

How is the Ionic Spa Shower used?

The advantage is that it can easily be connected to any normal shower connection. Simply unscrew the old shower head and attach the new one to the same place. It is not necessary to use additional tools for this. Afterwards the water is simply turned on as needed and you are ready to go. It should also be noted that the shower jet can be changed by the head of the device. Here a rotation leads to a slightly firmer water flow, but with the other setting it is a pleasant downpour.

ionic spa shower showers

Just straight, as you like it. There’s absolutely nothing more to it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ionic Spa Shower?

We would like to list all the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget below. It is always advisable to know about it before buying the gadget.


  • Easy to connect
  • makes the water much softer thanks to ionization
  • is better for the skin
  • can be applied by anyone
  • individual adjustment possible


  • none known

The advantages are obvious. Once you’ve tried the shower head, you usually won’t want to do without it again. It is simply connected via the usual shower hose, after which everything goes as if by itself. If you want, you can change the power of the shower jet individually. For the skin this ionization is in any case much more pleasant, since it becomes softer and smoother by the changed water. The head also has a very pretty design, which fits seamlessly into your own bathroom. It can be used by anyone who just wants to try it out. It can’t get any better than that.

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General Ionic Spa Shower Test and Quality Features

We wanted to know more and tried Ionic Spa Shower for ourselves. Already during unpacking we noticed the well processed quality. If you hold your head in your hand, you will notice that quality was the order of the day here. The cultivation was then child’s play. Simply turn off the old one, then turn on the new one again and tighten as much as possible. Done! We turned on the water afterwards. It is not only nice to watch how the water gets through the stones, but also the shower jet is much more pleasant on the hand. A real shower afterwards was extremely relaxing. The jet can also be changed by rotating the shower head. This is completely simple. Again, the quality was noticeable. What feels bumpy with other manufacturers, as if one would break something, was here much more robust of the condition. Altogether we were very satisfied with the device and would like to recommend it to others. We believe that such a morning shower will give you a lot more energy during the day and provide optimal relaxation.

ionic spa shower shower head

General Ionic Spa Shower experiences and opinions

During our research, we also looked for other reports of experiences, because we wanted to know how others felt about the use of the shower head. Most of them initially acquired it because it looked beautiful. They then got to feel the qualities for themselves. They found the shower extremely pleasant. Both young and old people profited from the ionization. For example, some reported a rather impure skin caused by the cold lurking in the water. After a few weeks with the new shower head, the skin had changed a lot, had become smoother and seemed cleaner. Most were very satisfied with Ionic Spa Shower and would like to continue using it. Further customer experiences are available via this link!

Are there any known Ionic Spa Shower problems?

A small problem is that the integrated stones can wear out over time and need to be replaced. In this case, however, there is no replacement. Apart from that, this usually takes so long that the investment in a new head is recommendable. The advantage of this is that it is inexpensive to buy and therefore it should not be a problem to improve the shower experience by simply buying a new one. The best way to do this is to use the option to order several products in advance, which are even cheaper in price. The order is therefore even ideal.

Where can I buy Ionic Spa Shower?

Basically, the easiest way is to simply buy it from the manufacturer. This has not only the advantage that you get the original, but can also assume that you get a good price-performance ratio. You should also mention that the manufacturer will post good offers on the net from time to time, which will then be even cheaper. It is therefore worthwhile to stop by more often. Once you have ordered – which by the way is very easy via the website – you will also get the device relatively quickly, as the manufacturer ships it quickly. As payment possibilities there are some options, which one can take up. Therefore it is also as risk-free as possible, if one buys here. Simply a great recommendation!

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Ionic Spa Shower Technical Details

As far as the technical properties are concerned, we would like to summarise these in the following list:

  • simple installation on a normal shower connection
  • Integrated ionic bio-mineral stones
  • solid, beautiful and durable design

In addition, the head is made of a very robust and high-quality plastic that can withstand a lot. There is nothing more to say about the technical advantages. The device is ideal for daily use and its ionisation of the water ensures a pleasantly relaxed shower experience.

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Ionic Spa Shower evaluation and recommendation

In summary, it can be said that the head provides a much better and above all more relaxed shower experience. It is easy to install and impresses with its high quality, which is also very robust. During the shower, the jet can also be changed by rotating the head, which gives you the feeling of standing directly in the spa and enjoying a relaxing shower. Thanks to the ionizing stones, the water becomes much softer and you get the energy you need for the day ahead. A shower has hardly ever been better. In addition, it goes without saying that ordering through the manufacturer is particularly easy and payment is also very risk-free. The users who have chosen Ionic Spa Shower do not want to miss it anymore, let alone use a normal head for the shower. All in all a very positive recommendation.

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The provider has his company in Hong Kong and is called Hyper SIs Ltd. More is unfortunately not known about him.

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