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Everyone who regularly works with a computer has experienced it before: The computer fails and when you switch it on you notice that something is wrong because it doesn’t work the way it always does. In many cases the hard drive crashed and lost a whole set of data. Although IT experts recommend regular backups, let’s be honest – who does? The Infiniti Kloud helps with this problem by storing the most needed data with a simple mouse click and making it available when it’s needed. And it’s exceptionally easy to use and understand, even for novices.


What is the Infiniti Kloud?

This product is a Smart USB Stick that can protect important files from viruses, file damage and hard drive failure. It supports a very simple setup, you don’t even have to log in, let alone install a specific software. The manufacturer promises:

  • easy handling
  • automatic recognition by computer
  • compatible with all computers and Macs
  • saves the most important data
  • easy file search possible
  • saves only what you want to save

A data backup is therefore no longer a problem, because you have one practically at all times, without having to spend a lot of extra time for it. The Smart USB Stick works as the user requires and protects the most important data.

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Why does the USB stick help?

Earlier or later every computer crashes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a PC or an Apple Mac. If this happens, the current data to be processed is usually lost. And who makes a data backup every hour? – Nobody! For such cases the Infiniti Kloud Smart USB stick is outstanding suitable. It stores exactly the data that you are currently using and protects the user against a possible crash.

A document you’ve been sitting on for three hours, or a table you’ve been trying to create – it’s all on the stick. After the computer has restarted, the stick restores all the data and gives access to the unchanged document that you thought you had lost. A separate data backup is therefore no longer necessary.

Infiniti Kloud

Why do I need the Infiniti Kloud?

Anyone who works with a computer and wants to protect themselves from suddenly losing their unsaved files due to a crash can basically use the Smart USB Stick. Other files can also be stored on the USB stick. Also those can deal with the device, who were not allowed to make so far any experience with the fact that a computer can sometimes crash. – Sooner or later the stick will be worth its weight in gold.

Because it saves time and is a great help. Another advantage is that the stick does all this in the background and you don’t have to wait an hour and a half to avoid disturbing the device during the data backup.


How is the product used?

Basically, the stick is very easy to use. The stick is simply plugged into a USB port on the computer. Then an automatic backup program starts, where you only have to press the red button with “Start” on it. Afterwards, the backup program saves everything automatically without having to intervene or make any adjustments. Of course, it is also possible to save only a specific part, which has to be adjusted in advance.

As soon as the stick is finished with its data backup, it is simply removed again. Afterwards you can access the backup at any time and use it if files have to be restored or if you had a complete crash.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product?

Every gadget has advantages and disadvantages, which you should inform yourself about beforehand. That’s why we took the chance and created an overview here. So I can make everyone a picture of it:


  • also stores large amounts of data in small formats
  • easy to handle
  • makes backup much easier
  • simple search possible
  • saves at high speed


  • none known

The product is generally well received by users, not only because it works fast, but also because the Smart USB Stick can be used for all kinds of data. It doesn’t matter which computer is used. In addition there is the much easier possibility to make a data backup, which otherwise takes a lot of time. The data is simply saved with a click and is still available after a possible crash.

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General Infiniti Kloud Test and Quality Features

We took a closer look at the device ourselves and wanted to test how well it works. It’s a shame for any IT professional, but the often recommended data backup is rarely done by anyone these days. In an emergency, the data is finally gone and everything has to be recreated.

A big problem is always the long time the backup takes and why you always neglect it. So we tried the stick once. It started itself after we put it into the USB slot of the computer. After taking a closer look at the menu, we noticed that it’s very easy to start, but you can also make settings in advance if necessary. The stick then begins its work, which it does very quickly.

A big advantage is also that it saves the data in a small format and therefore doesn’t take up much memory space. If a recovery is necessary, the stick is simply plugged in again after the backup and the program is started. More is simply not included. It makes a solid impression, which is why we would like to recommend it to others. We were positively surprised.

Infiniti Kloud Smart USB Stick


General Infiniti Kloud experiences and opinions

When searching for information about the stick, we also found a few testimonials from users who already had some experience with the product. However, the experiences were relatively positive. Some were very satisfied with the Smart USB Stick and were able to store data on any computer they needed.

Many don’t want to do without the gadget anymore, especially in the business sense, because it is so uncomplicated to handle. Negative reports, however, we could not find. The users are therefore all very satisfied with it and recommend it to others. Further customer experiences are available over this link! *


Are there any known Infiniti Kloud problems?

In terms of problems there is only one thing: If you don’t save anything with the stick, you can’t count on a backup in an emergency situation. Despite its speed, the stick takes a certain amount of time to store data. However, this is much more entertaining than normal backups. But if you don’t save anything because of this, you still can’t help it. With the stick, however, everything is completely in order.


Where can I buy Infiniti Kloud?

You can easily buy the Smart USB stick from the vendor. He has it on his own homepage, where you can buy it either individually or in groups. The more you order, the cheaper a copy will be. This is especially useful if you have several computers in your household, or if you want to secure a few computers at work. Ordering is uncomplicated.

For this one simply selects the advantage offer on the homepage and orders afterwards, by filling out a form with some important data. You can pay by Paypal, credit card or invoice. Accordingly surely the whole also precipitates. A few days later the parcel messenger brings then the package and already one is without problems in the position to secure its computers completely.

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Infiniti Kloud Technical Details

Here are some technical details. Many of them are not, but it is enough to get a picture of them:

  • works at a speed of up to 100 MB per second
  • stores up to 64 GB (equivalent to 45,000 photos)
  • customer-specific backup possible

A big advantage is that the stick compresses the data so that it is much smaller on the stick. This is very good for larger quantities. The outer skin of the USB flash drive is made of plastic, which can also plug in very well against blows.


Infiniti Kloud rating and recommendation

All in all one can only recommend the use of such a stick. A backup of the computer is recommended from time to time anyway. Therefore the stick is a great help for such a project. A big problem with a regular backup is that most of the data is still stored on the computer. In a total crash, however, this is also lost.

How do I restore old data? Accordingly, it is always advisable to use an external medium when creating a backup. We were enthusiastic about the data stick and think it is a great relief for everyone if a backup is necessary and therefore recommend it to others.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is based in Hong Kong. All you know about him is his address, which is as follows:

Think Tech Sales Limited

Rm 709B, 7 / F, Opulent Building

402-406 Hennessy Road

WAN CHAI, Hong Kong

Homepage: *


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