Immune Defence Reviews, Ingredients and Price

The own immune defence is not only necessary and important in times of health problems. It also ensures that we stay healthy and protects us from various diseases and infections. Normally we can already take some precautions through our diet to support a healthy immune system. However, in certain situations we may need a little help ourselves. Often we can provide this protection by means of various food supplements. However, not all products deliver what is promised to us. At this point we would like to introduce Immune Defence.

A product that contains many ingredients that are helpful in strengthening the immune system and providing it with sufficient defensive substances. We explain what is behind it, what it contains and above all whether it is worth taking.


What is Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is a supplement, i.e. a remedy that can be taken to protect against a cold or infection. Here it is interesting to know that a cold usually occurs because the immune system is weakened. If this no longer functions properly, however, a cold is the least of all problems. Because then it can also lead to more serious illnesses, unless you do something about it. According to the manufacturer, this product has the following properties:

  • works on a natural basis
  • easy to ingest
  • with tasty aniseed taste
  • supports the immune system in the best possible way
  • Composition based on scientific studies and reports

Immune Defence

The product can help strengthen your own immune system and is extremely easy to take. Natural ingredients, which the body needs anyway to stay healthy, help to do this. In addition, Immune Defence’s composition is based on a scientific foundation, which has been discussed in studies and other reports.

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Immune Defence ingredients explained

Let’s take a look at what raw materials are actually contained in the product. This way you can also get a better picture of it:

  • Rosehip powder
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Acerola powder
  • Anise powder

According to the manufacturer, each pastille contains an average of 2.5 mg of vitamin C and 3.5 mg of elemental zinc. This corresponds to about 3.13 percent each, as well as 35 percent of the daily requirement. It is important that a healthy and balanced diet is guaranteed in addition to the intake.


Is the product suitable for you?

In principle, Immune Defence is aimed at all those who would like to boost their immune system. The food supplement helps to cover the body’s nutrient requirements in a relatively short time and to protect against a cold. It is irrelevant whether it is someone younger or already someone older. It is also not important whether men or women take the lozenges. They are equally interesting for both sexes.

Because everyone can benefit from taking them. In addition, they may also appeal to people who have already taken a food supplement but no longer wish to take it.

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How does the Immune Defence effect work?

The lozenges unfold their effect step by step in the body and protect it permanently against a cold or other infections. This is done by absorbing the vitamins after ingestion and creating a level that covers the body’s nutrient requirements.

If the vitamins are taken regularly, changes may be noticed after only two weeks. However, as each person is a separate individual, some people may take longer before an effect occurs. It is important to take the product continuously, as prescribed by the manufacturer, and to be patient.


How does the Immune Defence intake proceed?

The manufacturer recommends not to take more than 4 lozenges per day. These are simply taken in the mouth and sucked like a sweet. If the need arises, you can also take one pastille every two hours. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations and not to exceed them. This will not result in an improved effect or similar benefits.


General Immune Defence Quality Features

There are no precise seals or characteristics with regard to quality. However, the manufacturer specifies that Immune Defence is premium quality. Furthermore, the manufacturer supports its statements with several studies available on the different vitamins. Vitamin C, for example, has already been tested many times. It has been found that it can considerably reduce the severity of a cold. The same is also true of the other vitamins contained in the product. By the way: the product is manufactured in Great Britain and shipped from there.

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Are there side effects or risks with Immune Defence?

Due to the use of high-quality and above all natural raw materials, the product is very well tolerated as a food supplement. However, it is advisable to have a close look at the list of ingredients and to weigh up whether there is one contained to which you might have an allergy. In such a case the pastilles should not be taken. It is also advisable to consult a doctor if there is any doubt. He or she can then discuss with the patient in more detail whether it is advisable to take them.


General Immune Defence opinions

When looking for details, we also looked for other experiences. However, the dietary supplement product is very popular among users, so we found only positive feedback. They described that Immune Defence was taken over a longer period of time and that those affected noticed a marked improvement in their immune system. Therefore most of them would like to recommend the product to other users.

It strengthens the immune system in its own way, even if it took longer for some to achieve success. In general, however, people were very satisfied with the performance as well as the features of the product. However, we could not find any negative reports. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Advantages and disadvantages of the product

Like every product in the field of nutritional supplements, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would like to summarize these in the following lists. This can also serve as a purchase decision, if you are not yet sure whether Immune Defence is right for you.


  • easy ingestion
  • only natural ingredients
  • can also be used for vegans
  • Premium quality from the manufacturer


  • none known

All in all, it is a product that has only advantages. It is not only easy to take and strengthens the immune system. At the same time, only natural ingredients are used, so that the compatibility is very high. The manufacturer refers to a premium quality, which contains only high-quality raw materials. Furthermore, Immune Defence is also interesting for vegans. Precisely because they usually have problems to cover their daily nutritional requirements and thus their immune system may be more at risk.

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Where can I buy Immune Defence?

Fortunately, there is the possibility to simply buy the food supplement product directly from the manufacturer. Not only is it offered at a good price, but the manufacturer even provides special offers. Within these offers there are usually several bottles that have a preferential price. But per bottle the buyer pays less than if he buys a single bottle. The order can be placed without any problems within a few minutes. To do this, one simply has to enter some information into a form and thus orders the product immediately.

The shipping takes place within a few days, so that you receive the goods quickly. By the way, the payment is also uncomplicated, which is supported here by credit card or Paypal. So the customer does not take any risk. Moreover, one can assume that the offers will come back from time to time. So it’s worthwhile to drop by from time to time and strike if the opportunity presents itself.

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What does the Immune Defence Award look like?

In terms of price, some supplements are very expensive. Fortunately, this is not the case with Immune Defence. Immune Defence has a well-balanced price, which is further improved within the scope of the offer formats. Because then you save a lot of money. Anyone who has the chance to take up such an offer should definitely take it. Because, as already mentioned, the offers are only available for a limited time and contain several bottles. The individual bottles cost less than if you place an individual order. Therefore, one can speak of a moderate price for this product.


Immune Defence Evaluation

We would like to classify Immune Defence in general as very positive and therefore recommend it to others. We believe that taking it can be helpful to increase your own immune defences and protect yourself from disease. It is important to tolerate all ingredients and to take it as recommended by the manufacturer. In this way it is possible to create a lasting good protection that is underpinned by natural ingredients. Scientific studies have already clinically proven the composition and effect, so there is little doubt about the effectiveness. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that in the event of any problems, a doctor should be consulted and an intake jointly agreed.


Who is the supplier of the product?

Responsible for the production is a company called Swiss Research Labs Ltd. which is located in Great Britain. In general, it produces health and wellness products and researches the effects of the individual ingredients very carefully. In order to establish contact, there is a contact form on the operator’s website. At the same time a support email address has been set up. This is:

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Immune Defence

Ingredients 8.5
Effect 8.0
Price 7.5