iHeadphones Reviews, Functions and Price

Nowadays, headphones have become a popular gadget for every smartphone owner. Anyone who has an Apple iPhone will sooner or later be on the Air Pods. They’re easy to carry without wires, connect to Bluetooth, and deliver superb sound quality. But if you want to afford this luxury, you first have to put around 180 euros on the table. In our eyes a relatively exorbitant price for a few wireless headphones. And all this only because they don’t have a cable and look pretty hip. We came across the iHeadphones on the Internet. A iHeadphones that looks amazingly similar to the original. But does it work just as well, or are there any quirks, so it doesn’t come close to the original? We have tested them and would like to summarize what we found below.


What are iHeadphones?

The iHeadphones are wireless in-ear headphones that connect wirelessly to your phone. They look a lot like Apple’s original and are said to have the same benefits. Namely a great sound and the problem-free recharging in the case, which is enclosed with the headphones. In this case also the regular accommodation takes place, with which the gadget becomes a popular thing, what you should always have with you on the way. At the latest when you want to listen to music or answer your phone calls. Because all this should be possible with these headphones without difficulties. By the way: They are also ideal for sports, because the annoying cable is no longer necessary. Simply put your mobile phone in your pocket and one of the plugs in your ear and you’re ready to go!



What are the iHeadphones for?

A good headset is worth its weight in gold on the road. Unfortunately most in-ear headphones are not equipped with a good sound and have the disadvantage that the cable is too short. Most wireless headphones have difficulties to be connected to the mobile phone and have to be recharged. All this is not necessary with the headphones presented here. You put them in your ear, they automatically recognize that it can start and pair up with your smartphone via Bluetooth. They are charged in the case where they are usually stored. On the Air Pods, this also functions as a separate charging station, which, however, is not quite clear from the manufacturer’s information on these models. They are also a bit ahead of the Air Pods: they are available in several colours, so there is something to suit every taste.

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Why do I need the iHeadphones?

The headphones are the ideal partner for every age group. They’re designed to sit comfortably in your ear, whether you’re male or female. That’s absolutely unimportant with this iHeadphones. In principle, they are aimed at anyone who is looking for good headphones for on the go that work without cables and can be connected easily. And of course those whose budget is not so high that they can afford or even want the original. Because 180 Euros is in principle quite a house number that you don’t necessarily have to afford.

Especially if you can get it cheaper.


How is the iHeadphones used?

The headphones work like the original. This means that they are simply recharged and can then be paired with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. Simply go to the settings and activate the Bluetooth connection. The device searches for the headphones, which then simply have to be selected. The mobile phone then connects to the headphones. Now all you have to do is put them in your ear and you can listen to music or audio books without difficulty. Just what you like on the go. Of course you can also take calls. Meanwhile, they are charged in the case, which is connected to a socket by means of a cable. Usually, however, they have a running time of about eight hours.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the iHeadphones?

Every gadget has its advantages and disadvantages somewhere, if you check it more closely. We have therefore taken the trouble to compile all these points below. You can also give us a decision aid when it comes to the purchase.


  • works without cable
  • can be paired via Bluetooth
  • compatible with iOS and Android
  • good sound
  • no annoying cable
  • different colours available
  • eight hours battery life


  • may not have some features of the original

A disadvantage is that we could not determine from the manufacturer’s information whether the plugs have the same functions as the Air Pods. The plugs can be operated by pointing a finger to use the speech program of the smartphone or to answer calls. It is also possible to control the volume on this model. Whether the headphones also have these functions is not quite clear. However, this is the only disadvantage. All other features are obvious advantages. For example, the plugs are a helpful utensil during sports to avoid the annoying cable. They have a long battery life and can be used for Android and iOS.

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General iHeadphones Quality Features

Apple is usually known for its good quality workmanship. But is it the same with this comparable product? Let’s put it this way: the product doesn’t have to hide from the original. This one also has a high quality material from which it was made and at the same time offers the good sound you’re used to with high quality headphones. Accordingly, you can speak of quality here. The batteries have also been made more difficult, so that they last much longer.

Jogging headphones


General iHeadphones experiences and opinions

We looked around the Internet to see if there were already any opinions on the headphones. The testimonials were very different, but they all had a very positive tone. Most of them are enthusiastic about the device and especially about the fact that it is much cheaper than the original. They look just as hip, are easy to use and don’t cause any problems with Android either. Most people would therefore like to recommend them to others and think that it is a good alternative if you don’t want to submit to price madness.

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Are there any known iHeadphones problems?

There are no problems in this sense, but we don’t know exactly whether the functions attributed to the AirPods are also available on this model. The operation of the headphones is not covered by the manufacturer. Neither does charging on the road without connecting the case to a power source. Whatever both of these points may be, this product has a very good price-performance ratio, which makes this acceptable. Further customer experiences are available via this link!*


Where can I buy iHeadphones?

The headphones can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer sells them via its own website on the Internet. Here different offers are made available. If you like, you can order a single set, but also two or three at a time. Accordingly, it is also possible that you can save additional money and thus also give the family or friends a nice pleasure. There are several payment options available to the buyer. At the same time, the product is shipped quickly and there are no additional costs. The manufacturer also provides a product guarantee, so the customer can be sure that he receives quality. So there is virtually no risk involved in buying a headset and the headphones are worth a try for everyone.


iHeadphones Technical Details

With regard to the technical properties, the manufacturer is categorically silent. All we have learned is that the system is compatible with iOS and Android. In addition, there are several other features that are listed below:

  • available in different colours
  • eight hours battery life
  • Attractive case for taking along enclosed
  • very good price-performance ratio

Accordingly, you can’t really make a picture of the sound yet. However, we would like to point out here that there is nothing wrong with the price at which the seller offers them. The original is known for its good sound. If these only come close to these, they are a very good alternative in any case.

Listen to sports music


iHeadphone’s rating and recommendation

We’ve checked the product more closely and think it’s an excellent alternative to the expensive original. The headphones look just as good, seem to have a good sound and can be taken along in a case. They last up to 8 hours, which is much longer than the original. That’s what they already have ahead of them. In addition, you can also address the availability of different colors, so that there is something for everyone. And of course the price is unbeatable. All in all, we would like to recommend the gadget to others and encourage everyone to try it out before you go into price madness and buy a product that isn’t really better than this one, but pays much more.

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Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The shipping partner or manufacturer has its base in the United States of America and offers a customer service in both Great Britain and Spain that can be used. Ecomerzpro’s main focus is to sell as many products as possible and offers effective formats as well as technical products.


List of sources and further links
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Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 8.5