Idealica Reviews, Functions and Price

What is Idealica?

Idealica is a preparation that helps the body to break down fat. Phytoirisin, a natural plant substance contained in the preparation, normalizes body weight over the long term. The manufacturer states that in clinical tests 97 percent of people who used the weight loss drops normalized their weight if they took Idealica over a period of three to four weeks. The manufacturer generally recommends Idealica to anyone who does not want to deal with diet restrictions and training to regulate their own body weight.

Idealica has the effect that it changes the body fat in the course of the time. Within the first seven days of taking the product, the white body fat, i.e. the white lipids which are considered to be very harmful to health, are converted into brown lipids which are considered to be good lipids and are then broken down. The aim is to achieve a weight loss of six to eight kilograms within eight to 19 days of taking the drops. Within the following 20 to 28 days of taking the drops, the body is thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated. In addition, 12 to 14 kg of body weight will continue to be lost.

It is recommended to take the product in the form of a cure. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the product should not be taken for less than 28 days.


Idealica Ingredients

  • Phytoirisin: This ingredient is contained in the Rambutan plant. However, it is practically impossible for Europeans to get hold of this fruit and consume it in sufficient quantities during the day. Therefore, the extract of this plant is contained in the product in extract form. The extract is also enriched with green coffee and tea as well as L-carnitine and chromium picolinate to further increase the effect of the extract. This accelerates the metabolism and increases the body’s energy consumption. At the same time as taking the extract, the desire for sweets is reduced. Furthermore, the white lipids, which are very harmful for the organism, are converted into the useful brown lipids, which in turn can be removed from the organism much more easily.
  • Kivano extract and Cherimoya extract: these two natural active substances contained in the product drain and detoxify the body.
  • The extract of green Tibetan coffee, green tea “Shambhala” and bitter orange: these active ingredients of vegetable origin accelerate the metabolism, which can be up to 80 percent. The substances also have a very strong antioxidant effect on the body.
  • L-carnitine and chromium picolinate: These substances increase the body’s energy potential. At the same time, the appetite of the user is reduced in a completely natural way.

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The product:

  • stimulates the metabolism
  • reduces appetite in a natural way
  • reduces the desire for sweets
  • has an intense antioxidant effect on the body
  • promotes fat loss in the body in a special way by converting white lipids into brown lipids

Who is Idealica suitable for?

The product in the form of slimming drops is aimed at all people who want to reduce their body weight, but who do not want to make any effort by a strong dietary change and a lot of sporting activities. The product is particularly suitable for people who want to reduce their body weight by natural means and do not want to rely on chemical effects. If you want to lose weight quickly, convert your own unhealthy white body fat into healthier brown fat and then break it down, this product is a very good choice.

Green tea metabolism

How does the Idealica effect work?

The weight loss drops basically work in three steps to achieve the user’s weight reduction. The first step is from day one to day seven. Here the body begins to transform the white lipids into the good brown lipids and the body begins its first changes in parallel by reducing its weight.

From day eight to day 19 of application, a weight loss of six to eight kilograms can be recorded. Users can now clearly see a change in silhouette and that the body is beginning to look more attractive.

From day 20 to day 28, the body is cleansed and rejuvenated. In this time weight losses of 12 to 14 kg are again attainable. In this phase, the already achieved result is fixed. The manufacturer recommends therefore the application over the period of 28 days, which can be extended however problem-free completely according to desire.

The effect of the product is based on a support of the change of the body fat to the better dismantling of the fat reserves. At the same time the metabolism is stimulated, the appetite is reduced in a natural way and also the desire for sweetness is strongly reduced. Phytoirisin supports the effect of the product, as this extract from an Asian fruit is essential for the conversion and breakdown of body fat.

How does the Idealica application work?

The application of Idealica is very simple. The product is offered in the form of slimming drops that are easy to take. It dissolves 25 drops in a glass of water or juice. This mixture is drunk twice a day before meals. The manufacturer recommends a 28-day application, as this is a period during which a slimming cycle takes place. The treatment can be repeated once or several times if desired. Then you should follow a cycle of 28 days.

It can be taken quickly and discreetly and can also take place on the way, for example if a meal in a restaurant is planned.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Idealica?


  • fast and efficient weight loss
  • Fixation of results after 28 days
  • purely natural ingredients
  • no change in diet necessary to achieve results
  • no sporting activities required
  • transformation of harmful white lipids into healthy brown lipids, which are also more easily degradable


  • little is known about the plant ingredients
  • the price is 49 Euro for a bottle with 20 ml content, so the application is relatively expensive

General Idealica Test

The manufacturer promises that the mode of action of phytoirisin was researched over a long period of time before the extract was used in the product. The entire product was developed in collaboration with the Health Food Clinics. The effect that the white lipids are first converted into brown lipids, which are then more easily removed from the body, is unique and not known in this form from any other dietary supplement. A further advantage for users is that the product was specially developed for people who want to reduce their body weight in a light and pleasant way and change their silhouette positively. A change in diet or intensive physical training is not necessary to lose weight with the product. The product works in a cycle of 28 days, during which certain processes take place in the body in three stages. This means that the duration of the intake can be adapted exactly to the desired weight loss. If you want to lose less weight, you can complete a cycle of 28 days while taking the product.

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If you want to lose more body weight, you can add a further 28 days. However, at least 28 days should be taken, as the manufacturer states that in the last and third phase of use the achieved goal is fixed. This mode of action is also not known in this form from any other weight loss product.

General Idealica experiences

Users report having achieved an unusually rapid effect with the product that was not expected. It is reported that the weight is quickly reduced and that the body quickly returns to a beautiful silhouette.

The self-confidence increased, after the body was noticed before rather as whale than as human body.

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Despite the abandonment of sport after 30 years and the resulting increase in weight, it was possible to reduce the weight again by taking the product alone, without the need for further sporting activities. It is praised that the product works purely vegetable and so the efforts to take as little as possible at chemical Pharmazeutika is supported. Another user reported, after initial strong skepticism in the long run nevertheless satisfying 14 kg at body weight with the preparation to have lost. A further user reports on negative effects of the climacterium starting from an age of 50 years. After her treating physician recommended the preparation to her, her metabolism was pleasantly stimulated again. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!*

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What do the Idealica costs look like?

The price for the product is 49 Euro per bottle. A bottle of Idealica contains 20 milliliters. Therefore the application is not very inexpensive. The manufacturer also argues that the price of 49 Euros is a special price and that the product otherwise costs 98 Euros. A discount is not intended and the product cannot be bought thus also in larger quantity in stock, in order to arrive at a particularly favorable purchase price. Whether forwarding expenses for the order develop, is not apparent at first sight, because both the rendering of invoice and the indication of further details to the purchase are transmitted only after the task of the order form. All you need to do here is enter your name and telephone number.

Where can I buy Idealica?

The product can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s website. The product is not available in pharmacies, online pharmacies or mail order. However, this has an advantage for users. Since many weight loss products are offered in the form of drops, confusion can quickly occur. When purchasing via the manufacturer’s website, there is always the certainty that only the original product is purchased.

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Application 9.0
Effect 8.5
Occupational studies 9.0