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When the warmer seasons come again, air conditioning is a good purchase. But if you first find out what such a system costs, you can sometimes only bend your hands over your head. In addition, it is not only the purchase costs that are involved, but also the maintenance that such a device requires. In such a case, a small alternative is a welcome change that you can use to your advantage. We would therefore like to introduce iCold. A device that offers the same functions as an air conditioner and costs only a fraction of what ordinary air conditioners consume.


What is iCold?

This gadget is a product that has the same features as an air conditioner, but only costs a fraction of the price. The manufacturer also calls it a device that frightens air conditioning manufacturers because it is a good alternative. The iCold has the following features:

  • 3 different cooling modes
  • 7 selectable mood lights
  • Hydro-Chill technology with natural ambient cooling
  • simple operation thanks to water filling
  • great purchase saving
  • easy to operate and install

This gadget is basically a small cube that can be easily placed in any room. Even in the bedroom, it provides a pleasant sleeping temperature when the temperature returns to normal in summer. It is able to cool down the room and is also relatively quiet, so that you can sleep well. The iCold also saves you a lot of money compared to an air conditioner.



What does the device help for?

The last year was, as far as the summer is concerned, hardly bearable. A good air conditioning system was worth its weight in gold. However, this does not only cause immense costs for the purchase. It also has to be maintained. In many cases, it costs immense amounts of electricity, plus the water that is consumed. This cube, on the other hand, only needs a small amount and the fraction of the electricity that is needed for a normal air conditioner. It can be easily installed in any room, so you don’t have to cool the whole house down. All in all, it is a welcome alternative to the immense heat. Especially when forecasts are already frightening you that a very hot summer is waiting for us all.

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Why do I need iCold?

The iCold is aimed at those who want to create a pleasant temperature in their own home but do not have the necessary budget when it comes to air conditioning. But even those who simply don’t want to spend so much money on it may feel addressed. In principle, the iCold presented here is a good compromise that does not cost so much. It doesn’t matter at which age you buy the device, as it is very easy for both the younger generation and the older to understand when it comes to operation. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone who longs for a little temperate air in the hot summer and a good night’s sleep without constantly waking up from sweat and restlessness.


How is the iCold used?

In principle, operation is simple and intuitive. Fill the appliance with enough water and switch on one of the ventilation modes. This can be either light or heavy. Accordingly, it is a little louder at the last stage, but not annoying. It is also possible to set a specific lighting colour, which can be selected according to preference. A total of seven different colours are available.

On this basis, the atmosphere can also be positively influenced. In principle, that’s all you need to know. Finally, it might be necessary to make sure that the water is empty at some point and has to be refilled. As a rule, however, it lasts for several hours. By the way, the iCold is connected via a USB port, which can also be connected to an appropriate plug in order to plug it into the socket.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of iCold?

Each gadget has certain advantages and disadvantages that you should look at before buying. That’s why we have taken the opportunity to summarize them in the following.

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  • easy operation
  • Three different cooling modes
  • very transportable, for at home and on holiday
  • good air distribution
  • comparatively inexpensive


  • none known

The best advantage of this product is, of course, that you can get it much cheaper than an air conditioner. But it is also very user-friendly and allows intuitive adjustment for operation. It can be taken at home or on the road because it is small and practical. Therefore, it is also a welcome refreshment when on holiday, as long as it is warmer in the hotel room than it is pleasant itself.

There are no known disadvantages.


General iCold test and quality features

Of course, we wanted to see for ourselves how the device worked and tried it out once. The workmanship is impressive. So you don’t expect it to break the first time you use it. It is easy to set up and should of course stand on a flat surface to get the necessary support. Then add water. Switching on is then only a push of a button away. Afterwards you enjoy a good ventilation in the room, which is offered in three strengths. The integrated mood lights can be seen well in the dark, but are by no means disturbing. Overall, the device makes a good impression and is easy to operate.

As it is relatively small, we can imagine that it is a welcome companion when travelling. Because everyone knows it: you come into a hotel room and there is a heat that is almost unbearable. Airing through windows rarely brings anything. Such a device can be a great help in such situations. That’s why we were so enthusiastic about the performance. In addition, the cooling is balanced and even in the room.

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General iCold reviews and opinions

In addition, we also looked around for other opinions and came across experience reports during our research. They were mainly positive in nature and praised the so-called Hydro-Chill-System, which cools the environment well and above all keeps it even. Many air conditioners, on the other hand, work with chemical substances whose contents cannot be controlled. Many of the users were therefore enthusiastic. Another positive aspect was the design, which is so small that it can be carried and set up practically anywhere in the house. We didn’t find any negative reports. All in all, the feedback was very good and many users would like to recommend the device.

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Are there any known iCold problems?

A small problem could be when the device is running overnight. Even if you fill the tank to the limit, this will only last for a certain time, but not for up to 8 or 9 hours. We estimate that it will last up to 6 hours before you have to refill. So if you want to spend the whole night at a comfortable temperature, you will probably have to get up in the middle of the night. Otherwise, there are no problems with the device regarding its functions.


Where can I buy iCold?

The best way to get the device is via the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer offers the device at a good preferential price. In addition, you can also order several on the site. Ordering is done without complications. Just fill out one form and choose the variant you want. The device will then be delivered within a few days. The payment takes place over as risk-free payment possibilities as possible like PayPal or credit card. So you practically don’t take any risk as a buyer.


iCold Technical Details

Let’s take a look at the technical features of the device. Overall, relatively little is known, but what we know is listed below:

  • 3 different cooling modes
  • 7 integrated mood lights
  • hydro chill technology

The Hydro-Chill technology stands out especially here. It guarantees that the environment is cooled by the evaporation of water. The device distributes the coolness evenly and gently and does not use any chemical substances, so that the body is not burdened.

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iCold evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we can only recommend the product. Especially when the summer is approaching, a good air conditioner or a comparator is worth a lot. Therefore a purchase is quite meaningful. The unit is easy to operate and very quiet in operation. Therefore it can also be set up at night in the bedroom. Since it works with ordinary water, it is not as stressful for the body as normal air conditioners. So we would like to recommend it to others and think that everybody makes a good purchase with it, which will pay off in any case. Further customer experiences are available over this link! *

Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions: https://ecomerzpro.net/faq.html

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