Horlaxen Reviews, Ingredients and Price

Horlaxen facts

Horlaxen belongs to the category of dietary supplements. The compound is especially well known to bodybuilders and power sportsmen. The ingredients of the dietary supplement are based on a natural basis. These were composed of scientific findings and promise to have a high impact. The compound is designed to help build muscles and improve te body shape. At the same time, blood circulation is to be improved and fat burning is to be stimulated. This combination ensures that the body gets in better shape and looks more beautiful.

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The manufacturer of the compound promises on their homepage:

  • Building muscle mass within a very short period of time
  • Increased reduction of radicals
  • More formation of nitric oxide
  • fast healing process of marcro- or micro-damage to muscles
  • Increased phosphocreatine and ATP regeneration


Horlaxen Ingredients

The muscle building compound stimulates the growt of the muscles in a natural way. It is absolutely essential that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This is the only way to ensure that all ingredients have the desired effect. L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate improves blood circulation and increases the level of nitrogen in the blood. The muscles are better supplied with oxygen and can therefore grow better. Horlaxen has an anabolic effect because it stimulates the production of testosterone. This leads to an increase in muscle strength. The endurance and growth of the muscle cells is also strongly stimulated. At the same time, there is an increased pleasure feeling as the sex drive is driven. The dietary supplement contains L citrulline, cellulose, croscarmellose sodium and L-arginine hydrochlorides. It also contains nicotinamide adenine dinucieotides. All ingredients are perfectly matched to each other. They provide your body with important nutrients. The product consists mainly of:

  • Magnesium
  • Larigin
  • Gelatine
  • Silicia salts (natural product)

The compound is therefore equipped with all the ingredients necessary for more strength and muscles. This is why many users rate it positively. In combination with a healthy diet and a lot of weight training, taking the capsules will quickly become noticeable. A big advantage is that you can support your body in weight training with the help of the natural ingredients.

For whom is Horlaxen suitable for?

The dietary supplement is suitable for all men and women who attach great importance to a good figure. The product should only be used by persons who have reached the age of 18 years. This applies to all muscle building compounds. People who are still growing should generally avoid taking such capsules. It is not always enough to do sports in your free time. The body often needs a small drive to build up the desired muscle mass. By taking it regularly, you achieve a higher production of testosterone. If you need an increase in strength or want more muscle mass, you should test the muscle-building compound once. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. By increasing the dosage, you cannot cause an additional increase in power. Rather, this could lead to side effects.

General Horlax Test

Compared to other products, Horlaxen really does have an effect during intensive training. You will notice that you will gain more endurance and your muscles will be strengthened. Generally, after a few weeks of taking it, you will notice that your female forms will show off much better. Your body looks firm and well trained. A major advantage of the product is that it can have a positive effect on muscle injuries. If taken regularly, it can be very beneficial even in case of a torn muscle fibre. This is due to the natural and complex composition of the product. No other manufacturer’s product can achieve this effect.

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General Horlax experience

Opinions on the dietary supplement Horlaxen differ somewhat on the internet. While some women are very enthusiastic, the capsules have had no effect at all on other users. This is where the spirits divide. Many athletes praise the effect of the product. They state that they have lost a few kilos in a very short time and have built up more muscles at the same time. Some customer reviews are backed up by images of the athletes. Other athletes complain that the dosage of ingredients is too low compared to shakes. Of course, you can’t expect your muscles to explode and feeling a strong increase in strength, even if the manufacturer promises similar things. Rather, the dietary supplement can provide you with a little more power during training and help your muscles to build up. The ingredients of the compound have all been known to athletes for a long time in the field of muscle building. The best thing to do is to take a look at the product and test it for yourself. Every body reacts differently to ingredients. Have a look at further experiences of customers here.

More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!

User’s experience diary

  • Day 1: The market is overcrowded in terms of muscle building products. Therefore, I am always cautious when choosing the ones I take. With Horlaxen I got a good impression on the homepage of the supplier, which is why I ordered it. The product should give me the possibility to build up muscles and to make more out of it without any problems. That was what appealed to me and so I waited eagerly for the package. On the first day I familiarized myself how to take it and noticed that it works without any problems. Not like many other products, which have to be measured and mixed in a complicated way. Thanks to its capsule shape, Horlaxen can be perfectly integrated into my everyday life, which is already stressfull enough. So I was curious to see what happens.
  • Day 7: After a week with Horlaxen I can say that it seems to stimulate my metabolism and I notice that my testosterone level seems to be boosted a little bit. My workout hasn’t changed noticeably yet, but I assume that’s still to come. It’s only been a week since I started to take the capsules.
  • Day 14: The second week with Horlaxen is behind me and I notice more and more that the ingredients seem to pass into my circulation. In my spare time I do a lot of sport, so I notice quickly when something changes. I have the impression that my body is trying to do even more, but I am taking it slow because I have time. Within this short time I feel a little bit more motivation, much has improved in my everyday life.
  • Day 21: I slowly but surely pull through the training and feel that I can hold out longer and the product gives me more strength. So I am able to do my exercises better, for which I simply lacked strength in the past. The weights are not really heavy yet, but I have planned to do so in the next few weeks so that I can make more out of my muscles. This is the next step and I am curious to see what will come out of it if I continue to take the product.
  • Day 30: The first month has passed and my training is increasing immensely right now. I can do one more set per exercise and sometimes I have already increased the weights a bit. Even though I feel always exhausted afterwards, I regenerate faster and that makes a really good impression on me. I feel much more capable than before and I think I’m going to do the regimen regularly now, especially before competitions to further define my body.
  • Day 60: My muscles are better than ever! I’m so pumped up during training and afterwards really motivated, although I’ve done a lot. My muscle growth has also increased immensely and make a good impression upon my friends at the gym. I also think I’ll tell them my secret…
  • Day 90: After three months with Horlaxen the course of the regimen is slowly coming to an end. All I can say is that I’m so excited about it and I think everyone who wants more muscles and a great look should try it.

How does Horlaxen work?

The effect of the compound is very simple. The blood circulation of your body is increased, so that the growth of your muscles is promoted. With the right exercises you will get the desired muscle mass faster than if you use other products. However, you can increase the effect of Horlaxen by taking the compound together with Armostrax. Both products come from the same manufacturer and are precisely matched to each other. Armostrax is considered a regular testosterone booster. This will allow you to speed up your muscle building even more. Regular use of the two products increases your hormone production, such as testosterone. The increased testosterone level accelerates the growth of your muscles. Your body receives an increase in strength. Many exercises will obviously be easier and you will become more efficient. A small side effect is that your sex drive is also increased. While Armostrax is only responsible for increasing testerone, the dietary supplement ensures that your muscles are better supplied with blood. At the same time, your body fat is burned by the muscle building compound and the regeneration time is almost halved. So after a workout you are quickly fit and powerful again. If you train the abdomen, legs and bottom during your workout, you will soon be able to enjoy a beautiful body shape and plenty of muscles.

How do you take Horlaxen?

The capsules must be taken regularly. The muscle building compound should always be taken about half an hour before your workout. The manufacturer states that you should not exceed the dosage of 2 capsules. The product should be taken with plenty of water. Due to their size, the capsules can be swallowed quickly and easily. Since you take the capsules shortly before training, your organs are optimally cared for during exercise. The testosterone level increases just in time to encourage your body to peak performance. A big advantage is that some ingredients are stored in the body for a while. This is especially true if you take the compound together with the testosterone booster Armostrax. By taking it regularly, your body can store the ingredients and use them when needed. With both these products you should ensure that you drink enough water. While Horlaxen should always be taken before training, the time of taking Armostrax is not decisive for its effect. You can also take these capsules after training. By taking the remedies one by one, you do not strain your stomach too much. Since the ingredients are stored in the body, you can be sure that the effect of your remedies will not be lost when you take Armostrax in the evening.

Are there known Horlaxen side effects?

Direct side effects are not known from taking the compound. This is mainly due to the fact that they are natural ingredients. The capsules can be swallowed easily and are very stomach-friendly. Due to an increased testosterone level it can happen that as a woman you have to deal with some pimples. This effect does not occur in every woman, but it can happen. At the same time, the compound can cause you to become irritable more quickly. Compared to other muscle building products, these side effects, which were only observed in some women, are minimal.

Where can I buy Horlaxen?

You can purchase the capsules from numerous online shops or directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturers page offers you the possibility to get to the capsules quickly and easily. The delivery time only takes a few days. The manufacturer can be found in the USA, but there are warehouses available in Germany for shipping, so you don’t have to wait too long for your parcel. On the manufacturer’s website you will find many valuable tips about the use and effect of the muscle building compound. In addition, other online shops can also mean that you may not receive the original product. You can save a lot of money by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

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How is the Horlaxen price graduated?

Depending on how many capsules you want to order, there are different sizes available. The price of the capsules is graduated at the manufacturer and determined by the manufacturer as follows:

  • 1 bottle with 60 capsules each for 39,95 Euro (starting offer)
  • 2 bottles with 60 capsules each + 1 bonus bottle for 79.95 Euro
  • 3 bottles with 60 capsules + 2 bonus bottles (total of 300 capsules) for 119,95 Euro

Due to the bigger packaging you can save a lot of money. In the beginning, it is recommended to use the starter package first. This allows you to test the effect of the compound for yourself. If you are satisfied with the result, you should order larger packages. This will give you some bonus bottles. You can also make sure that you always have enough capsules in your home and that you are ensured for months. This means that there are no breaks during strength increase and muscle growth.

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