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A good knife is part of the standard equipment of every kitchen. Well-advertised products are not always as excellent as the manufacturer promises. Often times they dull quite quickly and then tear apart the flesh or anything you cut with them. A good kitchenknife easy to use and sharp, making work in the kitchen easy. Really good knives are also relatively expensive, which is also one of the reasons why you don’t buy one. We took a look at the Haarko knife today and wanted to know whether it can really do what the manufacturer promises in the kitchen. Allegedly you can not only cut super with it, but the handling is also impressive. In addition, the cutting edge has an advantage that is not even available in other products.

What is the Haarko?

This product is a knife whose blade is crafted in such a way that it not only cuts very well but is also easy to handle. Haarko is becoming an indispensable item in the kitchen and can help prepare ingredients more easily while keeping control. It is very sharp but thanks to the integrated hole in the blade, it is much easier to handle. In addition, it is ergonomically shaped so that no processes are unnecessarily prolonged. The manufacturer emphasises the following features in particular:

  • It has a small format.
  • The attached oak handle lies well in the hand.
  • The blade cuts through all foods as if through butter.
  • High-quality stainless steel is always used in the processing.
  • The grip hole in the blade makes for even easier handling.
  • Will become an indispensable item in the kitchen for most users.


Both the handling and the sharpness of the cutting edge distinguish the Haarko knife and one would not want to do without it in the kitchen. It makes absolutely no difference for which food it is used for. The knife is simply a kitchen gadget that you didn’t know you needed and that becomes an essential part of your equipment. One would prefer not to let it out of one’s hand.

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What does the Haarko help with?

Sharp knives are indispensable in the kitchen. Every cook can tell stories about this, as well as the bad experiences he has had with some of the specimens. The sharpness of many products diminishes relatively quickly and all that is left is an instrument with which you can more or less tear up food instead of cutting it. The Haarko knife is different. The manufacturer describes that its sharpness is impressive and that even after a long time a sharp edge is still guaranteed. Many users get along much better with the product than with other products on the market.

Why do I need the Haarko?

In principle, the Haarko is interesting for anyone who is simply looking for a reliable knife with which one can work well in the long term. A flawless blade is guaranteed with the product in any case. The constant slipping and crushing of food is a thing of the past. It does not depend on age or gender. Both men and women get along excellently with the Haarko and would  in the long term no longer want to do without it. Most people who try it will see that even if they have used other knives before, this one is much better. But everyone should make up their own mind about it.

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How is the product used?

In general, the Haarko can be used like any other knife. But it has the possibility of better control because it has a grip hole. Anyone’s index finger fits in without difficulty, making it easier to guide the blade. After use, the knife must always be cleaned thoroughly. However, it should never be put in the dishwasher. For the Cleaning a mild detergent and water is recommended.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every product, the Haarko has its advantages and disadvantages. We have summarised what these are below. This will give you a better idea and make it easier for you to decide whether the product is right for your use.


  • extremely sharp blade
  • ergonomic shape
  • durable oak handle
  • more control thanks to grip hole
  • high quality stainless steel


  • none known

As you can see, the Haarko has no disadvantages to worry about. The product will become an indispensable item for you in the kitchen. You can cut food with it without any problems, as the blade is extremely sharp and the ergonomic handle also allows professional cutting techniques. The knife is made of high-quality stainless steel which promises a long durability. The oak handle also fits comfortably in the hand and ensures easy use.

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General Haarko test and quality features

To get an even better picture, we tried and tested the Haarko once. The order went through without any further difficulties and a short time later we were able to hold the knife in our hands and evaluate its quality. We believe that it has a high quality finish. The stainless steel makes a solid impression and the oak handle also feels very good in the hand, as promised by the manufacturer. We also cut a few things with it afterwards to check its function. The product glides through all kinds of things as easily as through butter. A fine cut is absolutely no problem and various cutting techniques can also be carried out without any problems.

Another advantage is the integrated hole in the blade, which makes it even easier to hold the knife. Overall, we can give the knife a good rating and think that it will become a beautiful item in the kitchen for everyone, which you will not want to put down. In addition, it can also convince in the long-term test and is still as sharp after months as when it was purchased.

General Haarko experiences and opinions

Of course, we also wanted to know whether the Haarko had already been tested by other users. So we also looked for testimonials during our search. We even found what we were looking for and found out that it was very well received by many users. Most of the reports were extremely positive. It was reported that both the handling and the function are just as good even after months as they were at the beginning and that many have never used a better knife in the kitchen. For most, the Haarko has become a utensil that they use every day in the kitchen and that is also used on unusual occasions. Even carving a turkey was was easy with the knife. Overall, they were very happy to recommend it. We could not find any negative reports. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known hair coagulation problems?

The Haarko is made of a high-quality stainless steel, while the handle is made of oak wood. Both stand for its long durability. Since this is a knife, there is always a certain danger from the blade. But if someone handles it responsibly, there is nothing wrong with the Haarko. It is rather the case that the sharper a knife is, the less danger there is of cutting oneself while handling it. It feels good in the hand and therefore there are no problems. If anything, the integrated handle hole allows even more control, which you don’t even have with another product of this kind.

Where can I buy Haarko?

The best way to order Haarko is directly from the manufacturer, who has his own website on the internet, including a webshop. Here he not only offers the product at good conditions, he has also prepared special offers for his customers from which they can benefit financially. Sometimes several knives are included in one offer. The great advantage of these offers is that you usually pay less per knife than for a single one. It is therefore a good idea to take advantage of these offers when they are available. This is also the drawback: the offers are only available  for a limited time. Once they disappear, it is not entirely clear whether they will ever return or whether they will still be as good. Therefore, it is always advisable to access them when you have the chance.

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Haarko technical details

Let’s now look at the technical features of the Haarko, so that you can get an even better idea of the knife.

  • high-quality Japanese stainless steel that promises long durability
  • ergonomic shape and oak handle for fatigue-free work
  • integrated grip hole for even more control when cutting

Unfortunately, there is no more information about the workmanship and more. However, these features already show that the Haarko has all the right qualities to be convincing in the kitchen.

What is the ordering process like?

To place an order for the Haarko, it is best to select an offer in the manufacturer’s webshop. Then simply enter your data in the order form. You can assume that everything is very secure. It is then necessary to select a payment method. Here you have the option of using options such as Paypal or credit card. After that, all you have to do is send the order and you will receive a clear e-mail from the manufacturer containing all the order data. When the product is shipped, you will receive another email with a shipment link. Using this link, you can track the parcel online and actually calculate exactly when it will arrive. It couldn’t be simpler.

Haarko rating and recommendation

At this point, we can actually only give the Haarko a good rating. We believe that the blade can make work in the kitchen much easier and that  you don’t want to take the product out of your hand. The grip hole makes control immensely easier. In addition, the oak handle fits very well in the hand and ensures that you work without tiring. The ergonomic shape is also advantageous. We would very much like to recommend the Haarko and think it is an optimal accessory in the kitchen.


In this final section, we answer any further questions that may have arisen while reading. In this way, we want to give you an even better impression of Haarko. This way you can be even more sure that you have all the information you need. It may also make it easier for you to make a decision.

Q: Do you have to be a professional to handle the Haarko?

A: In principle, you do not need any experience to work with the Haarko to be able to work. It feels good in the hand and is functional in the kitchen. You won’t have any problems with it.

Q: Can the Haarko only be used in the kitchen?

A: Anyone who gets to know the sharpness of the Haarko will quickly conclude that there are other areas of application where it can be used well. However, the manufacturer points out that it should only be used in the kitchen, as it may well become blunt or damaged when used for other things.

Q: Is there a return option?

A: The manufacturer gives its customers up to 30 days to try out the product and form their own opinion of it. However, you don’t run any risk if you look at the functions first and try it out. You will then also get your money back without any problems.

Q: The Haarko is very small – is that enough at all?

A: It is often the case that smaller products in particular are much easier to handle and prove to be much more manoeuvrable when working. Thus, the question of whether the size is enough at all can absolutely be answered with “Yes!”. In most cases, users will see that it is precisely because of its size that they no longer want to put it down.

Information on the supplier or shipping partner

UAB “Ekomlita”, Gedimino g. 45-7, Kaunas, Lithuania

Homepage: https://haarko.com/
E-Mail: support@haarko.com

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Application 9.5
Material 9.0
Price 7.5