GX Smartwatch Reviews, Functions and Price

People are keeping fitter today than they were a few years ago. Smartwatches and health trackers are therefore a dime a dozen. But they don’t always have all the features you would expect. Some only serve as pedometers, while others are equipped with ECG and other functions. However, the latter are usually quite expensive, which puts the cost-benefit factor into perspective. Today we would like to introduce the GX Smartwatch.

The GX Smartwatch convinces with good functions and can be easily connected to other devices for data analysis. In the following we will introduce the benefits, explain the advantages it offers and, above all, how to order it well and at a reasonable price.


What is the GX Smartwatch?

Almost everyone wears a wristwatch these days. But some can and want to combine this with a fitness tracker. Unfortunately, many health trackers do not necessarily have the look of a fashionable wristwatch because they are equipped with plastic wristbands and other accessories that simply do not look good on the wrist on festive occasions.

The GX Smartwatch, however, brings exactly that. A health tracker in the form of a perfect wristwatch with leather strap. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • Heart rate measurement
  • ECG function
  • Blood-oxygen measurement
  • Stop watch
  • Music Control
  • Bluetooth Camera

GX Smartwatch

In addition, numerous languages are supported, so that they can be used practically worldwide. This pretty wristwatch also has a touchscreen, which allows a completely trouble-free operation. The user can decide which dials to choose, depending on the occasion for which it is worn. This health tracker provides good functions and is always an appropriate accessory that makes a good wristwatch.

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What does the GX Smartwatch do?

In this day and age, we all keep fit, or we try to. It has therefore become essential to buy a fitness watch that you wear on your wrist all the time. The GX Smartwatch is just that. A health tracker that makes a good impression as a wristwatch, but is just as flexible when it comes to the daily sports programme.

It also has a wide range of functions that are intended to support daily training. The GX Smartwatch supports the user in a wide variety of sports. These include skipping, handball, tennis, table tennis, hiking and mountaineering, cycling, walking, running, swimming and meditation.

The steps can be counted, in addition the watch records all activities and keeps them as statistics for the user. With this information, the user can see how good his fitness level is and what he can still work on. The watch also becomes a great companion in business situations. Because it looks very moderate and fashionable and thanks to the different dials it can be designed for every occasion without attracting attention. By the way:

The GX Smartwatch is available in a wide range of colours, so you can always find the right one to match your fashion. Anyone who is about to acquire a health tracker should definitely take a look at this model. The GX Smartwatch is suitable for numerous sports and is therefore perfect as a support.


Why do I need the GX Smartwatch?

Now you are probably wondering which users the watch actually appeals to. One thing you can be sure of with the GX Smartwatch: it appeals to every age group. It makes no difference whether young people are interested in the watch or older people. Even middle-aged people can benefit from the use of the watch and with the GX Smartwatch, they will find the watch a good companion for sporting activities. Due to its simple touch screen operation, the health tracker is also suitable for older people, who can use it to monitor their daily movement and heart rate.

The wristwatch is suitable for every social class. Even for people who work on the manager’s floor, because there the wristwatch as a fashionable accessory a solid impression. It also doesn’t matter whether men or women are enthusiastic about the GX Smartwatch. Because in both cases the watch fits your wrist well. As you can see, the target group is quite broad.

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How is the product used?

The use is completely uncomplicated via the smartphone, which also evaluates the data of the Watch. The connection is established via Bluetooth. All you have to do is activate the connection option on the smartphone and the device will automatically connect to the Watch. Afterwards you have to make a few settings, which include information about your weight, height and more. With this information, the Watch can always evaluate the right details.

The operation otherwise works intuitively via the touch screen, which is completely simple and straightforward. By the way, charging is done via a magnetic contact point on the back of the watch. It is simply coupled with the charging cable and can then be charged. The battery lasts a while before it needs to be recharged. That’s really all there is to it.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every product in the fitness sector, the GX Smartwatch has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to list below. We have designed this summary for you primarily because it will help you to find your way around. If you are not yet sure whether the GX Smartwatch is suitable for your needs, you can use this guide to help you:


  • simple and intuitive operation thanks to touch screen
  • numerous dials to exchange
  • has a fashionable bracelet, which can be exchanged
  • compatible with Android and iOS
  • long battery life
  • many functions for sports and fitness
  • waterproof according to IP68 standard


  • none known

As you can see very clearly, the GX Smartwatch mainly has advantages such as easy operation and the exchangeable wristband. This means you can wear the watch for any occasion and use it as you see fit. It doesn’t matter whether you own an iPhone or Android smartphone. The health tracker can be connected to both and does not cause any problems.

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General GX Smartwatch test and quality features

We wanted to get a detailed picture of the GX Smartwatch for ourselves and so we just ordered it. First of all: it is completely uncomplicated to order the GX Smartwatch via the manufacturer’s website. All you have to do is fill out a form and send it off. The payment works without any problems. Afterwards we did not even wait very long until the health tracker arrived.

So we tried the watch right away. It makes a solid impression in terms of quality and can easily be connected to iPhone and Android models via Bluetooth. Recording the steps works relatively precise and she was a great help with the test. All in all, the GX Smartwatch makes a good impression and we can well imagine that it is an ideal companion for any everyday situation.

At work it convinces with a shapely accessory, while during sports it is waterproof, functional and comes with all kinds of apps and programs that you can use to your advantage. All in all, we were very satisfied with the watch and believe that everyone will get a good wristwatch that is ideal to start with.


General GX Smartwatch experiences and opinions

When researching the GX Smartwatch, we naturally also checked to see if there were other users who already gave their opinion on the Internet. So we searched for experience reports and found what we were looking for. Most of the reports only mentioned positive elements. The wristwatch was highly praised and recommended by the users. Even those who had never owned such a fitness watch before could imagine never wanting to use anything else again. They praised the value for money and were able to use it well during their sports sessions.

The GX Smartwatch became an indispensable companion for them, which they wore day and night, which looked good and whose functionality came to the fore for them. Some criticized the compatibility with the iPhone, although there are no restrictions to be noted here. All in all, the users’ verdict was very positive, which we take as a reason why the majority of them were very satisfied with the GX Smartwatch. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known GX Smartwatch problems?

We have subjected the watch to a thorough test, during which no problems whatsoever occurred. We have also had no problems whatsoever in pairing the health tracker with a device. Bluetooh did not cause any problems.

However, we would like to point out at this point that the battery is not as powerful when the watch is in constant use. However, as this is a typical feature of fitness watches, we don’t see this as a problem and think that the GX Smartwatch has everything you need for sports and other activities.


Where can I buy GX Smartwatch?

It is best to order the GX Smartwatch directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers the GX Smartwatch in an online shop that offers a simplified ordering process. Here, one only has to fill in some data of oneself and can then send the order. The payment for the GX Smartwatch is done through risk-free methods. These include Paypal and credit card. After you have paid, the watch is shipped relatively quickly, so that it appears on your doorstep a few days later.

It is brought by delivery service. Then you can try out the GX Smartwatch right away and see for yourself. But the order on the manufacturer’s website offers a special plus: From time to time, the manufacturer offers special offers in which not only one watch is included but several. In such graduated offers, the user saves a relatively large amount of money, because the respective watch is much cheaper than if ordered individually. It is therefore worthwhile to wait a little bit before ordering and then add to the offers if you have the possibility to do so.

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GX Smartwatch Technical Details

We would also like to take this opportunity to explain the technical features of the GX Smartwatch, as it has many of them that can be used to get a better picture of the watch.

  • CPU: Nordic NRF52832
  • RAM: 64 KB
  • ROM: 512 KB + 64 MB
  • Screen size: 1.3 TFT full touchscreen 240*240 pixels
  • waterproof according to IP68 standard
  • Battery: 300 MAH
  • Quality standard: GB 4943, 1-2011, GB/T 22450, 1-2008
  • magnetic charging connector
  • supports various sports
  • Notification function
  • remote camera
  • Motion sensor
  • Alarm function
  • Calorie and pedometer
  • sleep monitor
  • long-lasting battery and high durability
  • blood pressure measurement possible, as well as heart rate

As you can see, the GX Smartwatch has all the features you would expect from a good fitness tracker. It not only measures your pulse, but also generates an ECG on request, counts steps, distance and “wakes up” when you raise your wrist. At the same time it is subject to variousQualitätsvorschriften, is waterproof and therefore also a good help in the swimming pool to record your sporting achievements. The GX Smartwatch can also be used as a remote for camera and music, making it an ideal support on the move.


GX Smartwatch evaluation and recommendation

At this point we would like to make a good recommendation for the GX Smartwatch. The Smartwatch is an ideal companion for various sports and is even used in water where it does not cause any problems. In addition, it has many functions that cause a real surcharge on other Smartwatches in terms of price. Due to the many offers, the GX Smartwatch is ideal for anyone looking for a good fitness tracker at a moderate price-performance ratio.

The wristband can be replaced without difficulty, making the GX Smartwatch ideal for everyday working life. The clock face is still exchanged and thus she can make a good impression optically. We would therefore like to recommend her very much. Also because she could already leave a good impression with many users, as well as a high satisfaction.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

We could only find little information about the manufacturer of the GX Smartwatch. Here is the complete address of the supplier: Hyper Sls Ltd, 1506 Loon Kee, Bldg. No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong. The Smartwatch is thus sold by a supplier located in Hong Kong, China. At the same time there are several ways to contact us. In addition to the email address, a phone number is also provided.

Homepage: https://hyperstech.com/ *

The email address is support@hyperstech.com. The telephone number is provided by an international company and is +44 20 3808 9234, available 24 hours a day and answers questions in general. However, you should expect to have only one English contact person here. Therefore, it is better to be proficient in English.



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GX Smartwatch

Technical Details 8.5
Use 8.5
Price 7.0