Fit Track Reviews, Functions and Price

Losing weight today is almost impossible with the scales available on the market. They either just measure the weight or leave out other information that is so important in the project. If you go to the fitness center to measure instead, you usually have to pay a fee here. In the long run, however, this is pretty disproportionate. If you want to remedy this, the best is to use the Fit Track. This is a scale that measures all values ​​by just standing on them. We would like to introduce the device in detail below and explain what it is good for.

What is the Fit Track?

The Fit Track is a scale that, in addition to weight and body fat, also contains other data for the user. This is a great way to watch yourself and see if the weight has changed, especially when it comes to weight loss and general control. Here are all the advantages that can be expected from the BMI digital scale.

  • expensive method
  •  Measure health data over a longer period of time
  • BIA technology
  • values ​​via smartphone app
  • 17 real-time measurements
  •  ultimate possibility of control

Fit Track

As you can see, this product comes with everything you would expect from a good scale. You can not only assume that you can measure weight and body fat, but also get numerous other values ​​displayed via an app. Losing weight is a lot easier with this product.

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What does the Fit Track help?

It is said that regular control is always necessary when losing weight. However, today many people lose weight without going to a gym. You could take your body measurements there regularly. The problem here: In most cases, these measurements cost extra and are therefore very expensive. If you want to remedy this, simply get this product, because it delivers all values, directly at home and much more. Without charging separate costs. Therefore, it makes sense to get such a device immediately before starting the diet. The product provides all information via smartphone app and thus enables ultimate control.

Why do I need the Fit Track?

The product is aimed at everyone who doesn’t want to go with the hype and wants to have their weight and body fat measured in the gym. With this device, the measurement takes place directly at home and costs nothing extra. It is suitable for all customers, both young and old benefit from it. In addition, there is no difference between men and women. It is therefore suitable for almost everyone who wants to finally get correct information about their current weight. It is also advantageous that no inaccurate values ​​are obtained during the measurement, for example by leaning forward to read the value. This has also happened with other models.

Overall, the product is interesting for anyone who attaches importance to the device displaying correct results.

How is the product used?

The manufacturer says: climb on, wait and read. There is actually nothing more behind it. However, it is recommended in advance to download and install the appropriate app on your smartphone. The setup is done by entering multiple data about his own habits, measurements and daily movement. So the calculation of the BMI is possible and uncomplicated. If you then stand on the device, you will receive the corresponding values ​​on your smartphone and can easily read them. In addition to weight and body fat, this also includes the visceral fat index, subcutaneous fat, basal metabolism, standard weight, weight control, fat mass, weight without fat, protein mass, muscle mass and the moisture content in the body. All of this is also necessary for detailed control.

Fit Track application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. Therefore, we have summarized the relevant parameters below. This can also significantly influence your purchase decision.


  • shows a total of 17 different values
  • ideal device for weight control
  • great for losing weight
  • place on top and read
  • easy to use


  • not known

As you can see very well, the scale actually only has advantages. Not only that the BMI digital scale shows all the data you need for weight control. It delivers the values ​​to the smartphone immediately, in real time, without any problems. Thanks to her, it is very possible to lose weight without difficulty and to determine all relevant data at home. And without having to pay anything extra.

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General fit track test and quality features

We also took a closer look at the BMI digital scale and wanted to know whether it is really as good as the manufacturer advertises it. So we ordered it. It arrived at us a few days after the order was placed and we unpacked it. In terms of quality, it made a solid impression, so we were satisfied here before. Then we downloaded and set up the app. We tried it on three people. You can set up profiles within the app, which makes things even easier if you use the scale in groups. The use was straightforward. It was, as the manufacturer said: stand on it and wait. The values ​​are immediately displayed on the smartphone app. There were no problems with measuring weight and body fat. We were also able to look at all the other elements that the scale had determined. We can very well imagine that having such a product on hand can help a great deal in losing weight. Because it does not require a visit to the gym, where such a measurement often costs double-digit amounts. All in all, we give the scale a real recommendation. In addition, it is not only recommended for weight loss, but for anyone who wants to gain clear information about his weight and the percentage of body fat, as well as other values.

Fit Track measurements

General Fit Track experiences and opinions

There are not many reviews of the BMI digital scale yet, but those that do say something about the device. Most users are very satisfied, some others have problems getting used to the fact that they can no longer read the values ​​from the device themselves, but can use the app for this. However, we can say that most people get used to it quickly and then appreciate the device. For most people with weight problems, it is a great way to determine if they have lost weight again and no longer have to adjust to exposure in the fitness center. Overall, the device was recommended by everyone who used it and therefore only underpins our test. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there any known fit track problems?

It is not entirely clear what maximum weight the BMI digital scale can record. Therefore, with a particularly high weight, it is not entirely clear whether the product is also suitable for them. With all our research, we were unfortunately unable to find any information here.

Where can I buy Fit Track?

The product can easily be purchased from the manufacturer. It offers it on its own website on the Internet. Ordering is straightforward there and you can use several payment options. Credit cards and Paypal, for example, are part of it. They are also a very safe method that can be used without any problems. The delivery then takes place a few days later because the shipping is very fast. There is also an option to return the device as the manufacturer grants a 100% money back guarantee. So there is absolutely no risk with an order and you can use it without difficulty. Ordering from the manufacturer also pays off because he often makes offers available. Within these, several devices are included, which are sold at a preferential price. This means that you pay much less per device than for a single one. So it’s worth a look there.

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Fit Track technical details

With regard to the technical data, we could only find a few details. However, here is a summary of what we were able to research:

  • Maximum number of users: 8 people
  • Number of different measurements: 17
  • for iOS and Android
  • connects via Bluetooth

The user can select and view the individual values ​​within the app. In addition to specifying a maximum of eight users, there is also compatibility for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, that’s all we could technically determine for the scale.

Fit Track evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we rate the system as very positive and think it is interesting for everyone who wants to read an exact measurement of weight and other values ​​from the device. Today’s scales are all somewhat inaccurate, but this is not the case with this. Therefore, we recommend it without reservations and is a great addition to both weight loss and normal weight measurement.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The company that sells this product is called Giddyup. Only one support email address is known, which is: support@giddyup.ip. There is also the full address that indicates that the company is based in California, United States: 16 N. Oak St. Ventura, CA 93001. Unfortunately, no more is known.

Fit Track Logo

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Fit Track

Application 9.5
Functions 8.5
Overall 9.0