Euphoric Feet Reviews, Ingredients and Price

Anyone who has to walk a lot will sooner or later feel problems in their feet. But even those who don’t walk much can suffer from foot problems. As a rule, this inevitably leads at some point to the fact that one has to wear insoles. These should correct the foot position so that the foot returns to a healthy run and no more pain occurs. But the insoles are not always really practical. Many people complain of considerable pain when wearing such insoles, which is worse than the problems before. The so-called end of the song then consists of removing the soles from the shoe and never talking about them again. Often even for fear of having to wear insoles again. However, the difficulties and pain in the foot do not disappear in this way, but are getting worse and worse. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Euphoric Feet is an alternative that works with magnetic force and gives the foot the comfortable running feeling it needs. We have dealt with this and would like to summarize all the information below.

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What is Euphoric Feet?

Euphoric FeetMost people find a foot massage very relaxing, especially if they have a hard everyday life in which they need their feet. Normal insoles usually ensure that you only have more pain. It is always recommended to leave the soles in the shoe until they stop, as they then correct the position of the foot, but for most people this takes too long. But what if the insoles massage the foot soothingly, everywhere you go? Euphoric Feet presented here is exactly such a measure which can be taken without difficulty in case of foot pain and which promises considerable relief. And without having to endure any more pain. The soles promise:

  • Relief of back pain
  • Reduction of stress
  • Building more endurance
  • Strengthening of the muscles
  • Toxins are excreted naturally
  • Promotes blood circulation

These views alone are so rewarding that one should simply give it a try. But we want to clarify what Euphoric Feet works with in the next section.

Euphoric Feet facts

Most people will wonder why Euphoric Feet is able to do this. We would like to clarify that here. Basically, the insole is made of a very compatible and flexible material. However, some characteristics have been incorporated into this material which help to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. Here is an overview:

  • 400 massage points per foot
  • 12 large acupuncture points
  • 120 medium acupuncture points
  • 270 micro-acupuncture points
  • 5 Cooling magnets

There are a total of 400 massage points on the sole, which are intended for different purposes. The 12 large acupuncture points ensure that the back of the foot is massaged. The 120 medium acupuncture points are used for general massage and relaxation of the foot. 270 additional micro-acupuncture points promote blood circulation. The equipment is rounded off by 5 cooling magnets, which generate so-called magnetic waves. These are extremely gentle and cool. Whoever thinks he’s stepping on sharp stones here is wrong. The stones are soft and smooth and simply feel good. Together, the individual points create a real flow so that the foot can breathe well and is always well supplied with blood.

Who is Euphoric Feet for?

Basically for all those who want to support their feet and do something to improve their health. Nowadays, too tight shoes are all too often used or shoes are worn that are by no means healthy but at the same time look good. The insoles are suitable for women and men of all ages and can be worn during sports as well as in everyday life.

How does the Euophoric Feet effect work?

If you use the insoles, you will quickly notice an improvement of the overall condition. The soles are designed in such a way that they not only relieve the pain on the foot. The aim is also to alleviate all body aches and pains. Because what very few people know: If you already have problems with your foot, this often has an effect on the rest of your body. Another point is cool and comfortable feet, which is possible due to the ventilation system of the soles. Stamina increases over time, because those who have no pain in their feet also like to walk longer. The five cooling magnets installed have a special position here. Because these are integrated in special places. Thus, the upper stone is responsible for the chakra of personal power, while the three stones in the middle take over the core area. These are geared to the functions of the body. The concept is rounded off by the lower stone, which is aligned to the chakra of body energy. The overall concept promotes magnetic compensation energy, so that people benefit greatly from it. Every step you take makes you feel better.

How does the Euphoric Feet application work?

Whoever receives the insoles first has to adapt them to his own shoe. For this purpose, there is a cut-off auxiliary line that can be easily treated with scissors. This is how the sole is adapted to the shoe. Afterwards it is only necessary to put them into the shoe and can already be worn. The manufacturer guarantees that you can wear them in any shoe, provided you have adjusted them accordingly beforehand. In addition, the soles are designed so that they can also be worn during intensive sports training. They are 100 percent breathable and therefore no problem during training.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Euphoric Feet?

Like every health product, this one has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to summarize it here.


  • pain relief
  • easy use
  • breathable
  • immediate effect
  • can be used without further pain

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  • you could have too few

The disadvantage should make it clear that you can really wear the soles in every shoe and with all socks. But this also has the disadvantage that you have to change them again and again if you want to wear another shoe. The manufacturer states that they can even be worn in high heels. To avoid this disadvantage, you should simply buy several pairs. This way, several shoes can be equipped with the soles at least immediately. The advantages are obvious. In contrast to other insoles, these offer direct improvement instead of having to endure further pain that may get worse. Overall, the concept is balanced and well thought-out and offers only advantages for the wearer.

Are there known Euphoric Feet risks?

As Euphoric Feet is made of a very skin-friendly material and is breathable, no risks are known. The product can be used without hesitation and provides a balanced wearing sensation on the feet. Further side effects are also not to be feared.

General Euphoric Feet Test

We wanted to know a little more about it and checked the soles for their suitability. We asked a few test persons whether they would like to test the soles with us. In return, they documented the effect for us. After just a few days, most reported that any pain had subsided and so they could already benefit from the effect. The longer they wore the soles, the fewer problems arose. Most of them also used them in sports and did not find any difficulties. They were pleasant to the feet and after a few weeks they did not want to miss the soles any more. After completion, the majority reported that they would continue to leave the soles in their shoes in order to continue to benefit from the advantages. This gives the product very positive feedback from us. We were particularly surprised that they already show an effect the first time they are worn, which is not the case with many other soles.

General Euphoric Feet experience

Who looks around in the Internet, will find also different opinions to the product. But they support the feedback that our testers also gave. Most of them are satisfied with the product and like to put it into their shoes. You no longer want to do without the soles and use them both in sports and in hard everyday life. There are also people who have to walk a lot thanks to their profession. And it doesn’t matter which shoe they step into, the sole always goes with them.

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What are the Euphoric Feet costs?

Usually everyone who has to wear soles in their shoes gets a shock at the checkout at the latest when they have to pay for them. Orthopedic or medical soles are not exactly cheap. Moreover, often more than one pair is necessary. With this product you can say: The more you order, the cheaper it will be. Here is a small list:

  • 1 pair: 38,99 Euro
  • 2 pair: 71,99 Euro
  • 3 pair: 89,99 Euro
  • 4 pair: 107,99 Euro
  • 5 pair: 128,99 Euro

If you recalculate once, you will soon notice that for example with 3 pairs of soles the pair only costs 30 Euro, while with 5 pairs one costs only 25.80 Euro. Who buys thus the full equipment, pays more than 10 euro less per pair, which really pays off.

Where can I buy Euphoric Feet?

Best at the manufacturer. He sells the insoles directly via his homepage on the Internet, where he also offers the special offers, an uncomplicated payment via Paypal or credit card and also, depending on the speed of delivery. One practically does not take a risk here and at the same time receives a lifelong replacement and protection guarantee for 3.90 euros.

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Euphoric Feet is an excellent alternative to the typical insoles you know. They naturally relieve pain while maintaining a balanced balance in the feet. A real recommendation on our part.

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