Elite Tact Watch Reviews, Funcions and Price

Smartwatches have a firm place on the wrist nowadays. However, the market is almost flooded by them, so it is easy to lose sight of them. Which functions are worthwhile? Which ones are important? And how can you profit from a Elite Tact Watch? In addition, there is the price, which is very different. For example, a Smartwatch should have a minimum of functions, but not necessarily cost a small fortune. Furthermore, inexpensive models often have difficulties with the compatibility of computers and smartphones.

That’s why today we took a close look at a Smartwatch that offers all the necessary functions, but also has the ultimate compatibility. The price-performance ratio of this watch is described as very reasonable, in addition there is a military design, which looks great on the wrist. We will therefore take a closer look at the Elite Tact Watch below and summarize everything we need.


What is the Elite Tact Watch?

Most Smartwatches contain a lot of functions, are sometimes very expensive or very cheap. The problem with both variants is often that an expensive Smartwatch can’t do everything you need, while the cheaper models have a compatibility problem. At least it happens very often. Besides, some of them don’t even look very good.

That’s why we took a closer look at the Elite Tact Watch today. All in all, it has a good price/performance ratio and also convinces with certain functions that are very useful during the sport. So here is a brief overview of the facts:

  • compatible with iOS and Android
  • cross-country
  • own sport app for day and night functions
  • Latest generation battery
  • up to 33 months battery life
  • can withstand all weather conditions

The watch offers all the functions you would expect from a Smartwatch and much more. That’s why we chose it for today’s article.

Elite Tact Watch


Why does a Smartwatch help me?

First of all, a brief explanation of what a Smartwatch should offer: It is a watch that you wear on your wrist, but which has more functions than just displaying the time. At the same time, they are a heart rate monitor, count the steps taken or have the ability to count calories.

In sport, they are an indispensable utensil for many people today, and they no longer want to do without them. Some of the Smartwatches also have other functions that almost resemble those of a smartphone. These include notifications, answering phone calls or forwarding. Some Smartwatches even require their own SIM. Many Smartwatches, however, still have one big problem after years of development: Many of them cannot tolerate water. During the swimming sport they are an absolute spoilsport. At least there are some models that don’t really support this feature.

And if they do, they are usually a little more expensive. That’s why we took a closer look at the Elite Tact Watch, which should not only be optimal during the sport, but also waterproof, combined with a beautiful design.

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Why do I need the Elite Tact Watch?

The Smartwatch is ideal for those who don’t necessarily want the latest and most expensive Apple model on their arm, but at the same time don’t want to do without a Smartwatch. This model is not necessarily suitable for trendsetters, but you don’t make a mistake with the purchase. Preferably the model is aimed at men, if one starts from the design, but also ladies like to use such watches very much.

A few years ago there was the G-Shock by Casio, which looks very similar to this one. And it was worn by both sexes at that time. So fashionably you are also very independent with it. It is designed in such a way that you can still wear it in a few years without difficulties and it still does its work.

Accordingly, it is a nice choice for young and old.

Elite Tact Watch soldier


How is Elite Tact Watch used?

Basically, the watch is immediately ready for use when you put it on. It stores a lot of information and lets it be read out later via the smartphone in a special app. The clock is controlled simply by pressing a button, which can be done intuitively. If you want, you can monitor your sleep, count steps or use similar functions of the clock.

At the end of the day, the clock connects to the app if desired and displays all the information on a manageable display. In everyday life, monitoring one’s own fitness becomes an easy task. Other functions are also possible with the clock. For example, it accepts calls via Skype or can send notifications when messages arrive on the smartphone.

She’s a reliable and tight partner in the pool, because she’s no problem pulling lanes. The functional concept is rounded off by an integrated gravitometer, which can measure many values and is therefore very advanced.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Elite Tact Watch?

Of course we would like to summarize the advantages and disadvantages at this point. Nowadays every gadget has both advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of at the beginning.


  • easy handling
  • many features
  • watertight
  • receives calls and messages
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • is also suitable for the Internet


  • the display is too small for some applications

It is actually obvious that for many applications the display seems a little small. Here the model may have a little bit of a plan. However, those who take this disadvantage into account and use most of the functions via the smartphone and use the watch exclusively for sports can benefit from it very well. It also has an unbeatable price that is easy to see.

Elite Tact Watch experiences


General Elite Tact Watch Test and Quality Features

First and foremost, it can be said that, unlike the other Smartwatches on the market, the watch is really water-resistant. This alone shows that the manufacturer is very interested in meeting all requirements. The model is robust and has a lot to offer.


General Elite Tact Watch experiences and opinions

We have searched the Internet for opinions about Elite Tact Watch and have also been able to read some testimonials. The watch is generally well received by its new owners. They do sports with the watch and go swimming, they actually do everything that can be done with it. The settings are easy for most to understand and not difficult to record. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

After an initial setup, the watch works like clockwork and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. That’s why it is highly recommended. Negative reports we could not find actually at all.

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Are there known Elite Tact Watch problems?

So far there are no known problems with the watch. Only the small display can be listed here again. It is waterproof in any case, so that it is very well ahead of other models. Accordingly it is also suitable for every sport and a good addition for every owner.


Where can I buy Elite Tact Watch?

Best of all directly from the manufacturer. He offers his watches on his own homepage, which can guide an interested party easily through the ordering process. Here he also receives special price offers, which are mostly staggered. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can even get two watches at a lower price.

However, these offers are limited in time, but can always be found again. In addition, there are a cheap shipping, fast delivery times and some payment options, with which you do not take any risk. Therefore, the watch is the optimal extension of your own accessory collection, which can support you in sports. 

Elite Tact Watch Outdoor


Elite Tact Watch Technical Details

Let’s take a closer look at the technical features of the Smartwatch. Because these points are also important and essential before you decide on the model. The watch has the following technical characteristics:

  • Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Waterproof housing made of DLC (perforated carbon coating)
  • modern rechargeable battery with up to 33 months running time without charging
  • Full view in sunlight possible
  • Use of stainless steel in housing
  • gravity sensor
  • Data storage possible
  • suitable for daily activities
  • Calls and social networks possible

The integrated Gorilla Glass provides a perfect view and withstands a lot of stress. At the same time, the watch is waterproof, designated as 5 ATM. The battery can last up to 33 months without needing to be replaced prematurely. When storing data, the system uses all the results that can be recorded in sports and also collects other data that can be used to its advantage.

Calls and notifications as well as WhatsApp messages are recorded. In addition, the user has several languages at his disposal. In addition to German and English, there are Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Russian and French.


Elite Tact Watch rating and recommendation

Overall, we consider the Elite Tact Watch to be a good training partner with many functions and a very good price. It is praised by the users. We were able to get a good picture of the watch and think it is a real recommendation for anyone who wants to buy a great Smartwatch with many functions at a reasonable price.


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The manufacturer of the watch is based in Hong Kong and has a company there called Hyper Sls Ltd. More is not known about the company.


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Elite Tact Watch

Technical Details 9.0
Price 6.5
Overall Rating 9.0

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