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The problem with a little too much earwax has actually been experienced by everyone. But before you start piercing the ear with a cotton swab, you should use other methods. In most cases, a visit to the ear specialist is just as inevitable. But if you keep your ears clean regularly, you will have fewer problems with it. Today we took a look at the alternative to the Q tip and in the following report we would like to discuss what Easy WaxOff can do. This is a completely simple gadget, with which the ear canal can be cleaned perfectly without injuring it or leaving residues behind.


What is the Easy WaxOff?

It is completely normal that some earwax is deposited in the ear canal. Actual problems often only occur when it becomes too much. An ear cleaner is a good tool to clean your ear properly. The Easy WaxOff is an earwax remover that is easy to use and with which you can actually can do no wrong. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following properties:

  • made of soft plastic and silicone
  • easy and safe to handle
  • equipped with spiral head, for easy cleaning
  • protects the environment, as no unnecessary waste is produced
  • no danger of injuries

Easy Waxoff

It is absolutely irrelevant how large your own ear canal is. Because the earwax remover is designed to adapt to the situation without any problems and therefore does not damage anything. Even children with a slightly smaller ear canal can be treated with this ear cleaner without any problems. The earwax remover only gets as deep into the ear as possible and does not harm any important elements.

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What is the Easy WaxOff for?

The Easy WaxOff is a simple way to replace the typical cotton swab. With the earwax remover it can be easily removed without hurting yourself or doing anything wrong. Because actually it is like this: A cotton swab goes deep into the ear, but you can do just as much damage with it. For example, whoever rubbing the eardrum too much, who could possibly cause this to be violated. Some residues are thus pushed even deeper into the ear canal, so that one has more problems afterwards than before the cleaning. Going to the doctor is therefore inevitable and may even be torture. With the use of this earwax remover, this task is quickly completed, one does not injure oneself and only gets as deep into the ear canal as it allows. A good ear cleaning is therefore guaranteed in any case.


Why do I need the Easy WaxOff?

In principle, the earwax remover is aimed at all people who are looking for an alternative to the typical cotton swab. A professional cleaning should remain guaranteed. Fortunately, Easy WaxOff can be used for adults but also for children, as the tool can adapt to the conditions. It makes no difference whether the user is young or old, male or female. Easy WaxOff can be used in every age group and for every gender. The only hint we can give at this point is that you should still be careful with children, because whose auditory canal is still small. Accordingly, Easy WaxOff cannot be pushed in so deeply. However, the target group to which Easy WaxOff is directed is very broad, as you can see. By the way: Even people who have not had any previous experience with such an earwax remover can try out the product. No technical know-how is necessary.


How is the product used?

The application of the ear cleaner is very simple. Simply take Easy WaxOff in one hand and guide it to the ear. With the other hand you pull the ear slightly upwards, so that the ear cleaner can slide more easily into the ear canal. Now guide Easy WaxOff to the point where it cannot go any deeper. Then turn the ear cleaner around its own axis so that it can easily absorb all earwax in the spiral. The direction of rotation is marked on the tool so that it is very easy to clean. The lard deposited in the spirals is now simply removed by carefully pulling the tool out of the ear. Then simply wash the Easy WaxOff thoroughly under water. Residues can be easily removed with warm water. It is generally recommended to moisten the ear cleaner with warm water before use. Because then residues can also be removed much easier to remove. After a thorough cleaning you can use the Easy WaxOff again.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any other gadget, Easy WaxOff has some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. We have summarized them for you below and would like to give you a purchase decision aid at the same time. You can use this if you are not sure whether the ear cleaner meets your expectations.


  • easy use
  • safe and straightforward
  • reusable
  • applicable to all auditory canals
  • made of soft silicone


  • none known

From these lists you can see very clearly that the advantages of the ear cleaner are obvious. The product is easy to use and can be reused again and again. It is suitable for all ear canals. In addition, you get the earwax out of the ear canal without much effort and have better ear health afterwards. Even the hearing ability is increased if there is less dirt in the ear. You do not have to fear any disadvantages if you decide to use Easy WaxOff.

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General Easy WaxOff test and quality characteristics

We have tested Easy WaxOff once and wanted to know how well the ear cleaner works. So we ordered it and waited for the product. The order went through without any problems and the product quickly reached us at the editorial office. Since we had ordered several, we were able to try it out with several people. The processing seemed to be relatively good and so we made our first attempt. The silicone part at the tip is very soft, so we had no problem with it sticking directly into the ear. The plastic handle allows an optimal guidance. The cleaning was done within a few minutes and so we could determine the result relatively quickly. Everyone thought before that it was really complicated to work with the ear cleaner. But Easy WaxOff works very uncomplicated in the handling alone. You can work with it quickly and it is ready within a few minutes.

The ear cleaner only gets as deep into the ear as you are willing to go and also has limits in terms of its properties. So you never get too deep into the ear and can possibly injure yourself. The Ears are well cleaned with the ear cleaner and the result is impressive. We would therefore like to recommend the earwax remover very much and think it is a gadget that can be used in everyday life in any case.

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General Easy WaxOff experiences and opinions

We wanted to have a look around the internet and looked for the experiences of other users. The experience reports we found were all very positive and satisfying. Most of them had good experiences with Easy WaxOff and reported how easy it was to remove earwax in the ear canal. Regular ear cleaning is encouraged in any case. For this purpose, many also used Easy WaxOff on their children, who endured the procedure relatively easily. The removal was uncomplicated and quick for most of them. They therefore recommended it to other users who would like to try the ear cleaner. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there known Easy WaxOff problems?

We did not have the impression that there were any problems during the test or while reading the field reports. We can therefore answer this question with “No!” without difficulty. Users must also don’t worry about it, that parts of the ear cleaner may break off during handling or something similar. The use is completely safe.


Where can I buy Easy WaxOff?

It is best to purchase Easy WaxOff directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own website on the Internet, where he not only sells the product itself, but also provides offers. We will go into these in more detail later. To place an order, simply fill out the order form and then choose a payment method that you think is safe. Paypal and credit card are used for this. Afterwards you only have to send the order and a few days later you can hold your own ear cleaner in your hands. The shipping is fast and uncomplicated. Then you can already try the Easy WaxOff.

Let us now come to the offers mentioned at the beginning. These are provided by the manufacturer in a time-limited format. So it means to strike if one has the possibility to do so. The big advantage of these offers is that not only one of the tools is offered, but also several. However, one saves a lot of money, because a single item costs less than if you place a single order. You can also use these offers not only when you want to accumulate a stock, but also when a friend or acquaintance wants to order with you. Thus practically everyone profits from the offer.

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Easy WaxOff Technical Details

Although there are relatively few technical features that we can summarize about the ear cleaner, we would still like to do so below:

  • skin-friendly plastic and silicone processed
  • soft and safe handling guaranteed
  • 16 washable tips included for regular replacement
  • only penetrates as deep into the ear as possible

In any case, safety is the main focus of Easy WaxOff. Because the ear cleaner is shaped so that it adapts easily to the ear canal and does not penetrate too deeply. This means that it can only be inserted as far as the ear cleaner allows. Easy WaxOff can be used over a longer period of time and is always ready for use without any problems if it is cleaned properly.


How does the ordering process work?

To order, simply fill out the form on the manufacturer’s site and you can expect to receive the product a few days later. In case you do not want to refer to the can fall back on offers, you should come back a few days later. Normally, the provider renews his offer regularly, so that then also offer formats are available again.


Easy WaxOff evaluation and recommendation

We would like to recommend Easy WaxOff very much, because we are convinced that it can be a good ear cleaner that will prove very useful in everyday life as well as with children. The product is safe to use and provides the right conditions for uncomplicated ear cleaning. Adults and children can use it without any problems. The age group does not matter. The necessary accessories guarantee a long usability and with the Easy WaxOff you save the one or other visit to the ear specialist. If you also make use of the offers available from the manufacturer, you will certainly be happy to own the Easy WaxOff.



Let us now move on to the section where we answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • Is there anything like a guarantee on Easy WaxOff? – No, but as a buyer you can take out a 3-year warranty, which is included in the offer.
  • Can I track my shipment? – If you order the ear cleaner, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number after the product is shipped. Based on this tracking number it is possible without any problems, to check the current location of the package.
  • What does the shipping of Easy WaxOff cost? – The manufacturer ships free of charge to his customers.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

Easy WaxOff is distributed by a company located in Estonia. Here is the complete address: Novads OU, Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn Estonia. There is also an email address where you can contact us if you have a question about the ear cleaner: support@hyperstech.com. If you prefer to use the telephone, you can also use this number for the ear cleaner: +44 20 3808 9234. The hotline is open 24 hours a day.

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