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A radiant white smile is an integral part of every conversation in this day and age. If it is the first between two people, one always looks after the other’s teeth for some reason. If white teeth shine towards you, you are more sympathetic towards each other. Why teeth get darker or how fast is irrelevant in many cases. In today’s society a radiant smile with white teeth plays an important role. But it is so easy to get them. When you know how! We had a look at Diamond Smile today. A Diamond Smile with which you can easily whiten your teeth and which you can use again and again to maintain this condition. In the following we will summarize what is important about the Diamond Smile and explain that it is not complicated to use.


What is Diamond Smile?

Diamond Smile is a device that is used to whiten teeth. It works with a principle very similar to that of a dentist. However, it is considerably cheaper and also offers the simple possibility of doing the whole thing at home in a familiar environment.

diamond smile


What is the point of teeth whitening?

White teeth, as already described, are a great symbol of one’s own health. Anyone who looks someone else in the face and does not get to see any bright white teeth is immediately wondering whether they are possibly ill. In addition, dirty teeth are not a real reason to show a bright smile. In many cases, those affected smile less and would prefer not to show themselves anywhere else. The worst result of this is social isolation. With unhealthy teeth, you give up a large part of your own quality of life and find it difficult to get it back. Therefore, teeth whitening is the solution to this problem, because it can help to increase one’s self-esteem and ultimately guarantee a bright smile.

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Why do I need Diamond Smile?

The Diamond Smile can help to eliminate the aforementioned feeling with which you feel worse than you should. Where the dark teeth come from is very different. Some people have them mainly because they consume coffee or tea. Cigarettes can also be responsible. Nicotine deposits on the teeth just as easily as the dyes in coffee or tea. Over the years, a slightly yellowish or brownish film appears on the teeth. It is irrelevant whether you are male or female. Age is also irrelevant. It comes earlier with some, later with others. But sooner or later we will all be affected. A tooth whitening is advisable in this case. Unfortunately this costs a considerable amount of money. Therefore the Diamond Smile presented here is the ideal alternative.

White teeth


How is the Diamond Smile used?

The application is uncomplicated and can in principle be done by anyone who knows how to handle it. A toothed rail is supplied which is connected with a cable. This is coated with the enclosed gel. The splint is then placed in the mouth so that it covers the upper and lower jaw evenly. It is important to keep the mouth closed afterwards. The gel is distributed evenly on the splint by the bite, also in the gaps. Afterwards it is necessary to connect the cable to a USB interface. This can be a Powerbank as well as a mobile phone, which has a corresponding interface. The treatment takes 16 minutes. During this time the gel spreads and the teeth are illuminated with the integrated LEDs. This ensures that the teeth are whitened evenly. Afterwards you simply take the splint out of your mouth and brush your teeth thoroughly.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any health product, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to summarise them below. So everyone can get a good picture of the product and possibly even influence his purchase decision.


  • easy application
  • rapid results
  • comparable effect to that of a dentist
  • Mint taste in gel
  • reusable


  • none known

The advantages of this product are obvious. In principle, it can be used by anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. It is also not harmful to use it again and again. Although it is advisable to take a break of several weeks, it is by no means harmful. Operation is very easy, which makes the product even better. The gel is also mint flavoured to avoid discomfort during treatment. The effect is also comparable to a professional treatment. All in all, these are only advantages that can be exploited.

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General Diamond Smile Test and Quality Features

The fact that the manufacturer has provided the product with a high-performance insert that works with LEDs speaks for the quality. Many dentists also work with this concept. The product is easy to use at home and therefore allows an uncomplicated procedure in a familiar environment. The quality also means that the gel can be reordered if you wish. The product is delivered in a visually appealing box, which you can also give away as a gift.

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General Diamond Smile experiences and opinions

In addition to descriptions of the product, the Internet also offers a lot of testimonials. These contain the experiences of users who have already had contact with the product. So you can also underpin your purchase decision. In most cases the users had positive experiences. The product is very easy to use, which was a reason for most people to buy the product. The results were impressive. That’s why they are very happy to recommend the product to others. We could hardly find any negative experience reports. And those who were negative were often evidence of improper operation. However, the predominant tone was positive, which is why we are happy to pass this on. The product is perfect for testing. If you can cope with it, you will always have a good product for whitening your own teeth.


Are there any known Diamond Smile problems?

Whether it is a problem or not is a matter of discretion in this case. This is the power supply. Not everyone wants to plug the device into a mobile phone. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of feeding it with a power bank. Nowadays, almost everyone has such devices at home. The variant with the Powerbank is however always more recommendable. A connection via an adapter may also be possible, which can then be plugged into the socket. However, in this case the cable would usually be too short and therefore no mobility possible.

Further problems are not known.


Where can I buy Diamond Smile?

It is best to buy the device directly from the manufacturer. He offers it on his own homepage and there also at graduated prices. Thus one can save clearly somewhat more money, than if one orders it elsewhere. In addition a fast dispatch, moderate payment possibilities and good offers are promised.

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Diamond Smile Technical Details

In the following we would like to inform you a little about the technical details. Even if these are sparse, we summarize:

  • works with LEDs
  • integrated timer of 16 minutes
  • enclosed manual
  • certified by GMP&ISO 22716
  • also certified by FDA, CE & CPSR

Further technical properties are not known. In addition to the bleaching adapter, the scope of delivery includes a suitable cable and three bleaching pens containing the gel. Also included is a bleaching control card and a user manual with application details.

Effect of ingredients


Diamond Smile Rating and Recommendation

For today’s society, a bright white smile is always an indication of good health. It makes the other person more sympathetic. In any case, it is a fact that treatment at home is always more pleasant than going to the dentist with it. In any case, you should use a professional method that has a similar effect. The product offered here meets these standards and requirements and can convince that it is also certified and thus approved as a medical device. Most opinions are positive, which is why we would like to recommend it to others. In addition, you do not incur any expenses with the purchase. The product can also be purchased for a smaller budget and the supplier also does a good job in terms of his combination offers. Here everyone gets his money’s worth and at the same time gets another piece of quality of life. Further customer experiences are available over this left! *


Information to the offerer and/or dispatch partner

The manufacturer usually requests about 3 working days to complete the order. The dispatch is however very fast and uncomplicated, if one ordered the product only once. Of course, it is also advantageous that it is delivered to the front door. Relatively little is known about the supplier himself. However, there is an address to which you can turn if you have any questions:

  • Hyper Sls Ltd.
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • The address also indicates that the product comes from China. But there is also an international customer service which is available 24 hours a day.
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Diamond Smile

Technical Details 9.0
Price 6.5
Overall Rating 9.0

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