Detox Healthy Patches Reviews, Ingredients and Price

There are several detoxification measures for the body. However, it is not always as beneficial as expected. With every detox, the body practically suffers and sometimes you break more than is really healthy. We therefore took a closer look at a detox patch, which one new alternative offers. Namely a use in which you do not have to accept any losses. We took a closer look at Detox Healthy Patches and explain below what is important and what you can expect from the patch that is attached to the foot.

What is Detox Healthy Patches?

The Detox Healthy Patches are detox patches that are attached to the foot and which, with natural ingredients, ensure that all bad substances are removed from the body. Here are the advantages that the manufacturer focuses on:

  • easy application
  • only natural ingredients
  • can also be used in everyday life
  • without giving up normal food
  • healthier form of detox

As you can see, the Detox Healthy Patches have everything you could hope for from a problem-free detoxification regimen. You can change the body within a short period of time clean from the substances and help you feel better again.

Detox Healthy Patches ingredients explained

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients in Detox Healthy Patches:

  • Medlar leaf extract
  • vitamin C
  • Bamboo vinegar extract
  • Dextrin
  • Wood vinegar extract
  • Houttuynia Cordata
  • Tourmaline

detox healthy patches

All of these substances are natural substances that fight against the harmful environmental influences in the body. The immunity is strengthened by the detox patches and the Detoxification process promoted. At the same time, a healthy condition is created, which promotes a healthier existence.

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Is the product right for you?

The Detox Healthy Patches are aimed at everyone who is looking for a humane detoxification treatment that is as harmless as possible to their own body. A detox that can also be run alongside and for which you don’t have to take several days. Basically, every age group from 18 years is addressed and therefore young and old can benefit equally from the detox patches. Since the Detox Healthy Patches can easily be done on the foot, it is not even necessary to have a day off. It is also absolutely irrelevant whether you are male or female, because both can benefit equally from the detox patches. Likewise, people can feel addressed who have already tried another alternative and one more time consider another option want. The Detox Healthy Patches are definitely worth a try.

How does the Detox Healthy Patches application work?

First of all, it makes sense to clean the foot and then dry it off. Then one of the Detox Healthy Patches is glued to the sole of the foot. More is absolutely not necessary.

detox healthy patches application


How does the Detox Healthy Patches work?

The plasters simply pull the harmful toxins out of the body through the sole of the foot. You can tell how strong the effect was afterwards when you take the plaster off again. Because it is left on the foot for a few hours, the patch has enough time to take effect. It is said that the darker it is the more Toxins could remove it.

General Detox Healthy Patches Test

Of course, we wanted to convince ourselves of the Detox Healthy Patches and therefore did a test. This comprised several test persons who documented for us how they got along with the Detox Healthy Patches. In the process, we found that the detox patches did not cause any problems and that they worked according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For some, however, it took a little longer than others for the results to become apparent in the context of health. Overall, however, the satisfaction was very high, so most of the Detox Healthy Patches would also recommend.

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Are there any side effects or risks with Detox Healthy Patches?

Detox Healthy Patches are only provided with natural ingredients, which make them very well tolerated. Accordingly, problems or risks are virtually non-existent. However, it is always advisable to first look at the list of ingredients before using the detox patches for the first time. If there is a substance to which you already have a known allergy, you should of course not use the patch on your foot. Otherwise you don’t have to worry if you use the Detox Healthy Patches so as the manufacturer intends and states it on its application manual.

General Detox Healthy Patches Reviews

Of course, we also looked around for the opinions of other users and were therefore able to get a good picture of how the Detox Healthy Patches are being received. At first we were astonished that the detoxification patches were very well received by many users and were therefore used a lot. Many also used them after using other methods of detoxification. In contrast to these concepts, the Detox Healthy Patches was effective. Hence, most users would also like to use the detox patch again, when it comes to detox. Some also use the detoxification patch permanently or from time to time. Overall, it is very likely to be recommended and also recommended for regular use. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

Every health product has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of when trying out a new product. We have therefore taken the opportunity to summarise what you should know about the Detox Healthy Patches. Also, the list can help you decide more easily.


  • easy to use
  • no need to go without
  • Only natural ingredients
  • visible results


  • None known

As you can see, you don’t have to fear any disadvantages that you have to be prepared for when using Detox Healthy Patches. You only have advantages by using the detox patches and you can use them very easily.

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Where can I buy Detox Healthy Patches?

The best way to order Detox Healthy Patches is directly on the manufacturer’s website. There you will not only find an easy-to-use order form in which you only have to enter a few details. You will also have access to various offers that will that can benefit your wallet your wallet. To place an order, simply enter your details into the form and you can then choose which payment method you would like to use. Then you simply send off the order. You will then receive an email from the manufacturer in which the order is listed once again, as well as all the details. Once the goods have been sent, you will receive another email with a shipment link. This will call up the package status online, which you can use to check where your order is at the moment. This way, you always have an overview and know exactly when your detox patches will arrive.

As far as the offers mentioned are concerned, they are set up as follows: An offer usually contains several packs of the patches. This means that you can make the best use of them if you want to stock up, for example, or if you want to use the offer with a friend or acquaintance. This way you both have financial advantages. But beware: these formats are only available for a limited time. So you should take advantage of them if you have the opportunity. Because once they are no longer available, it is not certain whether they will come back again and if they do, in what form.

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What does the Detox Healthy Patches price look like?

Usually, you pay a higher price for such detox patches. But this is also the case with other beauty products. However, this is not the case with Detox Healthy Patches. Instead, they are offered at a very moderate price, that does not dig too deep into your pocket. Nevertheless, you get a product that definitely performs well and has quality.

Detox Healthy Patches rating and recommendation

Overall, we would like to recommend the Detox Healthy Patches for the foot as we believe it is a good alternative, that you can use to your advantage. The detox patches are easy to use and can help detoxify the body very well in everyday life as well as at home. We are happy to recommend them and give them a positive review at the same time.


In this section we clarify the last questions that might have arisen while reading.

  • Are the Detox Healthy Patches really suitable for everyone? – Definitely yes!
Who is the provider of the product?

Der Anbieter der Detox Healthy Patches ist ein Unternehmen mit der folgenden Adresse: ECOMM Movadgency S.L., Sitz inen C/Dublin 1, 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid). Dazu gibt es eine E-Mailadresse, die man anschreiben kann. Sie lautet: Mehr ist über den Hersteller nicht bekannt.

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Detox Healthy Patches

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