Dartle Type Reviews, Functions and Price

If you travel a lot and also need a keyboard and mouse at home that work well and are also very space-saving, you will find numerous alternatives for the standard equipment on the Internet. A special feature, however, is the laser keyboard, which is equipped with a mouse and is projected onto the table. Anyone who has such a product not only gets there much more space-saving at home, but can also benefit from it on the go. At this point we would like to introduce the Dartle Type, which combines both and also works on Android and iOS, PC and Mac.

What is the dartle type?

There are many laser keyboards, but they are not always as functional as you would imagine. Most find it difficult to take in the data they have typed in, falsify it, or the device has malfunctions with which it is simply not possible to work properly. It is different with the device presented here. Here are the properties that the manufacturer holds out:

  • compatible with Android and iOS, PC and Mac
  • easy to use
  • high resolution of the laser
  • ultra-fast Bluetooth connection
  • long-lasting battery
  • lightly and compactly constructed

Dartle Type

With these requirements, the device has the ideal conditions to work reasonably. It can be used optimally during business trips or the like and you no longer want to do without it. Even at home, many users use it and save a lot of space on the desk.

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What does the dartle type help?

There are sometimes cases where a keyboard is recommended. This is particularly the case with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you have a bit bigger fingers, it is difficult to cope with the integrated keyboard. In many cases errors occur. Depending on the interlocutor, this does not have a positive effect. A correct keyboard helps here, but most of the ones on the market are bulky and not necessarily pleasant to use. At home it can happen that the keyboard of a laptop is defective, but the rest of the device is still working properly. The same applies to normal computers. Here it is not necessary to buy a new keyboard. Anyone who uses the device has direct access to an advantageous keyboard and mouse, which is extremely easy to use and becomes an essential peripheral device.

Why do I need the laser keyboard?

The device is aimed at everyone who no longer wants to waste as much space when setting up a PC. It also benefits people who are often on the go and are actually only looking for a product that provides them with a correct keyboard on the go. With the product presented here you will both get along well. The age of the users is irrelevant, as is the gender. Thanks to the simple operation, the less technology-savvy generation can easily handle it. It is also the ideal alternative for people who have already tried a comparison product and were dissatisfied with it.

With this device you get a reliable utensil that you no longer want to do without.

How is the product used?

The device is connected to a PC or mobile device using Bluetooth. To do this, simply go to the settings for Android and iOS, PC and Mac and activate the function for Bluetooth there, if this is not already the case. The device must now be switched on. The computer or smartphone then searches for the laser keyboard and puts it on the list. Now it only has to be selected and then couples to the device. A keyboard and the option to use an input device now appear on the surface in front of the device. In principle, you can start typing directly and work as you are used to. There is actually nothing more.

Dartle Type application

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. We want to put these clearly in a list and illustrate the advantages of this. Nevertheless, if you are not yet sure whether to buy it, it can influence the purchase decision.


  • easy to use
  • works with Android and iOS, PC and Mac
  • high resolution
  • good response time
  • both with keyboard and input device


  • not known

As you can see very well, the advantages are obvious. The device is not only easy to use, but also works with all typical devices and operating systems. It can be used on Android and iOS, PC and Mac and is therefore a perfect companion for any system that can be used both at home and on the go. The response times are very short, which is why timely work is possible without any offset. It is also rare that a mouse is integrated in such devices. An ideal recommendation overall.

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General dartle type test and quality features

We wanted to know more about it and did a test with the product. When the dartle type arrived, we first checked the processing. The device made a serious and high quality impression. Now we started an in-depth functional test. Coupling with the respective systems is quick and easy. Fortunately, Bluetooth allows easy operation, so that a laser keyboard appeared quickly in front of the device. Working with the device was extremely easy. Nothing flickered or showed errors, so that the user was irritated. The laser keyboard worked perfectly and took any data we typed directly into the data processing program. Overall, we rate the product with a good judgment and are convinced that it is the perfect equipment on the go and at home if you need a new keyboard or want to use it as a mouse. We didn’t have any problems that we should mention. Overall, we were very satisfied.

Dartle Type advantages

General dartle type experiences and opinions

We also looked at a few testimonials from other users who also had experience with the laser keyboard. Most are enthusiastic right from the start and think that it is an ideal support device that can be used as a replacement. In most cases, users mainly use them on the go, on business trips with mobile devices. In rare cases, the keyboard was used when a laptop was broken but the rest of the device was still working. In this case, you could continue to use the device. Most were thrilled with the features they were offered and the quality that went with it. They no longer wanted to give it up and used it regularly. Few had problems with it and therefore very happy to recommend it to other users. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *

Are there any known dartle type problems?

One thing is immensely important when using the device: The surface that is implemented in front of the device as a laser keyboard should be free of any obstacles and smooth. Since the keyboard is reflected in its original size, it also needs some space. However, that’s all that shouldn’t even be a big problem. It is only important that there is enough space to enable optimal implementation.

Where can I buy Dartle Type?

The product is sold online by the manufacturer directly on its own website. It is advisable to order there too, because this is the only way to assume that it is the original. From time to time, the manufacturer also provides special offers from which users can benefit. These contain several devices, but they are each offered at a lower price. The price is moderate anyway, but you can still save money with a bulk order. If you are not satisfied, you can return the device and get your money back. Ordering is easy and straightforward. In addition, there are risk-free payment options such as credit card and PayPal. Shipping is just as quick and the package arrives at the front door a few days later.

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Dartle Type Technical details

Now we would like to summarize the technical properties that we were able to collect for the laser keyboard:

  • integrated laser with high resolution
  • long battery life
  • current Bluetooth connection
  • is reproduced in original size

Unfortunately, the technical details of the device are limited to this little information. What we can say is that it works reliably and has the technical properties that are required for optimal implementation.

Dartle Type rating and recommendation

Overall, we rate the dartle type with a positive result. It not only works easily and simply, but is also particularly reliable so that you can work with it well. Already the connection is easy, then comes the work with the device. It records the entered data quickly and implements it quickly, so that there is no need to fear an offset. At the same time there is the option for a pointing device that can also be used. All in all, both we and the users were satisfied with the device, so it is a good recommendation.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer comes from Hong Kong. Here is the full address of the company: Strong Current Hong Kong, Suite 2201, 21 / F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. A support email has been set up for questions: support@dartletype.com. This address can also be used for returns, if desired.

Dartle Type Logo

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Dartle Type

Technical Details 8.5
Functions 8.0
Overall 8.5