Crypto Genius – What is it?

Crypto Genius – Behind the term Crypto Genius is a website that encourages people to make money trading crypto currencies. The purchase of Bitcoins, Ripple or Ethereum is not necessary as the profits are based on the correct predictions on developments. The amounts are displayed in US dollars or euros in your own trading account. As with comparable offers, more detailed information on the trading strategy is handled very sparingly. However, we are talking about software that allows a full 0.39 seconds to act before the predicted transactions. It remains unmentioned that the software was not developed in-house as stated on the website, but belongs to the external broker ZoomTrader.

A cryptorobot is used here. This automatically carries out transactions, which means that there is practically no possibility of influencing the investment strategy. This is primarily intended for investors who have no time to follow the current developments themselves and therefore rely on the help of software. The permanent collection of information creates a database to predict current developments. However, earning the 5900 dollars a day suggested on the website is a purely utopian thought.

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What does the Crypto Genius software promise?

As already mentioned, the software promises to give you a glimpse into the future. The promised 0.39 seconds should be sufficient for the program to make a transaction before all other brokers. In the advertising clip on the website, the software is developed and tested by the family members themselves. When looking at different websites, however, one notices that the owner introduces himself under the name Christian Papen for German-speaking users or Chris Peterson for the English-speaking market. Behind both names is the same face, which originates from a file for advertising photos.

Crypto Genius

The real responsible persons therefore remain anonymous. Often mentioned, however, are the $5,900 in profits to be made in a single day using the software. According to which criteria this software observes the current developments, as well as on which crypto currencies concrete predictions take place is not revealed.


What are the Crypto Genius costs?

There are no direct registration fees for using the Crypto Genius service. The same applies to the transactions carried out by the cryptorobot. Neither a fee nor a share of the profit is due if one is earned. This remains the only aspect that does not involve any costs, as a sum of money must first be paid in order to use the software. The limit is 250 euros, for which payment by credit card is recommended. You should consider this payment method very carefully, because it is connected with large expenditure to wrongly debited amounts to refund again. If you decide to open a trading account it is important to set a limit. As a test, 250 Euros are already more than enough money to learn when they are completely blown to bits.


Is Crypto Genius Fraud and Fake?

Opinions about this cryptorobot are mostly negative online. This concerns both the experience with Crypto Genius itself and the acting broker ZoomTrader. The lack of transparency, false promises and untrue statements on the side are repeatedly criticised. There the owner, already exposed as fake, advertises with an alleged reporting on the TV stations CNN Money and BBC News, which are known to be serious. None of these stations have ever published reports that introduce the provider in more detail. Similar misleadings also occur with other providers. A classic example is Bitcoin Trader’s advertising for the show “The Lion’s Cave”. If there are clear signs of untrue allegations already on the start page, this is a good indication of fraudulent action. The idea behind these names is to create a feeling of trust in the viewer. With respectable offers, the satisfied users and the verifiable profits speak for themselves, so that these deceptions are superfluous.


What should I pay attention to with such programs?

If you don’t want to invest blindly because of the high profit promises, there are four points you should research before investing. These include:

  • the information provided
  • the software used and
  • the regulation of the provider and
  • the legal situation of the provider.

With regard to the information, it should be possible to obtain comprehensive information before registering or depositing real amounts of money. In order to view the most important information, it is necessary to leave your name and e-mail address with the provider presented here. But even after this point in time, the information content remains sparse. As a rule of thumb for a reputable provider of a trading strategy, a detective sense should never be required to obtain the most important information.

It is not uncommon for information about the software to be formulated rather vaguely in order to protect oneself from imitators. Nevertheless, general information is to be expected in this context as well. This software already lacks a note on which crypto currencies are recorded. As more than 1000 different digital currencies are currently traded, it is important to know how this wealth of data can still guarantee a time advantage of 0.39 seconds. If a provider does not give you these answers, it is advisable not to reward them with an investment for the bad service.

Regulation primarily concerns the broker. Behind this offer is the unregulated broker ZoomTrader. It is registered in Samoa and is therefore neither subject to German regulations nor to those of the EU. If the provider refuses a withdrawal or sets off with the deposited amounts, it is almost impossible to take legal action. Crypto Genius itself is therefore not in possession of the deposited money, but acts as an intermediary.

The legal situation of the provider includes several aspects that go beyond the company headquarters. Since a registration with names and further data such as e-mail address and telephone number takes place it is important to search for information how to proceed with these data. The same caution applies to all payments. If no secure connection is offered for this purpose, there is also the risk of access by third parties in addition to the improper use by the broker himself. Vigilance is always necessary in order not to exchange your common sense in the rush of expected profits.


General Crypto Genius Test

To learn about the functions and trading strategy, you must first register with your name and e-mail address. From this point on you will learn more about the provider’s strategy. The plan is to make you think as little as possible about the pros and cons of an investment. For this purpose, the latter presents the system as limited. Only 50 people would have the chance to test the software themselves and earn up to 5900 dollars per day. At this point you will be under pressure to make a quick decision. The provider will not tire of mentioning that once the 50 testers have been found, no further investment can be made. The truth is revealed in the next step. In this form you will be asked to transfer money to the online broker ZoomTrader.

All transactions are carried out automatically. Of course, he uses his own software for this purpose, which proves this part of the promises already to be untrue. Since you will need to provide your phone number, it is also very likely to be contacted by ZoomTrade staff. Mostly the call is connected with the purpose of significantly exceeding the minimum deposit of 250 euros. Since the amount of 250 Euro appears with several comparable fakes, it can be assumed that the online brokers pay a commission for the mediation only starting from this sum. Once the money has been deposited, Crypto Genius’ scope of duties ends without you even realizing it.

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General Crypto Genius experience

Since the actual trading forecasts and transactions are made by ZoomTrader, the opinions about this are much more interesting than about the alleged provider itself. In this context, users often complain about the poor communication channels. If problems occur, a competent contact person cannot be reached by telephone or e-mail. On the other hand there are people who actually report on profits on sites like These take place preferably at the beginning of the investments and serve to encourage higher payments. For this purpose, a telephone relationship is established with an account manager. If amounts of 10,000 euros or more are invested, the winning streak ends abruptly and the money is often lost. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


What are the opinions on a Crypto Genius payout?

Since Crypto Genius is not responsible for the payouts either, the focus is once again on ZoomTrader. The users report in this context again and again with very long waiting times until the initiated amounts have been credited. To be able to dispose of the deposited amounts at any time, as can be seen in the description of the website, is not true. In addition, numerous reports of experience can be found in which the payment of a requested amount of money was completely refused. Since a cryptorobot makes the transactions, the own control is missing to be able to trace profits and losses transparently. It is very difficult to prove fraud on this basis.


Is download required for Crypto Genius?

No download is required to use the trading strategy offered. All interaction takes place via the set up account. The risk of coming into contact with harmful malware or other sources of danger for the PC is very low with a good antivirus program.

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Is Crypto Genius serious?

Crypto Genius is definitely a great idea to make money fast. However, this only affects the anonymous owner and not the investors. The possibility of earning even approximately the promised 5900 dollars per day is practically 0 %. People who have followed the headlines about the drastic rise of crypto currencies and want to become a part of this success story themselves are being exploited. Trying to do this with the cryptorobot presented here is an attempt that you should cancel before making your first deposit. The 250 euros you need are certainly more profitably invested in a dinner with all your friends or a short city trip. Otherwise, you are not only taking a large investment risk, but are also in a legal grey area. In the hands of an unregulated broker, trust plays an essential role, which has already been abused a hundred times, as the online experience reports show.


Crypto Genius

Invest 5.0
Risk 5.0
Overall Rating 5.0