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Everybody knows this: your own couch is actually still very comfortable and you don’t really want to replace it yet. The cover, on the other hand, looks stained and old. But at the same time it cannot be washed. What do you do in such a situation? Replacing the cover completely would be too much and most upholstery suppliers do not do this. Coverlastic offers another couch cover of this kind. This is a fabric coating, which can be easily adapted to the existing sofa and therefore there is no need to change the cover. At the same time, the couch cover can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. In the following we would like to explain Coverlastic in a little more detail and discuss how it can help to upgrade an old sofa.

What is the Coverlastic?

Coverlastic is a comfortable couch cover that is simply pulled over the existing couch. Thanks to its stretchy fabric, it adapts incredibly well to the surface and is only fixed afterwards with a few styrofoam elements. If it gets dirty, simply remove it and wash it in the washing machine. Then you pull it simply back over the couch. Here are a few attributes that the manufacturer promises:

  • waterproof
  • Pet friendly
  • One size (four different sizes available)
  • no new couch required
  • adapts to numerous couch models
  • easy on the wallet


Basically it is a very cheap alternative that you can use to save your wallet and keep the existing, very comfortable sofa. Coverlastic has all the properties for this.

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What does the Coverlastic help with?

Everyone who has an old couch at home knows that it is unsightly and simply no longer beautiful. Many people therefore decide far too early to buy a new one, although they could still upgrade the old one. Coverlastic offers the possibility to renew the cover without having to replace the actual cover of the couch. The couch cover is simply pulled over the sofa and the set looks several years younger. In any case, it is a much better way of upgrading older seating elements and can be used without difficulty.

Why do I need the Coverlastic?

The Coverlastic is aimed at a wide range of target groups. It is completely irrelevant how old you are. The only thing that matters is that you own an old couch whose appearance you would like to upgrade. Therefore the couch cover is aimed at young and old. It is also irrelevant whether you are male or female. In both cases you can use Coverlastic simply use it in your own facility. Even if there was already the possibility to try an alternative product, it is worth giving the upholstery protection a chance. It convinces most users and is not even linked to a specific target group.

How is the product used?

The use of Coverlastic is absolutely uncomplicated. The first thing to do is to pull the upholstery protection over the backrest. Then the fabric is pulled over the armrests and stretched down under the edge of the couch. Thanks to the integrated elastic bands, the couch cover holds its position. After that, it is only necessary to insert the styrofoam elements supplied into the sides of the couch. This gives the cover the perfect hold. To remove the cover and wash it, simply remove the styrofoam elements and you can easily remove the cover and put it in the washing machine.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Each gadget has certain advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we would like to summarize in the following, which are these with Coverlastic. In this way you can better evaluate the upholstery protection and maybe decide to buy it.


  • easy to use
  • upgrades old upholstery quite simply
  • comfortable and cuddly
  • stretches very well and therefore adapts to many surfaces
  • easy to remove and washable


  • none known

As you can see, the couch cover is a product whose function you can simply rely on. You don’t have to fear any disadvantages and you can also benefit from the advantages. The Upholstery protection is not only easy to use. It also adapts very well to different surfaces and can be easily removed and washed afterwards.

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General Coverlastic test and quality characteristics

We wanted to try out the upholstery protection ourselves and simply ordered Coverlastic. The whole process of ordering was effortless and a short time later we were able to try out the couch cover. The fabric feels relatively valuable and was easy to drape on the sofa. Afterwards it looked like new again. In general, we found out in our test that the upholstery cover is very stretchy and can therefore be perfectly adapted to the conditions of the existing couch. There were no problems whatsoever. All in all, we have had very good experiences with the couch cover and think that it is worthwhile to rely on an additional protection that allows you to continue using the couch.

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General Coverlastic experiences and opinions

While searching for information and further data, we also read testimonials from other users and would like to summarize here what came out of it. Most users who have chosen Coverlastic still considered their couch to be of very high quality. Only the cover left a lot to be desired. So they bought the cover and covered their sofa with it. Most are very satisfied and positively surprised that it was so easy to cover. It fitted perfectly to the contours of the couch and looked much better afterwards. Thanks to the cover Extend the life of a couch by a few years. In addition, even a new couch can be perfectly covered with it. Thanks to the cover, the surface is protected and you can simply put it in the washing machine in the meantime. All this is highly appreciated by most users. That is why they would choose the cover again and again. However, we could not find any negative reviews. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there known Coverlastic problems?

Both during the test and within the field reports we could not find any difficulties that developed in connection with Coverlastic. It is simply a cover that is easy to use and provides the desired effect. However, it is important to treat it as the manufacturer specifies when washing. Otherwise there is a risk that it will shrink and then no longer fit on the couch. However, as long as you follow the instructions, there should be no problem with this.

Where can I buy Coverlastic?

It is best to purchase the couch cover directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer sells his products via his own website, where he also makes various offers available. These offers are usually staggered in such a way that they contain several copies of the couch cover and are therefore much cheaper overall than if you place an individual order. Whoever can take advantage of these offers has clear advantages. It is therefore always advisable to take advantage of them when you have the opportunity. However, it must be mentioned here that they are only temporary. Moreover, it is not clear whether they will return after the expiry date.

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Coverlastic Technical Details

Here we have put together a few more technical features about Coverlastic to give you an even better impression:

  • available in four sizes
  • made of very durable and stretchy Spandex-Lycra
  • waterproof construction
  • wash separately from the other laundry

Unfortunately we could not find out more information.

How does the ordering process work?

To place an order, you must first fill in an order form, which can be found on the seller’s website. Afterwards, it is possible to choose which payment method you want to use. You can use options such as Paypal and credit card. Afterwards it is only necessary to send the order and you will receive a clearly arranged email in which you can view all data again. When the couch cover is then sent, you will receive a tracking number so that you can track where the package is at the moment. In this way you always have the full overview above where the Coverlastic is currently located.

Coverlastic evaluation and recommendation

All in all we would like to recommend Coverlastic very much. It is a simple means of giving older sofa sets a new freshness and keeping them for a few more years without effort. The couch cover is attractive for many people and offers a few simple requirements for using it correctly. Therefore we give it a good rating and think everyone should just try it out.


In this section we clarify the final questions that may have arisen.

    • To what extent is the material waterproof? – Many things that you spill can be easily cleaned off by Coverlastic. It is a liquid-repellent material, which means that no stains will stick to it.
    • To what extent do bacteria settle on Coverlastic? – The couch cover has been provided with an ammonia deodorising layer that not only gives off a pleasant smell but also repels bacteria.
Information about the supplier or shipping partner

There is not really that much information we can gather about the supplier of upholstery protection. The address is: Gedimino g. 45-7, LT-44239 Kaunas. There is also an e-mail address that you can use if there are any questions. It is Unfortunately we could not find out more information.

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