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The time when you are almost literally running away from the heat at home again – we already got a little foretaste of that this year, but let’s be honest: The right time of the sun and the hot summer is not yet here, that’s yet to come. So if you haven’t already found a remedy, you will have considerable problems with the right heat, because then it will be the case that you won’t get any more cooling devices. Air conditioning is expensive and often entails additional costs.

After all, it also needs regular maintenance and possibly repairs. But all these problems are avoided when you choose CoolAir. This gadget is perfect for hot days and a good cooling down when you’re just tired of having to put up with the heat. We will introduce the device in detail and explain what capabilities it has to finally provide us with some cooling.


What is CoolAir?

CoolAir presented here is an air conditioner that is handy and small in size and can also do a lot with cold air. If you are too warm in summer, you simply don’t have the right cooling option. The evaporation air conditioner is perfect for any living room, especially the bedroom, because at night you usually turn from one side to the other to finally get some sleep. The result: you get up the next morning and feel like you’ve been whacked because you haven’t slept an hour. And in the long run, the metabolism gets confused. CoolAir has different cooling levels so that it cools at night exactly as it should and you don’t feel like in a fridge. It creates pleasant cooling temperatures at which you can sleep well. And even during the day it is a helpful accessory that you simply don’t want to do without.



For whom is CoolAir the right product?

It is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have air conditioning or doesn’t want to operate one. It is also helpful for those who, for example, do not live in the best conditions for housing reasons. For example in attics. It’s always much too hot there in summer, but opening the windows won’t help either. The device presented here perfectly serves everyone who wants a little cooling, but not only wants it to stir up or look unpleasant like a fan.

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CoolAir Technical Details

Of course we also had a look at the technical details and recorded the following things:

  • Hydro-chill technology
  • cools with pure water
  • consumes little power
  • 3 speed and cooling levels
  • 7 selectable mood lights
  • whisper technology
  • replaceable filter
  • can be operated via USB slot or power outlet
  • up to 8 hours running time with one tank filling

These details already tell you everything you need to know about the device and give you an insight into what you can expect from it. In the evenings it is always a bit stuffy in the bedroom in summer, which is why the device with its technology does a good job. The Hydro-Chill technology describes the equilibrium of the cooling, brought about by very low noise development. Because who wants to fall asleep in a racket? Or better yet… Many of these devices also consume chemical additives. The system presented here does without it completely and cools only with ordinary water. The consumption is kept very low because the device is small and handy.

The aforementioned cooling stages can be adjusted in three positions and thus allow an optimum supply of fresh air. To help you fall asleep, 7 different mood lights can be set. The filter can be easily replaced without the need to be an expert. The device is operated via an electrical outlet or via the USB slot of a computer. The device needs up to 8 hours with a full charge, enough time to sleep in peace.


How do I use CoolAir?

In principle, it is very easy to use. The device is first filled with the appropriate amount of water, which ensures that it remains nice and cool in the room within the next 8 hours. The device is then plugged into an electrical outlet or connected via USB to obtain the necessary energy. Afterwards it is only necessary to adjust the cooling stage and off you go. At night, of course, the mood lights are also a welcome way to get the necessary sleep that you need so much in summer.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of CoolAir?

Whoever buys such a gadget should consider the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. We have therefore taken this opportunity to present it in a clear and concise manner.


  • small and compact design
  • straightforward operation
  • whisper-quiet
  • ideal for the bedroom
  • several cooling stages, therefore adaptable to your own needs
  • Handy and low-maintenance than large air conditioners


  • none known

The evaporation air conditioner is best placed in the bedroom, but it can also be perfectly placed in the living room if it gets too warm during the day. In addition, the device is very quiet, so that you can sleep very well. Due to its size, it is also more maintenance-free than some large versions, which often only cause problems and cannot do what they are supposed to. The operation is uncomplicated and can also be handled by those who have never worked with such an evaporative air conditioner before. So there are only advantages that you can take advantage of.

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General CoolAir Test

Of course we wanted to know more about it and did an in-depth test, which should give us more information. The unit has been tried out by some of our editors, mainly at night, because the evaporative air conditioner is designed for just this purpose. The operation was in any case already once very easy. The water is simply filled into the area provided for it and then it can be switched on. It is important that it stands on a flat surface. Usually the water does not penetrate into the other areas, but with the straight and flat surface there is no risk that it will not happen. It is then simply plugged in and can be switched on.

The mood lights are especially beautiful at night and soothing for some, but you can also simply switch them off if desired. During the day, CoolAir also convinces with its cooling effect and makes everyday life immensely easier when it is too hot. It does well in the bedroom because it also works very quietly, which cannot be said of many air conditioners. This creates a great feel-good zone in which you can sleep very well at night, even in the heat. It often cools down again by morning so that it lasts longer, even if the device switches off again after eight hours. All in all a great alternative to the noisy and maintenance-friendly alternative of air conditioning.


General CoolAir experience

If you look around for CoolAir on the Internet, you will get relevant opinions about it. Most are enthusiastic and do not want to sleep in summer without the evaporative air conditioner. It does a good job and gives you the chance to get up in the morning in all freshness and then make the day instead of getting out of bed and being useless all day long. Overall, most like to recommend the device to others and enjoy the effect it has on them. Even noise-sensitive people have no difficulties when running at night. This alone speaks clearly in favour of the purchase. The cooling stages, which are well balanced, are also praised, so that you can adjust them exactly as you need them. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *

Are there known CoolAir problems?

Generally, there are few problems with the device. However, care must be taken to change the filter regularly. Otherwise, a less pleasant smell may spread through the room. The filter is available from the supplier and can be bought again and again. The nice thing about this is that you can easily carry out this maintenance work yourself and do not have to consult the technician. That makes things even more pleasant.

The evaporation air conditioner for the bedroom is best purchased directly at Amazon. Here you not only get the corresponding information about the device, but also special offers from the different sellers. Of course you also have the corresponding advantages here, which you always have, if you buy something from Amazon. You can read through the evaluations and thus take practically no risks.

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CoolAir Rating

Overall, we rate the air conditioner with several cooling stages as extremely positive. It provides good cooling in the bedroom as well as in other rooms and uses a very economical method that does without chemicals. Furthermore, the filter can be easily replaced, making the unit extremely maintenance-free. Unlike other air conditioners, it is quiet, compact and a perfect alternative that can also be used on the road, for example when you are often on business trips. This ensures that you still get up in top condition on hot days or at night the next morning and do something good for your health.



Technical Details 8.0
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 8.5

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