Colour Watches Reviews, Functions and Price

The range of Colour Watches on the market is now quite extensive. Finding the right model is not easy. Nowadays you also have certain expectations of the product, which it should fulfil in any case. So today we have taken a close look at the Colour Watches, which not only convince with their design, but also have some functions that you can use.


What is Colour Watches?

The Colour Watch is a Smartwatch that is not only elegant, stylish and pretty to look at. It has all the prerequisites to monitor your own health and is at the same time a perfect instrument if you want to lose weight or just be active. And it comes at an exceptionally good price, where other models simply can’t keep up.

Colour Watches


Is the product right for you?

If you are looking for a Colour Watches but have no idea which model to choose, Colour Watch may be for you. It is aimed primarily at people who want to stay healthy and are looking for a way to check typical health data. Its properties also make it a perfect partner for weight loss, as diets should be supported daily by such possibilities.

Colour Watches monitors your pulse, calculates the calories burned and is a good way to keep an eye on your vital signs during exercise. Even in swimming pools you can take them with you because they are waterproof to a certain degree. So for those who are active and looking for a Colour Watches that doesn’t cost a small fortune, the Colour Watch may be the right choice.

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Colour Watches rating and recommendation

One thing that comes to light again and again in this day and age is the cost of purchasing a sophisticated technical device. Smartwatches are no exception. And the cheap variants are usually not state of the art or have only few values.

This is different with this product. It has all the functions you would expect for health monitoring and can keep up very well with some top models. In addition to sleep analysis, which is becoming increasingly popular, it monitors blood pressure as well as all vital values that are important. Daily routines are supported with confidence and are also easy to operate.

It is compatible with all operating systems and can be easily read out if necessary. And one more thing comes along with it: You don’t have to pay attention to a fast failing battery. The whole thing is rounded off by a durable material from which the watch is made. So it convinces all along the line and can be recommended without reservation.


Colour Watches technical details

Let us now turn to the technical characteristics of the watch. Because these should not be ignored. The watch has the following functions at a glance:

  • Sleep analysis
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, vital values, physical activities
  • remote control
  • calendar view
  • call notification
  • Memories etc.
  • 96×64 pixel resolution
  • 0.96 inch display
  • 120 mAh Battery
  • watertight

Interesting feature: The battery can be removed and replaced if necessary. The system is also available in several languages, from German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish. Which must be lifted particularly into the foreground: It is a device that is ideally suited for measuring blood pressure.

Whether in the middle of the street or on the couch at home. The watch tracks the level of sleep during the night and also determines whether you have had enough exercise during the day. It also reminds you what to do to get enough exercise during the day.

By the way: Because it is waterproof, it can also be worn on the lanes in the swimming pool, although she doesn’t mind being immersed in the water.

The bracelet is also designed for such activities. It is quickly dry again and ready for use and does not have to dry for a long time.

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How does the Colour Watches installation work?

In principle, the manufacturer has kept all initial installations to a minimum. This means that you can simply switch on the watch and get started. You simply follow the instructions and set them. Values such as height, weight and the like. Further functions are then derived. In principle, anyone can do it, even if they are not technically experienced.


General Colour Watches test and quality features

What speaks in favour of the watch in any case is its price-performance ratio. Here you get a lot of function for relatively little money and the watch is very easy to use, which is not the case with some other models. The display is clear, no information is too small and therefore it can also be read very well by older people or those who have a visual impairment.

Colour Smartwatch Test and experiences

The robust material can withstand a lot and also looks damn good. The watch is also affordable for everyone, which shows that quality doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It is much more than just a watch. It is a sports partner, everyday supporter and technical gadget all in one. What more could you want?


General Colour Watches experiences and opinions

The product is everything you would expect from a Smartwatch and more. In addition to its health-related functions, it also has other gimmicks that pay off in everyday life. What should be emphasized in any case is the fact that you get a lot of functionality for little money. This even allows all those who don’t have such a big budget to get a good Smartwatch, with which you can do something.

We also had a look at some opinions from the internet and were able to read a mostly positive feedback. The Watch is well received by many, its functions are appreciated and the advantage is of course that it also has modern health functions. Because not all Smartwatches have the function to monitor sleep these days.


Therefore, this is a good product, which they also like to recommend. Some users were able to lose weight very well with the watch, others are active in sports and the watch had all the functions they expected. Negative reports are few and far between, and they are evidence of the fact that the watch was expected to be even more.

In general, however, it is rated as very positive, making it the ideal partner for weight loss and sports. She is gladly recommended by many. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

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Advantages and disadvantages of the product

Like every gadget, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages, about which you should inform yourself in advance. Therefore we have taken the opportunity to summarize all advantages and disadvantages in the following:


  • holds up well with high-priced models with
  • pretty design
  • many features
  • long battery life
  • clear display
  • compatible with any operating system
  • good price-performance ratio


  • none known

The advantages are obvious. It is a watch with many functions and costs only a fraction of what other Smartwatches on the market cost. In addition to the health functions, other gadgets are of course also installed on the watch, such as the calendar or a call notification. There are no known disadvantages.

Digital clock

What is always to be put in the foreground with this product: It really fits to every outfit. You can be dressed both sporty and elegant, the watch is always suitable because it looks upbeat and yet remains elegant in design. Its case shines in a silver look that is reminiscent of stainless steel, making it extremely pretty to look at. The material is hard-wearing and durable. So you still get something out of it after a few years.


Where can I buy Colour Watches?

The Colour Watches are best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers the original and an excellent service you can rely on. This includes fast delivery times, uncomplicated order processing and low-cost shipping. In addition, certain graduated offers are offered, so that you can order watches not only for yourself, but also for your friends or family.

These offers are not available on other sites. Thus Colour Watches becomes immediately again more favorable. It could not be better. By the way: Who orders with the manufacturer, has the possibility on uncomplicated payment possibilities, like Paypal. Here one goes practically no risk.

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What does the Colour Watches price look like?

Usually a Smartwatch costs relatively much money. Especially if it has a lot of features to offer. Theoretically this should be the same for Colour Watch, but it is not. The product is available at a moderate price, which is even less than 100 Euros.

Thus it is a cheap model with many functions, which is ideal for sports or slimming. In addition, it is also beautifully designed, made of a robust material and thus does a lot with. It could not be better.


Who is the supplier of the product?

The product is manufactured within Spain and distributed from there. There is a German customer service, which can be contacted in case of problems. Contact via e-mail is also possible. More information is not known.


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Colour Watches

Technical Details 8.5
Price 7.0
Overall Rating 9.0

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