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If you move a lot in the fresh air and always have a little luggage on your back, you run the risk of being the perfect target for thieves. How quickly is an ordinary backpack opened and can it easily steal the valuables it holds? Unfortunately, within the last few months the number of reports has increased immensely and so you want to be as prepared as possible when you are outside with a rucksack. There are many solutions for this. But very few of them are really efficient. That’s why we have been working on the Colour Backpack today. A Colour Backpack that makes it much harder for thieves. With it you are well equipped on the way.


What is the Colour Backpack?

The product presented here is a backpack designed to make it especially difficult for thieves if they want to take something with them. It offers many advantages over a normal rucksack and also looks timeless and appealing. In addition to the normal grey and black, trend colours such as blue, pink or yellow are also available. Its properties are so positive that it has scored very well in several tests. With it you are much safer on the road and above all your luggage.

colour backpack


What is the point of such a Colour Backpack?

Nowadays, we strive to have everything we need with us on the road. Among them a wallet, laptop, tablet or smartphone. In most cases, we put just that in our backpacks. Within crowds, thieves often take advantage of this. The crowded standing in the subway or the busy Saturday, on which far too many people are on the move, are the perfect place for him for his project. And while ordinary backpacks are the perfect way for thieves to steal all that within crowds, the Colour Backpack is designed to be inaccessible to third parties.

Even with heavy equipment, such as a sharp knife, the Colour Backpack can easily provide the necessary safety, because it is not only made of a durable and cut-resistant material. Access is also possible exactly where the thief certainly hasn’t reached: at the back! This means that as soon as someone wants to gain access to the Colour Backpack, the wearer notices it in any case.

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Why do I need the Colour Backpack?

The backpack is especially suitable for people who travel a lot. It is not only the perfect companion in the subway, but also during normal shopping, where you have a few valuables in your backpack. The age group is irrelevant, as is the sex. On the contrary, the fact that the backpack is available in several colours makes it an ideal partner for every age group and gender when travelling. All in all, it is a very useful instrument if you want to make sure that everything stays where you left it.

And you want to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.


How is the product used?

It is carried like a real backpack. The adjustment options for the straps are similar. They are held by a buckle system and can also be adjusted in length. Access is provided by a zipper located directly on the back which can be opened around the backpack. No access to the inner workings is possible from the outside. This offers plenty of space for all kinds of luggage. A padding is integrated for carrying a laptop or tablet, which provides the necessary protection against shocks. In addition, the luggage is secured by integrated rubbers.

Suitable compartments are available for small items. What also distinguishes the backpack are its hidden compartments. If access is still successful, small compartments are integrated into the backpack that are easily overlooked. This is where you store your money in case of an emergency, or things you want to have access to as quickly as possible.

Experiences wearing comfort backpack


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, this one also has advantages and disadvantages, which you should inform yourself about in advance. Therefore we have taken the opportunity and summarized it in the following. This can possibly also contribute significantly to the purchase decision.


  • safe accommodation for your luggage
  • integrated secret compartments
  • cut-resistant and waterproof material
  • comfortable to carry like a normal backpack


  • none known

The advantages for this backpack are obvious. If you’re looking for a good and safe bag for everyday use, you’ll find everything you need for protection on the go. Even the violent access of a thief is prevented by the material. Meanwhile, the backpack offers a lot of space and allows you to always have everything you need with you on the go.

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General Colour Backpack Test and Quality Features

The quality is distinguished above all by the material used. The backpack is made of a patented material of the manufacturer, which is not only waterproof, but also fire and knife resistant. So it is basically irrelevant which methods third parties use to gain access, it is prevented by the material. At the same time, the wearer has easy access to the inside of the rucksack at all times.


General Colour Backpack experiences and opinions

During our research, we also took a look at the many experience reports. The Colour Backpack is already well known under a different name: The Nomad Backpack. However, we have to mention that the new development has the same good features as well as different colours, with which you can choose even more according to your own taste.

The opinions about the backpack are positive throughout and there is hardly anyone who expresses himself negatively. And if there is, it’s mostly because of the color, because there wasn’t any variety back then. At the latest now, when more colour comes into play, the backpack is very popular with almost everyone and offers the necessary protection that the wearer wants.


Are there any known Colour Backpack problems?

Often we don’t notice it when third parties gain access to our belongings. Especially in crowds this is a real problem. Since there are no such options with the Backpack, there should be no problems. – Unless you store something valuable in the attached outside pockets. However, this is not a problem that starts from the backpack, but is due to the carelessness of the wearer.

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Where can I buy Colour Backpack?

The backpack can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer distributes it via its own homepage and then sends it out very quickly. Ordering is uncomplicated and payment is also easy. For more customer friendliness, there are several payment options to choose from. In this way, the seller is very accommodating to the customer. By the way: Who would like to buy several at the same time, gets the possibility from the manufacturer to take up graduations. The rucksack is sold individually, but also for two or three models at the same time. In this way, money can of course be saved. In any case, you don’t take any risks when buying a backpack, which is why it is definitely worth a recommendation.

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Colour Backpack Technical Details

Now let’s get to the technical features that the backpack has to offer. In addition to the patented material, it has even more to offer:

  • ergonomically shaped back
  • thus perfect weight distribution possible
  • patented material that is water-, fire- and cut-resistant
  • 180-degree zipper opening possible
  • USB charging port integrated

With regard to its technology, the integrated USB port is the main focus. It ensures that the mobile phone and tablet always have sufficient charging capacity even when on the move. At the same time, it also makes it possible to have a charging option at all times, even when times are short. In this way, you no longer even have to use the power connection on the train, but in principle always have it with you. As far as the material is concerned, we have already mentioned that it can withstand possible strains very well. It does not matter whether it is rain, fire or even access by knife or scissors. The material can withstand this without difficulty.

Hiking luggage


Colour Backpack Rating and Recommendation

Altogether it can be said that the original model, the Nomad backpack, was already recommendable. It offers the necessary safety and enough space to always have everything with you. Especially if you are in overcrowded areas and the risk of access by third parties is particularly high, this backpack pays off very well. We think that the many compartments offer excellent possibilities to have everything with you. The different colours now also give an approach that the right model can be purchased for everyone.

In principle, every taste is served. Since the backpack is so easy to order, we can’t complain about this aspect either. We always give the backpack a good rating and we are happy to recommend it to others. Further customer experiences are available via this link!*

Information about the supplier or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions:


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Colour Backpack

Technical Details 9.0
Price 8.0
Overall Rating 10.0

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