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If you are travelling late in the evening or even at night by car, you often have problems seeing things as they really are. In such a case, a good vision aid is worth its weight in gold. At the latest when two vehicles collide, it’s often the momentary sleep that puts you in this situation. But also animals running in front of the car, which you only see at the last moment, are often decisive for such accidents. The product night vision goggles are suitable for exactly such occasions and provide the correct vision in the evening or at night darkness. We have taken a closer look at it and would like to describe the gadget with its advantages and disadvantages below.


What is ClearView?

ClearView is a night driving goggle that can be used both at night and in the evening for better vision. They are not equipped with any visual acuity and are therefore perfect for those who don’t actually need glasses. At the same time, it also offers the wonderful opportunity to wear it over your own glasses, making it the perfect complement to improved vision. The glasses provide the following features:

  • can be worn over your own glasses
  • reduces the glare of other car lights
  • influences the reflection of disturbing bright objects
  • Transition technology adapts to lighting conditions

The application is absolutely uncomplicated and therefore a real enrichment for every driver.


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Why do night vision goggles help?

Anyone who has ever been out in the dark will know exactly that there are situations in which their own eyesight leaves them in the lurch. This does not necessarily mean that you need glasses. But some things are not so easy to see in the dark because they are not easy to see themselves, or because they are influenced by other factors. On the motorway, for example, the headlights of another oncoming car could obstruct our vision to such an extent that we simply cannot see another car moving in front of us, or can see it too late.

The same can happen to animals crossing the road. If, for example, they are illuminated by the dipped headlights of other cars, we may experience a misinterpretation, which causes us to brake and unnecessarily endanger ourselves. All these situations can be very dangerous, but are usually unavoidable at night. Night vision goggles can help by reducing glare from other cars, for example. They are no longer as perceptible to the human eye as they would be without them. At the same time, however, other things can be perceived much better. There are also some models that relieve the strain on the eyes to such an extent that even microsleep is no longer an issue.


For whom is ClearView the right product?

In principle, the ClearView comes with a product that can be appealing to any car driver. This means that it is a good addition to any driver’s equipment. In addition, there are probably those who are regularly on the road in the dark of the day. By the way, it is irrelevant whether you are a man or a woman. Glasses make no difference here.

Night vision goggles


ClearView Technical Details

There is not much information on the technical details. However, in the following we will summarize what the glasses actually work with:

  • Blue light filter coating
  • Polarized lenses
  • transition technology

The blue light filter coating is a technical feature that reduces bluish lights, which are present in most modern vehicles today. They are beautiful, but they also affect visibility. Polarization, on the other hand, optimizes the way light is reflected by the eyes. Disturbing bright objects are therefore invisible and can therefore be ruled out as impairments when driving. Transition technology, which adapts the special lighting conditions to the lenses in such a way that it appears neither too bright nor too dark, has also been thought through. The technology also regulates the amount of light that can pass through the lenses. Driving is thus noticeably facilitated.

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How do I use the product?

The beauty of glasses is the factor that both wearers and optimal sighted people can make use of them. For example, wearing over your own glasses is possible without difficulty. The glasses are simply put on in the evening. If you have to wear glasses, you should adjust the ClearView beforehand so that it sits comfortably and does not impair your field of vision. More is simply not necessary. Then you can simply drive off and enjoy the improved view.

driving at night


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ClearView?

Like every gadget, these glasses also have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in any case before making a purchase. So we took the opportunity and simply summarized them in the following.


  • better visibility at night
  • also filters out modern car lights
  • can also be worn over your own glasses
  • helps tired eyes to keep their feet on their toes
  • comfortable seat


  • no particularly modern design

What might disturb one or the other is the design. It is not necessarily modern and adapted to most of today’s glasses. This model was mainly worn during the 1980s and is therefore relatively unfashionable. One would think so! The fact is, however, that fashion is coming back. Furthermore it is so that by the somewhat larger glasses a larger field of vision is covered, which is improved for the driver. The advantages are obvious. You can see better with it, even if you wear glasses. Because it can easily be worn over your own glasses. It sits comfortably and is also an effective method against microsleep on the road.

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General ClearView Test

Of course, we wanted to convince ourselves of the performance of the product and therefore tried the glasses once. The ClearView doesn’t seem very modern at first glance, but the entire field of vision is covered by the lenses. That’s why we want to leave this aspect out of the equation. We tested the product on the road at night, were skeptical at first, but were not disappointed by the manufacturer’s promises. The product makes night vision immensely easier.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, even xenon headlamps appear to be much better perceived by the eyes because they no longer dazzle or appear unpleasant in the eyes. Many details and details can be seen much better with it, which considerably improves visibility at night. One thing we’d like to point out is that earlier we noticed that the exhausting vision also caused fatigue, which we then had to struggle with. Also this problem is compensated very well with the glasses. We therefore recommend it to others and think that it is a good addition to the driver’s equipment.

view at night


General ClearView experiences and opinions

During our observations we also searched for and found other ratings. The ClearView has been very well received and recommended by many drivers. Because it is a considerable relief compared to the typical driving at night. It improved the visibility for many drivers and made the nightly tours a much better experience. Truck drivers don’t want to do without it any more and are enthusiastic about the function. Negative opinions were rather rare. For most the glasses were a little too bright, which is however a very subjective point of view and therefore only applies to individual cases. The glasses have been well received by many drivers and are therefore rated very good. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there known ClearView problems?

It is important that the glasses are only put on when the outside conditions are dark. If there is still a little brightness, it could be that the glasses are simply too bright for many users and the effect is the opposite. Therefore, it is important that the glasses are only put on when their effect really makes sense.


Where can I buy ClearView?

Best of all directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer not only supplies the original, but is also the contact when it comes to ordering graduated offers. He sets these from time to time in order to save money when ordering. This makes it quite a good source if you want to purchase the product. Furthermore, you are offered an uncomplicated ordering process as well as several payment options with which you take practically no risk. A further factor is that short delivery times and an inexpensive dispatch are offered. This reduces the risk even further. It also offers the best price on the Internet. And that means something.

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ClearView evaluation and conclusion

ClearView offers drivers a great way to see better at night. The technology and different coatings effectively eliminate both brighter and distracting light sources without compromising general vision. In addition, even spectacle wearers can benefit from these capabilities. Because they too can put on their glasses, in addition to the usual visual aid. It may not necessarily have the most modern design, but the lenses cover the entire area that is important at night to see everything and avoid accidents of all kinds. All in all a really good recommendation for every driver.


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Technical Details 8.0
Price 7.5
Overall Rating 9.0

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