Cavalier Essentials Reviews, Functions and Price

There are people who are dying to have their hair cut every two or three weeks. They would like to have their hair cut by themselves. But they lack the the right care tools. Moreover, some of the tools on the market do not have the quality necessary for a good-looking haircut. Therefore we have taken a closer look at Cavalier Essentials today. The device is easy to use and becomes an indispensable tool for the user, which is very helpful when cutting your own hair.


What is the Cavalier Essentials?

The Cavalier Essentials is a hair clipper that not only provides the right conditions for a good cut, but also offers even more functions. In addition to the actual device, the manufacturer also provides its buyers with numerous videos with which they can learn to cut their own hair in the simplest possible way. The manufacturer also focuses on the following features that make Cavalier Essentials so special:

  • ultimate care device for men and women
  • Precision Trimming
  • approved for hairdressers
  • free professional hairdressing master classes available
  • runs on rechargeable battery and can therefore be operated completely without cord
  • high-quality equipment by means of stainless steel blade

Cavalier Essentials

As you can see, the Cavalier Essentials brings everything you need for a balanced cut. You will see that you will have no trouble whatsoever cutting your own hair. So you will always have your hair under control, both in normal everyday life and in emergency situations.

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What does the Cavalier Essentials help with?

How bad it is when you suddenly no longer has access to the barbershop, has been seen in the corona crisis. All barbers and hairdressers closed overnight and you had to wait up to six weeks to get your haircut renewed. In general, because of today’s trade, we are very dependent on systems that leave us no choice but to persevere. But that’s not enough: you just didn’t look good over time and those who are a bit more sensitive about haircuts started to give themselves a new hairstyle. Mostly with a not so excellent result.

The Cavalier Essentials is a hair clipper that is suitable for both men’s and women’s hair and gives a good haircut. The care tool is not only supplied with the appropriate instructions, but also does a good job, so that you can confidently avoid a visit to the hairdresser. With its help it is possible in normal situations as well as in cases of hardship to cut your hair yourself and look really good afterwards.


Why do I need the Cavalier Essentials?

In principle, Cavalier Essentials is aimed at anyone who wants to make their own haircut with the right care tools. Unlike typical hair clippers, it comes with all the elements, that you need for a good haircut and the user also gets access to the experience of experienced hairdressers to work out his own haircut as good as possible. The age of the user is not important. Both young and older people will get along with the Cavalier Essentials. Furthermore, the device is also suitable for women and men, because more and more women also want to use a powerful care tool that fits well in the hand and helps them with a short haircut.

If you have already gained experience with another hair clipper, take a look at Cavalier Essentials anyway. Because it brings even more innovations that can help you with your own haircut. In principle, the device appeals to a very broad target group that cannot be clearly defined.

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How is the product used?

Usually you reach for scissors and other utensils if you want to have a custom-made haircut. The care tool presented here, the Cavalier Essentials, is a hair clipping machine that can be used for every seems perfectly suitable. It is first important to charge it after receiving it, so that the battery is full and you can start without problems. This should be done within a few hours. After that you can look at the provided videos and choose an edit you like and would like to apply to yourself. Now it already starts.

The Cavalier Essentials is then used and thanks to the missing cable it offers a good handling which is easy to handle. According to the videos the hair is now cut. If you follow the instructions provided for the care tool, you can assume that a great cut is the result. The big advantage: The annoying making of appointments and the like is no longer necessary. You no longer have to go to the hairdresser and from now on you can take care of your own haircut. You always look well-groomed and can also be seen in public.

Cavalier Essentials Application


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, Cavalier Essentials has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarise for you below. The following list can be a very good guideline so that you know what you are getting into, the advantages you have and whether you have to expect any disadvantages. It is also a decision-making aid if you are not yet sure whether Cavalier Essentials is right for you.


  • easy to handle
  • good value for money
  • detailed care guide for a good looking haircut
  • many setting options
  • high-quality elements


  • none known

As you can see, you can only expect advantages from the Cavalier Essentials and don’t have to fear any disadvantages. This makes the care tool an indispensable item that you don’t want to miss when cutting your hair.

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General Cavalier Essentials test and quality characteristics

We wanted to know it a little more exactly and tried the Cavalier Essentials ourselves. Some of us already know how to use a care tool like this, a typical hair clipper. However, most of us imagined a good haircut a little differently, as there is a lack of instructions and the devices are usually not so easy to use. When the Cavalier Essentials arrived at our place, we could first inspect and think that it makes a good impression qualitatively. The settings are easy to make, the manual helps with many tricks. The care tool lies well in the hand and is easy to handle thanks to the integrated battery. Thanks to the many explanations, it is especially easy for men, but also for women with short hair, to make their own haircut. The results with the Cavalier Essentials were impressive.

All in all, we were enthusiastic about the Cavalier Essentials and we think it is a good enrichment for those who always want to do their own haircut without having to go to the hairdresser. The care tool is easy to use, you can’t actually do much wrong.


General Cavalier Essentials experiences and opinions

In the search for more information about the Cavalier Essentials, we have also looked for other testimonials. We wanted to make sure that our test was substantiated and that a haircut was really as easy as we had imagined. The opinions about the Cavalier Essentials were relatively relevant. Most were positive about the device surprised and enjoyed using it, to make your own haircut. With access to numerous tutorials on haircutting, it was easy for them to cut their own hair. The grooming tool became an indispensable item for them and they would like to recommend it to others. The simplicity, the handling and also the handling was noticed positively by most of them. In general the Cavalier Essentials was very well received, we could not find a negative evaluation. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Cavalier Essentials problems?

We could not find any indication of problems with the Cavalier Essentials either in the test or in the experience reports. Therefore we can answer this question with “no” without further ado. Although it is always difficult to see if the battery is still full enough, the offers are worthwhile for this, which we will explain later. In such a situation, with several devices, one always has a replacement at hand in order to complete the current cut.


Where can I buy Cavalier Essentials?

Ideally, the order is placed directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturer has its own website on the Internet, where the order can be placed very easily. To do this, you simply fill out a form and enter your own data. Afterwards one is passed on to the payment, which is designed as risk-free as possible. Possibilities like Paypal and credit card are offered here, the both offer the highest possible security. Afterwards the order is sent off and the Cavalier Essentials is put into the dispatch. Within a few days, it will be delivered to your doorstep by parcel service. Then you can already try out the device. We also recommend that you accept one of the attractive offers from the manufacturer, with which you can further optimise your purchase.

The offers mentioned usually include several devices and thus guarantee a great flexibility. They are also ideal for equipping everyone in the family with their own Cavalier Essentials. The big advantage: within the framework of these offers, a single clipper is offered at a lower price. It is therefore worth ordering several at once, so that you might even have a replacement if the first one causes problems. Important: If the offer is suitable for you, feel free to take it, as they are mostly available for a limited time. In the end, it is always recommendable to order via the manufacturer itself, as one can also assume that one gets the quality that the company promises.

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Cavalier Essentials Technical details

Let us now come to the technical features of the Cavalier Essential, which we would like to summarise for you below. You can use the list to get a better idea of the device:

  • high-quality stainless steel blades
  • integrated tapered lever in the form of a multi-lock system
  • 4-speed engine for top performance
  • quiet technology
  • rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • ergonomic metal handle

As you can see, everything related to the Cavalier Essentials is of high quality that you can rely on. The metal-look design alone is more durable than plastic, which stainless steel blades promise a long shelf life. For this purpose, the device runs whisper quiet and is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged several times without difficulty. Moreover, it lasts throughout the entire haircut and causes no downtime whatsoever, because it works through powerfully.


Cavalier Essentials evaluation and recommendation

Altogether we would like to recommend the Cavalier Essentials all along the line. It has all the features required for a problem-free cut and is also of high quality. The users were very satisfied and are happy to pass on the offer.



Let us now turn to the final questions that may still be open:

  • Can I really cut my own hair with Cavalier Essentials? – Yes, it is definitely possible. With the help of the included videos this is no longer a problem.
  • Can Cavalier Essentials also be used for children? – As the hair clipper works very quietly and is kind to the skin, it is no problem to use it for children.
  • How is the Cavalier Essentials cleaned? – A brush is included in the scope of delivery, with which you can clean the blade. In addition there is some oil to keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Is the care tool also suitable for other regions of the body? – The Cavalier Essentials is only suitable for hair on the head. If you want to shorten the beard hair, or other body hair, the manufacturer recommends an upgrade with the Grooming Kit.
  • What is all included in the scope of delivery? – The Cavalier Essentials package contains the hair clipper itself, including recharging option, a free protective hair cap and a dual-end comb. It also includes free access to numerous videos that offer professional hairdressing master classes. As a bonus, the buyer receives free access to the master class called “Cut your own hair like a professional”.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer has the following address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, 68308, G/F Building Kowloon East, 12 Lei Yue Mun Street, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. For questions or customer support, there is also an email address set up as follows: It is recommended to use English for all contact in order to ensure proper service.

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Cavalier Essentials

Technical details 8.0
Applicability 9.5
Price 8.0