Byeinsect Bracelet Reviews, Functions and Price

In summer we wake up in the morning and suddenly experience a certain kind of itching. Mosquito bites are not only annoying, they are extremely painful. But that’s not enough. Everybody knows the feeling to only want to sleep in the evening and the annoying buzzing hangs at your ear like a burdock. It doesn’t matter what you do, it comes again and again and the troublemaker just doesn’t leave. Insect sprays usually only provide a limited solution, which is why one gladly accepts every further option. Today we looked at Bayeinsect Bracelet. A product which can be worn comfortably on the arm and which effectively prevents mosquitoes and annoying insects.

What is the Byeinsect Bracelet?

Byeinsect Bracelet presented here uses a natural concept to effectively prevent mosquitoes from biting us. It is worn like a watch and does not emit any insecticides. In addition, they sometimes only smell very unpleasant and have no effect whatsoever. According to the manufacturer, Byeinsect Bracelet has the following properties:

  • comfortable and discreet bracelet
  • it is waterproof, so you can wear it in your pool or swimming pool
  • works with every
  • works everywhere
  • uses a natural concept to effect
  • is therefore not harmful to the wearer

byeinsect bracelet

The manufacturer even says it could be worn by pets without them suffering any damage. Because it is unfortunately the truth: Mosquitoes do not only bite humans. If they have nothing else available, they also go to our pets.

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Why does the bracelet help?

Especially at night, when we have no control whatsoever over what is sitting on us, mosquitoes make it especially easy for themselves. The bite burns the next day. If you scratch it on, you even get something of it for several weeks. With Byeinsect Bracelet presented here, mosquitoes are misled in a natural way. This works as follows: It is usually the female mosquitoes that bite us because they are looking for blood to lay their eggs. During this time they avoid the company of male mosquitoes. More precisely, they flee from them. The females can tell whether it is a male animal by the sounds they make. The bracelet imitates these sounds and makes us look as if a male mosquito is in the area. At the same time, the sound of a cockroach is emitted, which the female mosquitoes also avoid.

Accordingly, the mosquitoes no longer bite at night.

Why do I need the Byeinsect Bracelet?

Byeinsect Bracelet is aimed at all those who are always plagued by mosquitoes and want to get rid of them once and for all. It can be worn by children, women, men and pregnant women. There are no side effects or disadvantages. As already mentioned, the bracelet can even be worn by pets. It is simply attached to their collar, or even serves as an additional collar – if it fits around the circumference. As far as age is concerned, the manufacturer also does not make any limitations. Both young and old benefit from the effect and get an effective solution with the bracelet to get rid of mosquito bites.

no mosquitoes anymore

How is Byeinsect Bracelet used?

Byeinsect Bracelet is simply put on like a watch and then switched on. It then emits the corresponding sounds consistently. It can be attached to the wrist both at night and during the day and also in the pool or swimming pool. Since it is a compatible material from which the bracelet was made, there are no problems.

What advantages and disadvantages does Byeinsect Bracelet have?

With every gadget there are both advantages and disadvantages. We’d like to take a closer look at them below so that you’ll be aware of them before you buy the bracelet.


  • distributes mosquitoes using a natural concept
  • is compatible for all age groups, as well as pets
  • works without chemical substances
  • waterproof properties


  • none known

All in all, Byeinsect Bracelet has only advantages that you can use for yourself. It can be used for every age group and sex. In addition, you do not have to take any extra measures to keep mosquitoes away. It is equipped with a natural concept without the need to use additional toxins to eliminate the animals. In general, it is a safe product that can be used by anyone.

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General Byeinsect Bracelet Test and Quality Characteristics

We wanted to know more about the product and tested it for a few weeks. Only the natural concept convinces us, because we do not like to use pesticides. That’s why we tried it out over several nights and left it on the bedside table for comparison without switching it on. The first nights with the product were quiet, we found sleep and the next morning we didn’t notice any stitches. A colleague, who had slept without, had two mosquito bites the next morning, which not only burned like fire, but also caused additional pain. We also gave him one of the bracelets. Which we also noticed: A colleague of ours reported that she looked like a delicious piece of cake to the mosquitoes. Her husband, on the other hand, was never bitten when they woke up the next morning. We also equipped them with one of the bracelets.

Both colleagues tried it again one night. The result: Now our colleague’s husband had become a victim of the mosquitoes, while she didn’t complain about any problems. Our already stung colleague, on the other hand, also did not register any problems or disturbances by the Mosikitos during the nights. All in all, everyone was very satisfied with the effect. We are sure that the wristbands will remain on the wrist at night.

free of mosquitoes

General Byeinsect Bracelet Experiences and Opinions

When searching for information about the device we also read a few testimonials. Not surprisingly, they all sounded very positive. Some of them reported very good experiences with the bracelets. The handling was very easy for most of them. For some it was enough to position the device on the bedside table at night to experience a quiet night. We didn’t read any negative reports, so we assume that everyone was able to achieve a good result, which was only confirmed by our test.

Are there any known Byeinsect Bracelet problems?

It is bad, of course, if the battery is empty in the middle of the night. However, the device consumes so little energy that it should last over a year. It is important to keep an eye on the signal lamps that provide information about the function. If these weaken, it’s time for a battery change. Otherwise there are no other problems. The band is made of a skin-friendly rubber that not only nestles well to the skin, but also shouldn’t cause any irritation.

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Where can I buy Byeinsect Bracelet?

The best way to buy the product is directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers the bracelets on his own homepage, where he reports on how he effectively prevents mosquitoes. In addition to the information, there are also graduated offers that you can take advantage of in order to save costs. These are particularly suitable if you order with several people, or if you want to equip the entire family. The wonderful thing about this is that ordering is extremely easy and the goods are shipped quickly. It is delivered to the front door. The variety of payment options also provides special security. Beside Paypal and credit card there are further options with which one can be sure that one does not take any risk here. 

It is really worth testing the product for yourself.

Byeinsect Bracelet Technical Details

In this part we would like to take a closer look at all the details:

  • The product is made of a skin-friendly material.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • The integrated lights provide information about function and battery condition.

We have already mentioned the problem with battery life. However, those who strictly adhere to regularly checking the control lamps will drive relatively safely here. In addition, the integrated band should not cause any skin reaction. It is made of a compatible material and nestles very well to the wrist.

sleep without mosquitoes

Byeinsect Bracelet Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we consider this product to be a good and new innovation, according to which some manufacturers should work in order to protect the environment. The use of insect spray is no longer necessary, which means that only harmful toxins are released into the air. More important, however, is the use of the natural concept, which we commend and think makes more sense. The product did a good job for us and our colleagues. It is also visibly reliable with other users. The fact that the manufacturer makes graduated offers makes the purchase immensely easier, although you have to be lucky when it comes to availability. So you should access it if you have the opportunity. We give the wristbands a good judgement because they safely protect you from mosquitoes and their painful bites. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link!*

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The product is distributed by a company called ECOMM Movadgency S.L.

A support page is provided for questions:

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