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To be woken up at night by the buzzing of mosquitoes, or in the worst case to suffer a bite, is part of the suffering of anyone who leaves his window open at night. This is especially difficult in summer, when it only cools down at night. Accordingly, one usually looks for a good Mosquito repellent,  which, however, is not always particularly good for your own health. The most don’t even protect you from the stings of those annoying creatures. Buzz B-Gone is intended to provide a remedy here, which works in a natural way and does completely without the use of chemical substances. In the following article we would like to explain in more detail what is behind Buzz B-Gone and what makes it so interesting for the user.


What’s the Buzz B-Gone?

Buzz B-Gone is a mosquito repellent device that works with a natural concept to avoid bites during the night but also during the day. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • easy control
  • particularly high success rate
  • easy cleaning
  • no harmful effect for the user
  • completely effective without chemical substances
  • applicable in all rooms

Buzz B Gone

First and foremost, the main aim is to ensure that the user is safe from mosquitoes in all rooms of his home and that he can rest safely at night without fear of possible bites. At the same time remains guaranteed, that no chemical substances are used to get rid of mosquitoes or to protect against bites. Accordingly, the device can also be used with children without exposing them to any danger.

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What does the Buzz B-Gone do?

Everybody knows the problem of suffering from mosquito bites, at the latest during the warm season. In the evenings and at night it is usually particularly bad if you are bitten while you are actually sleeping. To avoid this, there are numerous methods to ward off mosquitoes. The simplest are nets that are stretched in front of the windows, but which hardly let any air in because they are so tightly woven. In summer this is rather a torture. Nevertheless, there are methods to protect yourself at night by spraying yourself with some kind of product. This should also be a good Mosquito repellent but is often associated with the use of substances, which can damage the skin. This procedure is not recommended for children at all.

Buzz B-Gone instead provides a different concept of mosquito repellent, which you can use without chemicals and which also ensures that you can leave the windows open at night as you are used to. Because the device not only attracts the mosquitoes with its light, but also sucks them up at the same time, so that they don’t fly around in the room anymore. The next day, the depot is simply emptied and Buzz B-Gone can be used again. The handling is therefore completely uncomplicated and the protection factor is relatively high.


Why do I need the Buzz B-Gone?

The mosquito repellent device is basically aimed at anyone who would like to avoid a mosquito bite. Buzz B-Gone is interesting for young and old alike, as it is also completely uncomplicated to operate. Besides the irrelevance of age gender is not important. No matter if man or woman, both can use Buzz B-Gone without any problems. Also people can use the device for mosquito repellent, who have already tried comparable products, but had no success. Those who technically wish for something better than the typical UV lamps that you put up at night, but which do not always bring the desired success. Buzz B-Gone is therefore interesting for a very large target group that cannot be clearly defined.

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How is the product used?

Once you have received the mosquito repellent device, all you have to do is place it in a suitable location and connect it to a power outlet using a USB cable. Afterwards you can switch on the Buzz B-Gone and enjoy the appropriate protection against mosquito bites. The mosquito repellent is especially suitable for use in the bedroom, but mosquitoes can also be very annoying in the living room or study, so you’ll want to get rid of them. Also here you can set up a Buzz B-Gone without any problems and benefit from its features. The big advantage of operating Buzz B-Gone is its volume. This is not very high, so that you have a good night’s sleep can. Normally, you shouldn’t hear the mosquito repellent device at all.

Buzz B Gone Function


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every Gadget Buzz B-Gone also has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of. We would like to go into more detail here, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the mosquito repellent and how you can use it to avoid mosquito bites in the future. However, this list may help you decide whether Buzz B-Gone is right for you.


  • easy to usevery high success rate
  • works with a natural concept
  • works completely without chemicals
  • quiet working volume


  • none known

As you can see very well, Buzz B-Gone offers only advantages, but no disadvantages. You can use it completely safely. The mosquito repellent device has a very high success rate, from which you can benefit and thus protect against mosquito bites can. It can also be used at home, on holiday or in the office. The volume is very quiet and the device is also very easy to use. Thus it comes to an optimal mosquito repellent, which does not have any disadvantages, with which one must get along.

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General Buzz B-Gone test and quality characteristics

We wanted to know exactly what it was and so we tested Buzz B-Gone. As we will explain later, ordering was very easy, so we could quickly deal with the waiting time until our package arrived. Only a few days later, the parcel service brought the device to the mosquito repellent. We unpacked it and got an impression of the quality of workmanship, which all convinced us. So Buzz B-Gone made a solid impression. Afterwards we loaded the mosquito repellent device once and tested it.

Already last summer we could convince ourselves of the capability of this product and have already tried it at home. At night it effectively protected us from mosquito bites and brought an enormous relief. However, one thing must also be noted: For some mosquitoes. some people more appealing than others. So there is already a potential that appeals to mosquitoes to bite more easily. Therefore, it is possible that the mosquito repellent device may not provide 100% protection. The risk of being bitten by a mosquito is there, but it is significantly reduced. It is therefore in principle worthwhile for everyone to try Buzz B-Gone and form their own opinion. Many tried Buzz B-Gone and had a very good success.


General Buzz B-Gone experiences and opinions

While searching for information about Buzz B-Gone, we also looked at the experiences of other users and came across a few testimonials, all of which were positive. Most users agree that the mosquito repellent device works well and that they definitely don’t want to be without it during the warm season. It is easy to use and Buzz B-Gone is therefore a tried and tested means of fighting mosquitoes at night during the summer. In addition, there is the daily purpose to keep the mosquitoes away as well. So the device for mosquito repellent gives the necessary security all day and at night. Most users praised above all the simple operation and therefore recommend it with pleasure. The reliability is impressive and no chemical substances are used, as would be the case with a mosquito repellent spray.

The satisfaction is very high, so we could not find any negative reports at all. So we assume that many people are happy to recommend Buzz B-Gone to others and we conclude the search for reports of experiences in a positive way. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Buzz B-Gone problems?

After we could convince ourselves of Buzz B-Gone and also read the testimonials of other users, we can confirm that there are no problems with Buzz B-Gone. So we can clearly answer this question with “No”. However, you should always be aware that even if the success rate is very high, Buzz B-Gone cannot always protect you from mosquito bites. However, it can still happen from time to time.


Where can I buy Buzz B-Gone?

It is best to purchase Buzz B-Gone directly from the manufacturer. Only this way you can be sure that you get the original and not a problematic copy. Ideally, you can also use one of the offers provided by the manufacturer, which we will discuss in detail later. When you order Buzz B-Gone from the manufacturer, you simply use their website where they provide the mosquito repellent. There you have to fill out the form and then indicate how you want to pay. This is possible via easy options, like Paypal and credit card. Once you have completed this stage, all you have to do is click on the “order button” which seals the order. Now you only have to wait a few days until the package is sent to the shipping department and finally delivered. When you receive it, you can try out the mosquito repellent right away.

Let us now come to the special offers we mentioned at the beginning. From time to time the manufacturer makes them available and from which you can profit financially. These offers usually include several of the mosquito repellent devices, except that each one is much cheaper and you pay less than if you order Buzz B-Gone alone. You can use these offers if you want to order with friends, for example. This way, everyone gets something out of it. But of course it is also up to you if you prefer to order several Devices for mosquito repellent you would like to have available. How you shape it is ultimately your own decision. However, the offers are limited in time. So it is worthwhile to strike directly as soon as you get the chance.

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Buzz B-Gone Technical Details

At this point we would like to explain all the technical properties related to Buzz B-Gone. Unfortunately, the supplier is relatively reserved about this. Accordingly, we cannot list any meaningful properties at this point. We only know that the device has the following parameters:

  • gentle light that does not disturb the consumer
  • runs particularly quietly
  • can also be used at night without any problems

Unfortunately, that was it with the information we were able to gather about the product.


Buzz B-Gone evaluation and recommendation

We would like to recommend Buzz B-Gone very much at this point. The device effectively protects against mosquito bites and ensures that it can also run at night without being perceived as annoying. The operation is absolutely flawless and without effort, so that it can be used by young and old alike. can be used equally well. Buzz B-Gone scored very well in the test, as well as in the experiences of other users, as you could read in the testimonials. Buzz B-Gone has a very good price-performance ratio, because you can use special offers from the manufacturer to save money.


Below we have compiled the most frequently asked questions so that you can get an even better picture of the device:

  • How long is the delivery time? – The manufacturer points out that the delivery time can take up to 30 days. However, depending on where you order the device from, it can also be faster.
  • Is the payment completely secure? – There is always some risk with online services, but usually methods such as credit card or Paypal payment are particularly secure and even offer a balanced buyer protection that nothing can go wrong.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer is a person who has been looking for alternatives to offer his children the best possible protection. The company is called Think Tech Sales Limited. Here’s the full address: Think Tech Sales Limited, Rm 709B, 7/F, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, WAN CHAI, Hong Kong. For questions, a support email address has been set up as follows: More is not known about the provider.

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Technical details 8.0
Applicability 9.0
Price 8.0