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Dandruff is a real problem, which is not only unhealthy but also, combined with the right clothing, can be really disgusting. Somehow everyone has seen someone else at one time or another, where you got the impression that it had snowed on their shoulders or the upper part of their back, while actually the sun is shining. The cause of this is unpleasant dandruff, for which many people are ashamed off and are also difficult to get rid off. It is often difficult to get rid of them without medical help, which is often chemical in nature and harms rather than benefits the scalp, which is already sensitive enough. We have looked at Bliss Hair, explain where dandruff comes from and why they are there and explain how Bliss Hair can help. The manufacturer already promises an effect after three applications.

Actuellement, le constructeur propose même un rabais lorsque vous économisez jusqu'à 50 %. Cliquez simplement sur le bouton ci-dessous!

What is Bliss Hair?

bliss hairFirst of all, let’s take a look at what dandruff is. In principle, this refers to a form of the appearance of dandruff in the area of the scalp. Actually, however, it is only a collective term for a variety of illnesses that show up in their familiar form. Actually every human sheds dandruff. Only in the case of pathological manifestation does this occur in a much stronger intensity, the dandruff is well visible and a large part of the scalp is affected. When touching or moving the hair, the dandruff finally falls down, which not only looks unsighlty, but is regarded as unpleasant by many people and those affected from it. Itching, however, is a major problem that always occurs in the course of dandruff. The affected person scratches himself and wounds develop, pathogens penetrate deeper into the scalp and further diseases occur. The dandruff can be both greasy and dry. Dry dandruff is euquals a dry scalp. This is due to various diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Greasy dandruff, on the other hand, is not white like dry dandruff, but rather appears yellowish and is oily in its appearance. The scalp is usually too oily, for which a yeast fungus is the trigger. They stick the hair together and this is often associated with an unkempt appearance, which is actually the wrong approach. In conventional medicine, different methods are used to combat this disease. There are different shampoos that work with various ingredients depending on the cause of dandruff. However, these are often only partially effective and not always beneficial to health. With this product, only natural ingredients work exclusively to improve the scalp, but it is mainly useful if the scalp is too dry. And a scalp is usually already too dry by daily washing, which cannot be avoided with regular care. It stimulates hair growth and regeneration. Because the many wounds and changes in hair are often accompanied by hair loss. In contrast to other products, no sulphates are used here. Anyone suffering from a fungal infection can also use it. The advantages are presented by the manufacturer as follows:

  • No allergic reactions possible
  • Fungal infections are combated
  • can also be used for sensitive scalp
  • moisturizes the scalp
  • Skin and hair are supplied with nutrients
  • promotes natural respiration of the skin

With this concept, the product works to make the scalp elastic again and to eliminate dandruff.

Bliss Hair Ingredients

But what is in the lotion that combats dandruff and gives hair more energy? The revolutionary formula consists of:

  • Minerals
  • Essential oils
  • Plant extracts
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Herbal extracts

The manufacturer does not say what ingredients the product consists of in detail. It is only a fact that a healing effect is promoted and therefore good ingredients must be present. Healthy hair is healed thanks to the innovative solution and has a positive effect on the scalp. One bottle is sufficient for up to 150 applications and can therefore be used permanently without any problems. The natural ingredients also ensure that there are no side effects and that the product is suitable for everyone.

For whom is Bliss Hair suitable?

The product is suitable for people who generally suffer from dandruff. It does not matter whether the structure is oily or dry. It is a universal remedy suitable for both men and women. However, depending on the cause of hair loss, people with hair loss should not expect the hair to grow back again. The focus is often on people who have lost hair due to dandruff and inflammation of the skin. It is not effective against hereditary hair loss. Otherwise, it is really applicable to almost everyone.

How does the Bliss Hair effect work?

When used regularly, the individual ingredients have a positive effect on the skin and thus heal it. This is the prerequisite for a healthy scalp and ensures that no more dandruff than usual is shed. Accordingly, it is also important that the application is done correctly. A major advantage of the product is that other hair products can be used even after the application. After about two months of use, a healthier complexion should be present.

How do you use Bliss Hair?

The manufacturer has a recommendation for use. If you stick to it, you can already see an effect from the third application, which is relatively fast in contrast to other remedies. Here is the exact structure of how to use the product correctly: – It is used 2 to 3 times a week on the clean scalp – During the treatment you massage the remedy for about 1 to 2 minutes – it is not washed off – afterwards with other hair products the hair can be styled. The application is so simple and does not stick the hair unnecessarily together, so that you can integrate the application completely simply into the daily care.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bliss Hair?

In contrast to other products, Bliss Hair is based on natural ingredients and no preservatives or similar substances are used during production. There are also other advantages, but also disadvantages of the product, which we would like to list here briefly:


  • quick application
  • can be used in daily care
  • does not need to be rinsed out
  • already noticeable from the third time
  • recommended by specialists
  • easy to buy

Actuellement, le constructeur propose même un rabais lorsque vous économisez jusqu'à 50 %. Cliquez simplement sur le bouton ci-dessous!


  • only available from the manufacturer
  • there are few testimonials of experience
  • Ingredients are not known in detail

The advantages are absolutely paramount. It is advisable for everyone to simply try the product out, but to discontinue it in case of incompatibilities. This is unfortunately the problem, because the manufacturer does not specify exactly what he has used in his product. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended.

Are there any known Bliss Hair side effects?

According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects due to the natural ingredients. The product is easily tolerated and can also be used on very sensitive scalp. Therefore, you should also take a chance to try it out. In rare cases the remedy does not work, or only to a limited extent. In this case, it can be given longer time to achieve a better effect, or it can be discontinued. The same applies to any incompatibility that may become apparent during use.

General Bliss Hair test

Bliss Hair has a good quality. The mere fact that no chemical ingredients are used in the production process is a major advantage over other products of this kind. These often fight with chemical components, which then also cause side effects and may even damage the scalp more than be of use. Another quality feature is that you can enjoy a good service with your order. Because rarely do the manufacturers or suppliers accept getting paid for their products after the product has been delivered.

General Bliss Hair experience

Opinions vary widely. Unfortunately, there are not too many opinions to read on the Internet, but the ones you find are very positive. The product is used by different groups of people, which underlines its universal nature. Most of the users were enthusiastic, others could not find any effect. The manufacturer also says that it is individual for each person what constitutes the effect. Therefore, it is only advisable to simply try the product out for yourself and see if an effect is noticeable. Here you can read more customer experiences!

More customer reviews can be by clikcing this link!

What are the Bliss Hair costs?

For a bottle you pay 49 Euro in the offering-format of the manufacturer. Usually, however, a price of 98 euros is charged. It is therefore advisable to check with the manufacturer from time to time whether they have current offers and offer the product at a lower price.

Actuellement, le constructeur propose même un rabais lorsque vous économisez jusqu'à 50 %. Cliquez simplement sur le bouton ci-dessous!

Where can I buy Bliss Hair?

Bliss Hair is only available from the manufacturer, so a look at their homepage is always worthwhile. They offer the product at favorable conditions and also makes ordering extremely pleasant. Only the country you live in, your name and telephone number have to be noted. Afterwards you will be called by the service and can place your order there. The product will then be sent to you and the payment is done by cash on delivery. So it’s very simple!

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