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Blaux in Home – People believe that there is clean air in their own home where they can live well. But if you stay in the room for a certain time, then leave it and enter it again, you usually only notice how stale the air in it is. In most cases, people then open the windows in order to ventilate. But this is not always as effective as one would like. Especially in the summer and on rainy days there are often problems with this and the air inside is stuffier afterwards than before.

It also contains numerous particles that are harmful to our health but which we breathe in constantly. With a product like Blaux in Home, fresh air can be renewed in no time at all. In the following we would like to introduce the product in detail and go into its properties in a little more detail.


What is the Blaux in Home?

Blaux in Home is a so-called air washer that circulates the air in the interior and again provides fresh air. Those who check exactly how much dirt is in the air that we have in our home every day will probably get scared. In order to provide your home with fresh air, Blaux in Home is an essential gadget that you don’t want to do without. The manufacturer offers the following features:

  • draws bacteria, viruses, harmful substances and scents from the air
  • simple adjustment without necessary presettings
  • suitable for home, office, or on the road
  • quiet operation
  • inclusive night light
  • free from harmful ozone
  • patented precision design
  • replaceable charcoal filters

Blaux in Home

The Blaux in Home is an air washer that you can take practically anywhere. This makes it a valuable companion that you don’t want to miss on the road. Not only is it individually adjustable so that it can be used perfectly for your own needs, but it also has a throughput of up to 12 cubic feet per minute of air that is filtered. Thanks to its Dual Voltage, the air washer works practically anywhere, making it a great helper at home, in the office and on the road.

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What’s the point of Blaux in Home?

How much dirt there is in our air can mostly only be seen when some light falls through the window and it is relatively dark in the room. This is because the air is then filled with tiny particles, including dust, bacteria, viruses, and possibly also things like mould and other elements that are harmful to our health. In order to avoid such particles, many things are usually done, from manic cleaning mania to air filters.

But these measures do not always bring the desired success. In the long term, this leads to allergies or other symptoms of illness that cause problems for the residents. Those who do not counteract this will have problems with their own health in the long run. Another factor where the Blaux in Home is useful is with pet owners. Anyone who keeps a dog or cat knows that they cause certain smells that are difficult to get out of your nose when you are in a room for a while.

The air washer is also ideal for them. After all, this is where the Blaux in Home comes into play. The air washer takes the air and filters out all harmful particles. It filters a quantity of 12 cubic feet of air per minute. These particles get caught in the integrated carbon filter and are not released back into the air.

In addition to regular airing, the air washer can therefore have a positive effect on our health.


Why do I need the Blaux in Home?

The Blaux in Home is aimed at all people who want to live in a clean home without having to be afraid of getting infected with any diseases that can be transmitted by bacteria, viruses or other harmful substances in the air. Those who always want to clean their homes, but want to be as sure as possible that nothing is left in the air.

The age of the people concerned is irrelevant, as the air washer can be used by any user. The operation is easy and uncomplicated. It does not matter whether the user is male or female. Everyone benefits equally from using the Blaux in Home.

The Blaux in Home is also interesting for everyone who already suffers from allergies and wants to keep the surrounding air as free as possible from harmful substances and simply filter out odours. The air washer helps to keep the air in the room as free of harmful substances as possible and to make it much more pleasant for you.


How is the product used?

Using the Blaux in Home is completely uncomplicated and can be done by anyone, no matter how old they are. The Blaux in Home is simply plugged into the power outlet the first time it is used. Then you set the fan speed, of which there are three. These are easily adjustable and then the air washer does its job.

If desired, a replacement unit can also be simply plugged in and the air washer starts all over again. If you wish, you can also use the Blaux in Home as a night light. There is a corresponding button on the upper side for this purpose. By the way: If the operation of the Blaux in Home is temporarily not desired, simply switch off the air washer. It is important that you keep a good eye on the charcoal filter.

This is usually used up after several weeks of operation and the unit must be replaced. The offers provided by the manufacturer are suitable for this and we will go into them in detail later. There is not much more to say about the application.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

As every gadget, the air washer also has its advantages and disadvantages that we would like to summarize in the following This can also be a guideline for you if you are not yet sure whether the Blaux in Home is suitable for your needs. Thanks to the information provided, you will certainly find it easier to make a decision.

Blaux Vorteile


  • filters out bacteria, viruses and odours
  • simple usage
  • three fan speeds
  • easily replaceable
  • can be used both at home and on the road


  • no replacement kits available to replace the carbon filter

As you can see very clearly, the Blaux in Home has above all advantages that distinguish it. It is a popular and good companion both at home and on the move, filtering harmful substances from the air and thus providing fresh air. It has three levels that can be adjusted to suit your needs and it can be easily replaced when the charcoal filter is worn out. However, this is also its only disadvantage.

The air washer must be replaced completely, as there is no replacement for the carbon filters and you would only have to get a compatible replacement. So the Blaux in Home is not particularly sustainable, but it does have all the features that provide fresh air in the room.

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General Blaux in Home Test and quality features

Fresh air is also a valuable commodity in our offices, which we appreciate. We have therefore tested the device and found its operation and processing to be of very high quality. What we criticize are the missing carbon filters, for which it is not so easy to find a replacement. So you have to replace the complete device. However, if you prefer fresh air in your environment, you will have a lot of fun with this product.


General Blaux in Home Experiences and opinions

When we researched Blaux in Home, we naturally also looked at the opinions of other users and wanted to know whether they were also satisfied with the air washer. Most users reported that they didn’t really know beforehand how much dirt was actually present in their home, even though they clean regularly.

Even dusting promotes the development of such conditions even more. Regular airing was not enough. Allergy sufferers in particular came to Blaux in Home and described how the gadget had become an indispensable element in the home for them. They were all very satisfied with the air washer and would prefer not to give it out of their hands.

They are therefore also very happy to recommend Blaux in Home to other users. We could not find negative reports in our search. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there known Blaux in Home Problems?

The use and also the way of application is uncomplicated and really free of problems. However, we think that in today’s world, where there is a lot of emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, the matter could be solved differently with the carbon filter. Theoretically, it would make sense for the manufacturer to provide replacement kits with which the carbon filter could be easily replaced.

At the moment it is only possible to look for another, compatible alternative, but this has to be found first. However, this is not always guaranteed. However, if this is not the case, you will always have to go back to a new unit. Otherwise, there are no problems with Blaux in Home.


Where can I Blaux in Home buy?

The best way to buy Blaux in Home is through the manufacturer itself. They offer the air washer on their own homepage, where they also have special offers for customers. But let’s come to the order first. Blaux in Home is simply ordered via a form in which the interested party must enter his data and then send it off. He can also vary the corresponding quantities and is then forwarded to the payment.

One does not have to worry about the risk here, as the manufacturer offers different options for Blaux in Home. Credit card and Paypal are very safe and uncomplicated nowadays. Usually, the shipment will take place shortly afterwards, whereupon you can already hold the package in your hands a few days later. Blaux in Home is distributed by the provider in various graduated offers.

This means that one offer includes several devices at once. If one wants to use the air washer for the fresh air in the long run, these offers are a good alternative to the single purchase. Moreover, each device in the offer is cheaper. Accordingly, it is also worthwhile to have a look at the air washer from time to time and take advantage of the offer if it is available.

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Blaux in Home Technical details

To understand how the Blaux works in Home, it is interesting to take a closer look at its technical features. A big problem, however, is that the manufacturer hardly gives any information about the device. However, here we describe how the device works and what we know about the technology:

  • high-tech device
  • integrated ionizer
  • cleans the air, deodorizes and washes
  • Dual Voltage 110/220 Volt
  • exchangeable wall plug for the socket

Although the carbon filter is replaceable, there is no replacement provided by the manufacturer. In general, however, the Blaux in Home has all the technology that is important for its operation.


Blaux in Home Evaluation and recommendation

The Blaux in Home is an air washer that can be used to eliminate harmful substances in the air as well as to improve the smell. It clearly provides fresh air in all living spaces and can be used both at home and on the move. We are very happy to recommend the Blaux in Home to others and think that it has also inspired many other users.

The air washer is especially popular with allergy sufferers and pet owners because it filters unpleasant odours or particles from the air that can cause health problems. With its simple operation, the Blaux in Home is ideal for use for several months before the carbon filter needs to be replaced. If it now also had the option of simply buying it from the supplier, it would be perfect for long-term use.

Here the manufacturer could make further improvements. Nevertheless, the fresh air it generates indoors is a boon to every user.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The Blaux in Home is distributed by a company called Strong Current Enterprises Limited. The full address is 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong. There is also an email address for air washer support. This is More is not known about the supplier.



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