Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Reviews, Functions and Price

Even at home in your own four walls, the air quality is not necessarily the best. Therefore one tries to find methods to change this. An air filter is usually most effective in this case. But this should have a strong filtration. The devices available on the market do not always do exactly what you want them to do. Therefore, today we are introducing the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. This air purifier has selective air purification and good filtration, which can be used very well in the home. In the following we have summarized what is important and would like to explain what else you should know about the device.

What is the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner?

The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is an air cleaner that works with strong filtration and which To improve the air inside living spaces. For this he has all the attributes that one expects from him. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the following properties:

  • One-button operation for easy handling
  • Grid pattern with vents for better ventilation
  • Lightweight – It is easy to take with you to work or on vacation
  • Charging takes place via USB-C, which is uncomplicated and possible anywhere
  • low noise development
  • works with ionization technology

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As you can see, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner has all the properties you would expect from a good device. Not only is it transportable from one room to another, but it also cleans the air well. It is regularly operated by a rechargeable battery, which – when it runs empty – be recharged can. In addition, it is practically very easy to take with you from A to B.

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Why should this product help me?

Allergy sufferers in particular appreciate the work of an air purifier. With Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner, this is very easy to do. Furthermore, you have the security that an activated carbon filter can be used in its interior over a longer period of time. This only needs to be replaced every nine months. However, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner not only helps allergy sufferers, it can also be of great service in a regular household. Because here, too, the use of an air purifier is indicated. The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner catches thanks to strong filtration not only kill bacteria and takes it out of the air. At the same time, it is possible that viruses can also be caught and thus eliminated. In this way, the air purifier can be used for several purposes.

What is the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Audience?

In principle, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner helps people of all ages. In addition, it is not necessary to have specific technical know-how, because the air purifier can be controlled at the push of a button. More is simply not necessary for this. It can also be used by anyone who has previously used a comparison device but was not satisfied with it. The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner guarantees in all living spaces of five to ten square meters better air and, thanks to its strong filtration, is not only worth buying for allergy sufferers. In addition, there are simply many people who would like to protect themselves from viruses or bacteria, as well as other pollutants in the air. For them, too, the use of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner and its powerful filtration is a great advantage.

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How is the product used?

The simple thing is the one-button control, which makes the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner an easy-to-use device. Once you have received it, the first thing to do is recharge it. This is done via an integrated USB-C interface. This means that it can be charged on any computer or at the socket using an adapter. Then you simply set it up centrally in a room and switch it on. The device takes care of everything else by itself. If it is no longer needed, you just turn it off. It also makes sense to change the air filter every nine months. In this way, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner remains true to its performance for a long time and does what it should.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the air purifier?

As with any gadget, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner has a few advantages and disadvantages that one should be aware of. Therefore we summarize them for you below. This means that you have an even easier decision to make and you can concentrate fully on whether the air purifier is right for you.


  • uncomplicated operation
  • can be used anywhere
  • easy charging via USB-C, ergo battery operation
  • replaceable air filter
  • simply clean air


  • not known

As you can see, you don’t need to worry about any disadvantages with the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. Because it does a good job and provides you with the clean air you need. You can simply take it with you wherever you go and thus the air purifier at home as well as in the office. It is easy to use and, thanks to its strong filtration, can be used for rooms between five and ten square meters. Actually, with the use of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner you only have advantages and do not have to accept any disadvantages.

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Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Quality Seal and Features

Of course, we wanted to know more about it and did an in-depth test. We checked whether the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner can really do what the manufacturer promises and whether it provides more pleasant air. We also made sure that it really creates better air and that it is overall what you expect. To do this, we initially ordered the air purifier, which was easy to do. When we received it, the first thing we did was charge it was possible without difficulty. Users only need an adapter for the socket or simply use a USB port on the computer. When the device was fully charged, we simply tried the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner.

According to the manufacturer, it should be set up in rooms that are between five and ten square meters in size. We followed this guideline. After a short time, we had the feeling that the air purifier had provided better air here. Incidentally, the operation was running absolutely uncomplicated. Thus, the manufacturer did not promise too much and the air purifier can also be used by those who do not have too much technical know-how. All you have to do is press the button on the top of the device and you’re ready to go. There is actually nothing more to consider. Finally, we checked how easy it is to replace the air filter and can confirm that this is not a problem. Simply open the device, replace the air filter and reassemble. Overall, we were very satisfied, because the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner has a strong filtration system that everyone can benefit from.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Opinions

When researching further information, we also kept an eye out for the opinions of other users who had already tried the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. The air purifier does a good job and is therefore a good addition to most. The experience reports that we found were extremely positive and reflected the picture, which we could already determine in our test. The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is worth a good purchase, does its job well and is perfect to use in your own home as well as at work. Most of them would therefore be happy to recommend it to others and would no longer want to do without the air purifier. Its simple operation, which is simply done at the push of a button, is also repeatedly praised. So the air purifier was well received. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there any known technical issues?

Of course, it makes sense to always pay attention to whether there are technical problems with a device or not. We have therefore also checked this with the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. However, we could not find any problems. Because the operation is easy, even the replacement of the air filter shows no problems whatsoever on. All in all, we can clearly answer this question with “No!” respond.

Where can I buy Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner?

Buying the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is actually quite simple. It is best to order the air purifier on the manufacturer’s website. Here you can be sure that you are not only getting the original, but also of good quality. You can also benefit from the purchase because it is easy on the wallet. The manufacturer offers the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner in several formats. Either it is half the price or there are graduated offers that contain several air purifiers at the same time. Then there is an excellent price so that you can pays less per device like placing a single order. But be careful: These offer formats are only available for a certain period of time. If these offers expire, it is not clear when or if they will return. So you should always grab it when you can.

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Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Technical Facts

As far as the technical properties are concerned, the manufacturer of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner keeps a low profile. Nevertheless, we want to summarize what we were able to find out.

  • He works with a technology for negative ionization of the air.
  • Mood light adjustable in several colors.
  • Charging takes place via a USB-C cable.
  • The air filter can be changed easily.

As you can see, the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner not only has strong filtration, but also all the properties that a decent cleaner needs. So HE can can be used in many ways and has what it takes to be set up in rooms between five and ten square meters in size.

What is the ordering process like?

For the ordering process, you simply go to the manufacturer’s website and select one of the offers mentioned there. Then you just have to enter a few personal details in the order form and you can then choose how you want to pay for the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner. Safe methods such as PayPal or credit card are ideal for this. So you are in any case very safe when buying. Then you simply place the order and receive an email including an overview, where you can read everything again in detail. If the air purifier including strong filtration is then sent, you will receive another mail. In this email you will find a shipment link that you can use to check online where the package is currently located. So you always have a full overview. No more is necessary for the order.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Evaluation and Recommendation

Overall, we describe the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner as an optimal air cleaner that not only has strong filtration, but can also be taken with you at home and in the office. Overall, we are happy to recommend him and think that he a good asset could be. The air purifier is easy to use, has no disadvantages and is therefore ideal for anyone looking for a device that is simply uncomplicated.


In this section we explain the last questions that might have arisen while reading. In this way, we want to give you an even better insight into the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner.

  • Q: What is negative ionisation?
  • A: The technology with which the Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner works is called negative ionisation. Negatively charged ions are released into the air. They are harmless to humans, but bacteria and other airborne particles are eliminated.
  • Q: How often do I have to change the air filter?
  • A: The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner should be changed every nine months.
Information about the provider or shipping partner

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