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Blade 720 – Considering today that the first drones were used on a military basis to spy on others, this is conceivable today. Drones have become a nice hobby, not only for those who like to get planes in the air.

Nowadays, drones are also a popular means of taking photos or video recordings from the air. However, most models have a significant problem: they dono long battery life and crash within a short time, no long battery life and crash within a short time, an automatic landing when the battery is approaching the end. Moreover, many models cost a lot of money, which is simply not feasible with a small budget.

Therefore we would like to introduce the Blade 720 here:A Selfie drone that is easy to fly, takes good pictures and is easy to operate. We will explain its technical characteristics and what you can do with it.


What is Blade 720?

The Blade 720 is a selfie drone, as mentioned above. It was developed with precision and is especially suitable for people who like to fly drones. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors and takes action scenes as well as beautiful nature shots from the air. It can be folded up and is therefore the perfect tool for on the go. Here are the features that the manufacturer puts in the foreground:

  • the drone is foldable
  • has a light weight
  • is very hard-wearing against damage from outside
  • High-tech technology
  • good battery life
  • different flight modes

Blade 720

Thanks to the availability of different flight modes, it can be used for many purposes and is therefore an all-round drone when it comes to recording video material. She also takes photos. In addition, the user does not have to worry much about damage, as it is generally very durable. Due to the light weight, the control is very easy to operate.

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What does Blade 720 do?

Anyone who travels a lot in nature also knows about its beauty. If you also like taking pictures, this drone is the right partner for you. It is a good video recorder and a self-sufficient drone that is also very useful for nature photography. Since it can be easily operated with a smartphone is connected, you can check the recordings directly and also steer them by app.

This makes the project very simple and it is definitely something for beginners who have not yet gained any experience with drones.


Why do I need Blade 720?

The Selfie drone is aimed at all those who like to go out and take video recordings. The high performance camera is designed for scenes that need to be recorded in particularly good quality, the operation is very easy. Therefore the product is aimed at people of all ages. The only thing you need to know how to use the app is how to use a smartphone. Whether male or female is not important at all.

In principle, everyone can benefit from it, as long as they are only a little bit interested in the topic and the devices. It is also aimed at people who don’t want to spend too much on a drone, but still want top quality. With the device presented here, professional video and photo recordings are possible, which normally only drones, which are very expensive, can take.

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How is the product used?

The operation is completely simple and therefore makes the Selfie drone so attractive for everyone who wants to fly a drone. It is simply switched on and paired with the smartphone. Afterwards you have to download an app to ensure the control.

Afterwards you should try out some of the flight modes to get familiar with the device. Theoretically it can be flown perfectly at this point. So if you have some experience with drones in general, you will have no problems with it. Beginners can get started after a short time of Check it out also start and make the first video recordings with the drone.

The data is immediately redirected to the mobile phone, where it can be edited. The app is very helpful for adjustment and control and is practically self-explanatory. More is absolutely not included.


Blade 720 Use


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like any gadget, the Selfie drone has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be explained in advance. Therefore, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages below, which may also help you to make your purchase decision if you are not yet sure if the drone is suitable for your use.


  • easy flight characteristics
  • several flight modes selectable
  • good video and photo recordings possible
  • long battery life
  • high manufacturing quality


  • none known

As you can see, the device only has advantages from which you as a user can benefit. This is why it is so well suited for beginners and advanced users without being particularly expensive. It is easy to control due to its easy flight characteristics, the app also contributes to this. The video and photo recordings are impressive.

For this purpose, it has foldable axles that can be easily used to take it with you on the road. The battery life is also impressive. All in all a solid equipment, with which one can work well.

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General Blade 720 test and quality features

Of course we wanted to know more about it and did a test. First of all, we looked at the workmanship, because this is often not of high quality with cheap drones. However, after the drone has unfolded its axles, it looks solid and lies well in the hand.

Folded in, it is a good companion on the road, which is very useful for taking snapshots. It is very easy to use after downloading the app and connecting the device to the smartphone. As it can be controlled via the smartphone, the later processing of the recordings is also simplified, as this can be done right on the mobile phone. If you want, you can of course also download the data to your computer.

The quality of the recordings is good, we could not complain here. Overall, the device made a good impression, which is why we would like to give the Selfie drone a good rating.


General Blade 720 experiences and opinions

Other users have also already been able to convince themselves of the Selfie drone, as we have found out from numerous field reports. The users appreciate the easy handling and the small format, which makes it easy to take it with you on the road. Among the users were people who have never tried a drone before as well as advanced users who have already worked with high-priced models.

Overall they described the model as very solid and well suited for beginners. Many are enthusiastic about the easy flight behaviour and the results of the video and photo shootings. They therefore recommend the drone with great pleasure and think that it is very well suited for quick shots. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Are there any known Blade 720 problems?

Both in the test and in the experience reports of others, we could not find anything that would make the drone function negatively noticeable. There were no problems because of this and therefore we think that we can answer this question clearly with a “no”.


Where can I buy Blade 720?

The drone is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer sells the model directly via his own homepage, where he also provides relay offers. The special feature of the graduated offers is that you can get several models at a preferential price and pay less per drone than if you order them individually.

Incidentally, the order is made using an easy-to-understand form and can be submitted directly. In addition there are moderate payment options, which can be lowest possible risk are connected. Examples would be Paypal and credit card. The shipping is fast, a few days after the order the product arrives already at home. So it really couldn’t be easier!

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Blade 720 Technical Details

Let us now turn to the technical details that make up the drone. We did some research and came across the following technical details:

  • Drone is foldable
  • integrated gravity sensor
  • Photos and videos are recorded in HD quality
  • Slow-motion mode
  • increased flight duration possible
  • up to 12 meters per second
  • covers a distance of up to 2 kilometers
  • Panorama mode available

The drone is designed in such a way that the propellers can be folded without any problems, so that they can easily be stored in the bag when travelling. The recordings are stored in HD quality and thus use the optimal conditions of the integrated 12 megapixel camera. Collisions are categorically avoided, thanks to the gravitational sensor.

Ground and obstacles are very well perceived and flown around. The different recording modes such as panorama and slow motion complete the versatility of the drone and make it an indispensable companion in nature. 360-degree photos are taken at the push of a button. It covers up to two kilometres, measured in time it is a whole 12 minutes.


Blade 720 Evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we give the drone a good rating, as it is not only easy to fly, but also takes good pictures. For those who like to work with drones in their hobby, it is an excellent gadget that you won’t want to do without any more.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The manufacturer is a company based in Malta and has the following address MDE Commerce Ltd. 29, Triq il-Kbira, Hal-Balzan, BZN 1259, Malta. For questions, a support email address is also set up, the address of which is as follows:

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Blade 720

Technical details 9.0
Applicability 8.5
Price 7.0