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The nights when we are plagued by mosquitoes are becoming more and more. Every morning we get up and count new bites that have joined the old ones. With time the skin is drawn like a crater landscape, because every bite itches and sometimes you give in to scratching. But the stitches heal correspondingly badly afterwards. In order to prevent this, there are numerous remedies on the market, but all work with chemicals. These are not only harmful to our skin, allergy sufferers get even more problems with them. They may even cause side effects. To avoid this, there is the possibility to use the device presented here. BiteEraser fights completely without chemicals and allows the one-button use, which offers immediate relief in case of a mosquito bite. We have introduced the product once and would like to summarize everything about it below so that you can get a good picture of it.


What is the BiteEraser?

Bite Eraser is a product that treats the bites of mosquitoes in such a way that they are simply no longer felt. Normally, such a bite can become very inflamed, also due to the attraction of constantly wanting to scratch it. With the BiteEraser, however, exactly this behaviour is avoided, because it dissolves the components in the wound without the use of chemicals. It simply does not itch anymore. Thereby the product totally straightforward to use and even with children no problem. The manufacturer emphasizes the following features:

  • simple one-button operation
  • immediate effect without chemicals
  • can also be used several times
  • totally safe use
  • rechargeable
  • always ready to hand on the road


So it is also a device that can be taken along on the road without any difficulties. This makes it an integral part of the household as well as when traveling, or when you are otherwise out in the fresh air. Quickly it will sting and you will have the device safely in your pocket and you can immediate care aspire to. In fact, it actually promotes a certain quality of life, because the stitches can cause a lot of pain under certain circumstances, but this does not happen at all as a result of using the product.

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What does the BiteEraser help with?

everybody knows the problem, especially in the warm season, that you wake up in the morning and you are bite by mosquito bites. This problem can usually only be remedied or prevented with chemicals. However, this is not appropriate for children and can generally be accompanied by considerable side effects. Therefore, most people do not take any prophylaxis with regard to the bites at all, but resign themselves to them. The BiteEraser, on the other hand, makes sure that if a mosquito bite occurs, it is treated equally well and it takes away the itching that always accompanies such a bite. Even if it occurs again later, you can Repeat treatment with the device and thus avert the problem again. The big advantage is probably the fact that the BiteEraser does not use any chemicals, let alone requires special know-how because of the two. Therefore, for many people it is the best alternative in terms of the treatment of stitches.


Why do I need the BiteEraser?

The BiteEraser is aimed at all people who are looking for an alternative to chemical methods to ward off mosquito bites and treat them when they have happened. Most of them always feel an unpleasant itching afterwards, which sometimes makes them scratch their blood. This is effectively avoided with the BiteEraser. It solves the problem of mosquito bites in seconds and thus also allows the skin to heal more easily. Therefore the device can be used against mosquito bites by all age groups without any problems. The BiteEraser provides for young and old equally for a good effect. It is irrelevant which gender you belong to. Women and men can use the BiteEraser equally well. As you can see, the target group is not necessarily fixed, so that it cannot be clearly defined.


How is the product used?

If a mosquito bite occurs, the BiteEraser is used. There is a button on it. First of all you point the device at the mosquito bite and switch it on with the corresponding button. A few seconds later you can switch it off again and have done everything that is necessary. The itching will disappear within seconds and thus an easier Healing of the affected area guarantee. All in all, this is all you need to know for a treatment with the BiteEraser.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, the BiteEraser has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize for you below. With the help of this list, you may also be able to decide more easily whether the gadget is suitable for you against mosquito bites. It can be a purchase decision aid if you are not quite sure if the BiteEraser is the right one for you.


  • easy use
  • reapplicable
  • does not use any chemicals
  • especially safe handling, also for children
  • Itching is effectively alleviated


  • none known

As you can see very well, the BiteEraser has only advantages from which you can benefit. Its use is completely safe, not only for adults but also for children. In addition, it successfully relieves itching and is therefore a wonderful option in case of mosquito bites, which you can use on the road can. No chemicals are used, as is the case with many other products that work against mosquito bites.

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General BiteEraser test and quality features

We wanted to know more about it and have tested the BiteEraser. We ordered the device against mosquito bites and finally tried it out. The handling seems to be very easy. Because the product against mosquito bites is simply held on the bite and switched on. Already in a few seconds the Pain and itching …or it can be your undoing. Afterwards you don’t feel anything of the problem anymore and so you just wait until the wound heals. By scratching less on it, it is also over faster. If itching does occur later on in spite of this, the treated area is simply treated again. This will repeatedly relieve the itching and you will be able to cope better. All in all we were very satisfied with the BiteEraser.

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General BiteEraser experiences and opinions

We had a look around the internet and wanted to know what results other users could achieve with the BiteEraser. We found some testimonials that reported that the use as well as the effect of BiteEraser works well and that they could handle a mosquito bite well when using the device. The itching disappeared and so they were able to deal well with the problem even after a hard night’s sleep after having been bitten several times. Most of them described that the effect occurs within a few seconds, which is a good way to avoid a mosquito bite. The itching can occur from time to time, but in this case, a new treatment with the BiteEraser is the only way to feel relief within a few seconds. Most users recommend the device against mosquito bites and were very enthusiastic about it. However, we could not find any negative reports. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *

Are there known BiteEraser problems?

We not only did the test, but also read many field reports. In all of them we could not find any problems with the BiteEraser, so that we can answer this question clearly with “No”. However, it is important to use it professionally. For this, however, no special know-how is required, but simply to follow the instructions in the operating manual.


Where can I buy BiteEraser?

It is best to order BiteEraser directly from the manufacturer itself. The manufacturer has its own website on the Internet, through which it offers various formats of offers for purchase. These offer formats include not only one BiteEraser, but several, so that you always have a device in your pocket for every situation when a mosquito bite occurs. You can also use the offers to buy a BiteEraser together with a friend or acquaintance. To place an order. This way you can save a lot of money in any case. Because the individual device itself is always cheaper than if you buy it in a single order.

However, it should be noted that the offers are only a temporary matter. The manufacturer will add new offers over time, but there is no guarantee that they will include the same conditions. It is therefore advisable to strike as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

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BiteEraser Technical Details

As far as the technical features of the BiteEraser are concerned, the manufacturer is relatively reserved. However, we have been able to find out a few characteristics and would like to present them below manageable so that you can get a better picture of it.

  • applicable a moment after the bite
  • suitable for adults and children
  • completely safe use of the device
  • dissolves the stimulus to itch
  • One-button operation, therefore very simple

In principle, anyone can easily handle this device, as it only requires the use of a single button. After that, an effect has already occurred in most cases, so that one even doesn’t have to do anything else.


How does the ordering process work?

The ordering process of BiteEraser is very easy and completed within minutes. All you have to do is fill out the corresponding form and choose which offer format you want to take advantage of. Afterwards you only have to pay the BiteEraser, which is possible through secure methods. Paypal or credit card is one of them. This way you can also feel very safe when you order the device against mosquito bites. For example seven to ten days after the device against mosquito bites will be delivered to you by mail and you can try it out right away. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


BiteEraser evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we describe the capabilities of the BiteEraser as very efficient. Mosquito bites are treated effectively, so that the skin can heal more easily afterwards. A repeated treatment is also conceivable, because no chemicals whatsoever burden the organism. Therefore it is recommended to use the device whenever a bite occurs. We would like to recommend the device very much and we think that everyone who is looking for an alternative for chemicals will get a good device that they can easily work with, when he gets stung. It can be used by children and adults alike and is recommended by all users who have already tried it.



Finally, we would like to answer all remaining questions in order to provide you with further information.

  • What is included in the delivery? – The device, a charging cable and an operating manual are included in the scope of delivery.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? – If you are not satisfied with the product, there is a possibility to return it within 30 days and get your money back.
  • Are there any shipping costs? – That depends on whether you use one of the offers or not. There are times when the provider does not charge any shipping costs.
  • What distinguishes BiteEraser from other possibilities? – The BiteEraser practically dissolves the components within the wound, which other products are not able to do or use chemicals for this purpose. The device, on the other hand, does not use any chemicals whatsoever, which makes it perfectly suitable for use on children.
  • How long is the delivery time? – Normally the product arrives at the recipient within 30 days. However, it depends on where you order the product from. Then it may take a little longer.
  • Are the offers time limited? – Yes! Therefore, it is recommended to strike as long as you are offered the opportunity. Only then can you be sure that you will soon be able to hold the product in your hands. Otherwise, you can wait a little while until new offers arrive.


Information about the provider or shipping partner

The provider is a company that has the following address Novads OU, Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia. A support email address is available for questions, ideally in English. This is: There is also an international telephone contact available, which cannot be reached from Germany. However, the international hotline is a good option. It is: +44 20 3808 9234 and can be reached 24 hours a day.

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Technical Details 8.5
Applicability 8.5
Price 7.5