Bitcoin Wealth – What is it?

Bitcoin Wealth is a synthetic money trading platform. This platform specializes in the purchase and sale of crypto currencies. These are usually bitcoin, rarely other artificial currencies. The system takes over the trading with the synthetic completely alone and without the intervention of the investor. With the help of modern algorithms, it scans the course of countless stock market prices while simultaneously accessing hundreds of databases. According to the providers, the systems are able to trade with an almost 100 percent success rate. For you as an investor, such a platform would have nothing but advantages. If you use one of the trading platforms to trade with a crypto currency, you could double your capital almost every day. There would be no risks if the systems really functioned as described by their creators. However, you can only use the trading system if you register there with your name and e-mail address. You also have to pay a different amount from provider to provider. Immediately afterwards the trader starts to calculate your individual market chances. It takes over for you all the tasks that a broker would otherwise have to perform: He observes the market, speculates, buys, holds and sells again and explores promising investment opportunities.

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What does Bitcoin Wealth Software promise?

For you as a user, the Trader software promises unheard-of success in trading synthetic currencies. And not only that. The system saves you an enormous amount of time and effort. Normally, if you want to be successful in trading crypto currencies, you need a lot of experience. To do this, you have to read yourself into the subject matter with great effort. For a successful investment, you should also continuously collect and analyze a series of number-intensive information. However, you should not allow yourself too long to evaluate and decide for or against an investment. This is because the purchase and sales prices of artificial currencies change almost every few seconds.

Bitcoin Wealth

What seemed to you to be quite lucrative can be a huge flop the next moment. You lose a lot of money if you hesitate and miss the chance. The trading platform eliminates this human factor. Everything that a broker does with a lot of effort and with more or less success, as the makers promise, is done automatically and at the push of a button. That is also the reason why there are only winners in the systems and you can more than double the money invested there easily and without any effort.


What are the Bitcoin Wealth costs?

To use the trading platform, you must register on the platform’s website. A sporadic visit and the use according to taste is therefore not possible. This means that you have to choose a platform. Once you have registered, you pay a deposit. For most platforms it is at least 250 euros. Of course, you can also deposit more if you trust the system. The 250 Euro is only a base amount, with which the trading platform starts to trade with crypto currencies for you. Some traders advertise on their website with a free trade. Others have so-called spreats. These are the different prices for which bitcoins (more expensive) are bought and (cheaper) sold again. These costs are already included in the transfers and come from the investor’s portfolio. There are no other fees for the platforms, for example for the purchase and sale or the safekeeping of capital.


Is Bitcoin Wealth Fraud And Fake?

The question whether Bitcoin Wealth is a serious trading strategy or a fake is a divisive one. Problematic for many is the lurid way in which many a trading system advertises itself and its alleged successes. There invested sums are almost doubled overnight and happy investors report of their first million, which they want to have made within fewer weeks with the concerning trading strategy. The platforms fail to provide any proof. However, fake and fraud cannot be proven either. However, you should keep in mind that trading in crypto currencies, like any speculation on stock exchanges, is risky. Bitcoin and other artificial currencies always fluctuate very strongly in their exchange rates.

The fact that investors double their investment in one day with a certain trading strategy is probably an exaggeration. No system can guarantee this, even if it is based on the most sophisticated algorithms. In addition, negative reports and reports are accumulating on the Internet. Especially the comment columns in forums, which deal with Bitcoin and Co, do not give a good hint

Experts with many years of experience in the financial market regard the software as a huge fraud. Whether the trading system is really nothing more than a big fraud, however, cannot be said with absolute certainty. The fact is, however, that the negative reports suggest such an assumption. Thus on the web presence of some traders there are supposed to be many faked posts from investors. A strong indication for these fakes, according to some reviewers, are the photos of the alleged traders. They came from a photo database and would appear in English versions of the platform with different names.


What should I pay attention to with such programs?

A trading system for bitcoin and other synthetic currencies is not a regulated program. The providers have developed their software and offers according to their own ideas. Which algorithms underlie the respective trading system, you as a user can not see through. Because the programmes are not regulated, no official body is concerned to identify or take action against any fraud. In comparison, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) protects the interests of bank customers and investors with traditional financial products from banks and insurance companies. Its main objective is a stable and functioning financial system. The scene around the Bitcoins trade is still miles away.


General Bitcoin Wealth functionality

The way Bitcoin Wealth works is the same for all systems. If you are interested in one of the systems, you have to go to the site of the provider. There you take the following steps:

  • Enter your name and e-mail address in the form below
  • then generate a password for your personal area
  • your password gives you exclusive access to your area
  • the system asks you to transfer your initial capital of at least 250 euros
  • Once you have done this, activate Auto-Trading with an appropriate button.

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General Bitcoin Wealth Experience

Recently, the negative voices have increased on the Internet when it comes to platforms for trading in artificial currencies. Bitcoin Wealth ‘s reputation is not the best. You should keep in mind that the entire synthetic currency market currently has a very bad reputation. After a period of high flights, the exchange rate of the synthetic currencies has returned to the hard reality. Many investors are now reporting high losses from trading Bitcoin. Others are making profits. However, these are no longer in the areas that the platforms want to suggest to you with their original advertising promises. More customer reviews can be seen by by clicking this link! *


What are the experiences with a Bitcoin Wealth payout?

The negative reports are particularly numerous when it comes to the payout of Bitcoun traders. Customers often report that it is no longer possible to reverse deposits once they have been paid, once the money has been debited from their own account or credit card. This means that it is not possible to exit the system. The vast majority of customers also wait in vain for transfers of the high profits. The capital is virtually to be seen in the customer area of the software. However, it is difficult to book it into your account in euros and cents. Annoyed investors even report that some brokers could no longer be reached after the deposit of 250 euros and they could never realize their profits because there was no trading at all.


Is Bitcoin Wealth Download required?

A download of software is not necessary for the Bitcoin trade. The trading strategy on the trading platforms works online and only directly on the broker’s website. The software there performs calculations, analyses and investments in real time. After you have registered on the site, you are directly in this system and participate in automated trading with your investment.

You have no influence on the way of trading with the synthetic currencies. When you registered, you gave your money to a broker who acts for you from that moment on. Bitcoin Wealth carries out the price analyses for them, checks the various databases and exchanges and decides independently whether to buy, hold or sell off the artificial currency. You can’t interfere with the system at any time.

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Is Bitcoin Wealth serious?

Whether Bitcoin Wealth are serious platforms cannot be said with absolute certainty. The number of negative comments prevails at the moment. If you want to use the trading systems for yourself, you should not rely solely on the statements of Bitcoin Wealth Reviews. It makes sense to investigate for yourself whether the sources are serious and reliable. We have summarized in our recommendations which points you need to focus on in particular.

Of course you can try your luck trading artificial currencies. In fact, there are one or two trading systems that work. Gains are not guaranteed with any trading strategy. So never put all your eggs in one basket. And speculate only with money you don’t need badly.


Bitcoin Wealth

Invest 5.0
Risk 5.0
Overall Rating 5.0