Bitcoin Trader – What is it?

The Bitcoin Trader includes a platform for trading the crypto currency of the same name. Other crypto currencies such as Ripple or Ethereum are not offered. Behind the trading concept is a software which permanently monitors the international trade with Bitcoins. The aim of using the Bitcoin Trader is to create an algorithm based on the collected data. This is to deliver current prognoses, with which also laymen succeed to obtain high profits in the trading with Bitcoins. The website shows the accuracy of these forecasts at 99.4%. Based on this accuracy, Bitcoin Trader advertises very boldly with profits that double the invested amounts daily. The Bitcoin Trader platform does not take on the role of a broker itself, but acts as an intermediary. The deposited money is passed on to an external broker from whom the transactions are made. However, there are no warnings about the existing risk.

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What does the Bitcoin Trader software promise?

The presented trader pursues a comprehensive trading strategy, which should make it superfluous to have even a large specialized knowledge. This concerns both the knowledge of crypto currencies themselves and the factors that favour fluctuations in trade. The trading system is therefore primarily aimed at people who have learned about the boom in digital currencies and would like to share in the high profits they have made themselves. Your own research should therefore be completely omitted. This is replaced by software that permanently scans the current trade with Bitcoins. These countless amounts of data are collected and made available to the user of the platform as forecasts. Those responsible promise that the software currently has an accuracy of 99.4% and, in addition, is 0.01 seconds ahead of the transactions executed. This trading scope should allow users to capitalize on this knowledge advantage. Nevertheless, the website promises that the workload will be within a manageable range of only 20 minutes per day. Members would also earn an average of $1300 a day. Overall, however, the information provided by the provider is very limited. The only way to get an idea of how the software works is by opening your own account.

Bitcoin Trader


What Are The Bitcoin Trader Costs?

There are no costs for the use of the trading strategy offered. No user has to pay transaction fees or a percentage of the profit. However, the software can only be used if a deposit is made to the account of the external broker beforehand. This cannot be selected completely freely, since the offerer plans for this a minimum of 250 EUR. The upper limits are open, so it is very important to set a limit before registering for this trading platform. As with a visit to the casino, the very high risk should also be taken into account here. As fast possibility additional capital for the purchase of a real estate to generate or the increase of the vacation cash this plant form is unsuitable.


Is Bitcoin Trader Fraud and Fake?

On the net, the opinions for this trader for the digital currency Bitcoin are rather negative. This is due to an advertising strategy of the people behind this trading platform themselves. Since their foundation in 2017, they have repeatedly used fake news to lure Internet users to their own websites. News about the founder show “The Cave of the Lions” was used for this purpose. The readers were led to believe that the familiar faces from the show had invested a total of 2.5 million euros in the founders. The international dimensions of this misleading advertising strategy show that this is not an oversight. Similar news is also circulating for the American version “Shark Tank” and the British edition “Dragon’s Den”. In the commentary functions of the articles that have uncovered this fake news, you can also find news from investors who had to regret their investment after just a few days or weeks due to the high losses.


What should I pay attention to with such programs?

Essentially, there are four points that play a role in any trading system. These include:

  • The safety
  • The information policy
  • The software used and
  • The regulation.

Safety concerns several factors in this context. On the one hand, real amounts are traded, which makes it important to have a secure payment method. With this system, payment by credit card is also available in addition to a bank transfer. Furthermore, the data entered should also be secure against unauthorized access by third parties. For this purpose, a separate account with a password backup is used. This should be as difficult to guess as possible, so that no strangers have access to the account.

The information policy of this provider is very poor. The names of billionaires such as Richard Branson or Bill Gates are more likely to be found there than more detailed information on the software used. It is clearly played with the reader’s hope for rapid wealth, which puts facts into the background. Whoever promises more detailed information on crypto currencies has to look elsewhere.

As already mentioned, the software only collects this data and independently analyses the trade. It remains unmentioned, however, whether, for example, trading in crypto currencies takes place automatically or only at the user’s instigation. The use of the platform proves to be a company with risks and numerous unknown factors, not only in view of the trade.

The regulation concerns, for example, legal requirements to which the responsible brokers must adhere. This protects investors from fraud or unjustified refusal to pay out profits. In the introduced Bitcoin Trader the money is forwarded to an unregulated broker. Investors should take this fact into account very carefully, as regulations provide numerous protection mechanisms for invested amounts of money.


General Bitcoin Trader Test

In order to be able to use the functions and the trading strategy shown, you must first register. This requires the name and a current e-mail address. Then a password for the account must be selected and a telephone number must be left. Usually it does not take long until the first call of one of the employees is made. These primarily inform about the chances of winning and want to encourage people to make as high a deposit as possible through personal contact. The first deposit, which must be at least 250 EUR, is made via the eMarketsTrade platform. From this point on, the trading system permanently calculates how this amount can best be increased. The trades made are recorded in a history and can therefore still be consulted for their own analysis even after the transactions have ended. The software is clear and easy to understand even for laymen. However, it is advisable to get an overview first and not to start too hastily with the first trades.

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General Bitcoin Trader Experience

Almost all of the experiences on the Internet go in a negative direction. In the comments of web pages like are already feedback of investors, who had to accept 100% losses of the deposited amounts. Also on platforms like the seriousness of the trading platform is already discussed. What is missing, however, are comments from investors who have really made profits. The comments published on the website of the provider can easily be exposed as forgeries for advertising purposes. While it is doubtful that people who have become rich with Bitcoins overnight like to share this information with the world, even in the anonymity of the Internet the search for successful investors is very laborious. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


What are the opinions on a Bitcoin Trader payout?

The Bitcoin Trader is designed to deposit money and not have it paid out. Already with the registration the indication of a bank account or PayPal data is missing for this purpose for the disbursement of the won amounts. Therefore, there are hardly any reports about the payments on the Internet. On the contrary, some users complain that even after making a profit they have not found a way to have it paid out. The support also plays into the cards for the company, as it is very difficult to make contact with the employees in addition to electronic communication. If this takes place, for example, after logging on, the initiative always starts with the trading system itself. Caution is more than necessary in this connection, in order not to have to look for a profit for possibilities of the disbursement. Since the companies have their headquarters abroad, the legal process is also more than difficult.


Is download necessary for Bitcoin Trader?

The trading system can be accessed at any time via the website. A download to your own PC is therefore not necessary. If you want to follow your own trading strategy from on the road, you have the possibility to download the offered app. Both variants require a constant connection to the Internet to execute transactions and track current developments via the software.

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So is Bitcoin Trader serious?

If you are looking for a serious way to trade Bitcoins, you are certainly in the wrong place with the presented Bitcoin Trader. Just the deposits to the account of a broker not belonging to the platform already shows that the free functions come about through the commission assigned in the background. It is important to remember that no test account is offered. Serious brokers and trading platforms almost always offer these to familiarize users with the handling of the system. This means that with this offer you have immediate access to your own deposit and losses are part of the risk from the very first trade. Since this is an unregulated broker, investors are also operating in a legal grey area. It would be very difficult to prove the purpose of the deposit. Who really wants to trade with Bitcoins, should not succumb therefore hastily to the imposing promises, but rather look further for a respectable offerer.


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