It is still tempting to invest in crypto currencies. They are very volatile and promise high profits. However, as the current performance of the Bitcoin shows, high losses cannot be ruled out. If you want to earn money with digital foreign exchange, you should inform yourself beforehand. Without prior knowledge and a good strategy, you won’t get far. Crypto robots mostly focus on bitcoin, the number one digital currency. Meanwhile, some crypto robots have established themselves, pretending that you can quickly make huge profits without any previous knowledge. One of these robots is Bitcoin Profit, also known as BTC Profit. Is this Bitcoin robot serious or is it a fraud?

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Bitcoin Profit – What is it?

BTC Profit is a system designed to allow you to purchase and resell Bitcoin without prior knowledge. The operators of this system promise you that you can make profits of 10,000 euros within one day. They pretend that all you have to do is open a trading account and make a deposit, everything else will be done for you. The platform is not only available on the PC, but also as an app on mobile devices. Behind this program is an algorithm that executes trades at random. That can work, but it doesn’t have to. This system specifically targets volatile markets, which include the crypto currencies and binary options.

Bitcoin Profit

Just like Binary Options, there is a high risk involved in using this system. Behind this system is Bitcoin Profit Company, headed by its CEO John Mayers. However, if you search for this company or for John Mayers, you will not find what you are looking for. So the question is whether this company and John Mayers even exist or whether they are fakes.


What does Bitcoin Profit Software promise?

If you call the BTC Profit platform, you will immediately receive an invitation in large letters promising that you can earn millions, even if the crypto markets collapse. Below is a video describing that every person who has invested in Bitcoin in recent years has made millions. Within a few hours, these people are said to have earned more than 10,000 euros. After that, some people will appear who report that they were able to register five-digit winnings with this Bitcoin Profit within a few days, completely without any previous knowledge. The minimum deposit of 250 euros required for trading at BTC Profit should multiply within a few hours. Profits of 436 US dollars per hour are promised. Within three months you can become a millionaire. If you want to earn money with this system, all you have to do is register and make your deposit. The payout ratio is estimated at 97 percent.


What are the Bitcoin Profit Costs?

Fortunately, this system is available to you free of charge. Registration is free, and maintaining a trading account is also free. To trade at BTC Profit, you must register and make a deposit of at least $250, currency equivalent $250. Without this deposit nothing works. 1 percent of the members’ profits will be retained as commission. In order for this to work and for the operators of the system to make the highest possible profits, a minimum balance on the trading account is required, the amount of which is not described in detail on the BTC Profit website. The aim is to encourage the members to make payments into the trading account. Members are therefore constantly receiving signals about lucrative trades so that they are prepared to deposit higher amounts.


Is Bitcoin Profit Fraud And Fake?

There are currently few opinions and testimonials about BTC Profit. It is not a personal opinion, but general opinions. Directly on the website of the system there are opinions of the members who write that this system is serious and that they have achieved high profits within a short time. (Source: On another portal, users report that they were impressed by advertising and signed up and made a deposit. A short time later, they were harassed by phone calls and asked to make higher deposits. A user reports that he could not access the demo account without making a deposit. He thinks it’s a fraud. One user speaks of a rip-off tactic, according to which it is advertised that prominent people such as John Key, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, is also a member and has made high profits.


What should I pay attention to with such programs?

If you want to trade binary options or crypto currencies via a crypto robot or an online broker, then you should take a closer look at the website and pay attention to some criteria:

  • collateral
  • Regulation via a state financial supervisory authority
  • free demo account, independent of a deposit
  • free tools, such as charts, that are available to you without a deposit.

Safety is the most important aspect. Customers’ funds should be deposited separately from company funds in separate accounts so that they are safe even if the provider becomes insolvent. Serious providers are regulated by a state financial supervisory authority. Which financial supervisory authority is concerned depends on the domicile of the provider. Financial supervisory authorities may be the German BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht), the British Financial Services Authority, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. An imprint is available on the website of a reputable provider.

Serious providers provide free tutorials and a FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions.


General Bitcoin Profit Test

Bitcoin Profit is based on Bitcoin Profit programmed to execute trades randomly in very volatile markets. The prerequisite for this system to work is that as many people as possible register as members, activate the account and make a deposit. No tools and no demo account are available without a deposit. Members are therefore forced to execute trades to earn money. The trades can be semi-automatic or automatic. The operators of the system prefer automatic trades, as they pretend that no previous knowledge is required. You execute as many trades as possible and retain one percent of the profit as commission in the event of a win. You work with brokers who are not regulated. With each trade, the broker rewards them by paying them a portion of his income.

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General Bitcoin Profit Reviews

There are very few opinions about Bitcoin Profit. The opinions on the system’s website are consistently positive. There, only high profits are reported within a short period of time. The situation is different on another portal, as one user reports that shortly after logging in he was harassed by phone calls and asked to make large deposits. Another user writes in English on another page that it is dubious to lure celebrities and promise high profits. More customer reviews can be seen here by clicking this link! *


What are the opinions on a Bitcoin Profit payout?

Experience of high payouts is only available on the BTC Profit website. There a user reports that she went shopping again after an hour’s work. Other users report that after a short time they were able to buy a new car or travel to Hawaii. Neither profits nor losses are reported on the other two portals already named. Users report that they did not execute any trades at all because they had not deposited and were skeptical.


Who is Sven Hegel or John Mayers?

In another trading system, Bitcoin Code, you are greeted by Sven Hegel, who is called Steve McKay on the system’s English website. The portrait that welcomes you is the same person. Sven Hegel claims that he worked on Wall Street as a Bitcoin Profit developer for a large company whose name he does not mention. He was commissioned to develop a trading system that would enable high profits within a short period of time. After his supervisor tried this program, but showed no interest in it anymore, Sven Hegel took this code with him and brought out his trading platform. Sven Hegel is therefore a fake.

This is probably the case with John Mayers, head of the operator of BTC Profit. However, you will not find the company or John Mayers in your research.

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Is Download necessary for Bitcoin Profit?

A download is not required for the use of BTC code. You do not need to install any software on your computer and can start trading immediately after you have logged in, activated your trading account and made your deposit of at least 250 Euros. The trade works directly via the computer. If you want to use the system mobile, you need to install an app on your mobile phone or tablet.


So is Bitcoin Profit serious?

BTC Code is not regulated by a state supervisory authority. The General Terms and Conditions are only available in English. There is a FAQ on the home page, but it contains very few questions and answers. Losses are also pointed out there. On the positive side, the portal has SSL encryption and no download is required. Instructions and a free demo account can only be used once you have made your deposit. Only after the deposit you have access to trading instruments if you want to trade binary options or crypto currencies. If you take a closer look at the website, you will notice that there is no imprint at all. Registration is quick, so you can earn money quickly. The calls you will receive after a short time are intrusive. Whether the people on the website are actually real cannot be said.


Bitcoin Profit

Invest 5.0
Risk 5.0
Overall Rating 5.0