Bentolit Reviews, Ingredients and Price

In order to promote simple weight loss, it is always necessary for one’s own metabolism to function well. For this purpose, there are a wide variety of dietary supplement products available, but they are not always necessarily effective. Therefore we would like to take a look at Bentolit today. A product that not only boosts the metabolism, but also also promotes other attributes, which greatly facilitate weight loss. One thing can be mentioned in advance: It is made exclusively from natural ingredients and is very well tolerated. All details are explained below.


What is Bentolit?

Bentolit is a slimming drink which is beneficial for weight loss and at the same time easy to take. It consists of a drink with a coffee flavour. Because most people like to drink coffee. The effect is impressive. Here once the characteristics, which the manufacturer puts into the foreground:

  • aids digestion
  • promotes the microflora
  • relieves the symptoms of allergic reactions
  • the immune system is supported
  • helps acutely in the fight against chronic diseases
  • promotes the metabolism
  • prevents fat deposits in problem areas
  • helps against cellulite
  • tightens the skin
  • dissolves the grease reservoirs



As you can see, not only does it have a positive effect on weight loss, but it can also help with other things that help keep the body healthy. The person feels more comfortable and is thus higher quality of life and satisfaction rewarded.

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Bentolit ingredients explained

What you can say is that the product is made exclusively from natural ingredients. Here is a list for better orientation:

  • triply distilled volcanic clay
  • Fennel Fruit/Seed Extract
  • soya protein
  • Ginger root extract
  • Dandelion root extract
  • Oat fibres
  • Coffee powder

The digestive function is promoted by the fennel fruit and the seed extract. At the same time, the volcanic soil reduces the appetite and fat deposits that have accumulated. In addition, fat digestion is prevented and ingested fat is excreted directly. Ginger root extract reduces the appetite and stimulates the production of gastric juice. Various gastro-intestinal diseases are thus effectively prevented. The soya protein burns subcutaneous fat tissue and can also be used as a source of energy in the body. Dandelion root extract comes into play to normalise appetite and digestion.

It restores the electrolytic balance and influences the intestinal flora in a positive way and sage. Oat fibre helps to cleanse the intestines while removing excess cholesterol from the body. The whole thing is completed by the coffee powder, which removes liquid and influences the metabolism, as well as providing sufficient energy.


Is the product suitable for you?

The product is aimed primarily at women who would like to lose a few pounds. It gives them the opportunity to use a concept tailored to them to achieve weight loss without using typical dietary supplements that have a negative effect on the metabolism and other human characteristics. Age does not play a major role. However, the user should have exceeded the age of 18.

Women who have already tried another product and have not been successful with it can also benefit from the product. It is worth a try in any case.

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What is the course of the Bentolit effect?

The human metabolism is essential for weight loss. However, in most overweight women it does not always work as it should. This product can be used to boost it, allowing the regular processes of digestion and processing of nutrients to function again. In this way, the body easily loses excess weight and the result is a good balance again. Because it is so easy to take, the feeding is also greatly simplified. It can be taken along on the way. All that is needed is a little water. We explain more about ingestion in the next section.

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How does the intake of Bentolit proceed?

To ensure a regulated and effective intake, the product must be taken correctly as intended by the manufacturer. To do this, proceed as follows: First, pour two heaped teaspoons of the powder into a cup. Then add 200 millilitres of water or skimmed milk. The mixture must now be stirred thoroughly so that the powder can dissolve well. After waiting for about ten minutes, mix the whole thing again.

Once a day such a drink should be taken. Preferably without regard to meals. The best The time to take it is the morning. By the way: Mixing the ingredients can be greatly simplified by using a shaker bottle. This turns the mixture into a smooth paste. We recommend that you stick to the manufacturer’s dosage and do not exceed the amount. This is the only way to bring about a good weight reduction in the long term and the result will be effective.


General Bentolit quality characteristics

The quality is impressive. The use of natural ingredients for the production alone is different from other products available in this segment. In addition, it not only contributes to weight loss, but also has other attributes to offer. It is suitable for natural detoxification, you lose weight naturally and stay healthy and youthful. A higher quality of life is significantly influenced. Therefore, the product is especially recommended for those who complain about a reduced quality of life.

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Are there any side effects or risks with Bentolit?

As far as risks and side effects are concerned, you can be reassured with this product. As it is based on natural ingredients, a high level of tolerance is a matter of course. However, it should also be taken in the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer A higher dosage does not lead to a better result.


General Bentolit opinions

During our research we also looked for the experiences of other users and found some reports. Most of them are enthusiastic about the coffee-flavoured product and are very pleased that it is so easy to take. They complained about lassitude, overweight and absolute lethargy. The product effectively helped them to regain a new quality of life and would therefore recommend it to anyone else. They were extremely satisfied and rated the product positively.

Most people praised the composition of natural ingredients and were therefore very interested in the product. Others praised the fact that the concept is completely geared towards women. However, they were all particularly enthusiastic about the effectiveness, which became apparent on the scales within a short time. Not only did they lose weight professionally, but they also noticed improved health. Some of the users had also taken a blood test, whose results were much better. More customer reviews can be by clicking this link! *


Advantages and disadvantages of the product

As with all health products, there are advantages and disadvantages to the slimming drink that should be kept in mind. We would therefore like to summarize what you can expect from the Slimming Drink and what can significantly influence your purchase decision:


  • easy use
  • delicious coffee taste
  • effective weight reduction
  • Slimming drink of another kind


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As you can see, the advantages are obvious. The slimming drink is not only easy to prepare, but also delicious, thanks to the taste of coffee. As a slimming aid it is very good to use, because it leads to a good loss of overweight. Therefore it is definitely worth a try.


Where can I buy Bentolit?

It is best to buy the coffee-flavoured slimming drink directly from the manufacturer. They offer their products via their own website, which ensures easy ordering and offers moderate payment options. Paypal and credit card are also available. For the order, only a few details need to be entered and it is done. Afterwards you will be called by a competent advisor and you can ask questions as well as influence your order quantity. Afterwards the package is packed and shipped in a short time. A few days later, the parcel arrives right at your doorstep and you can start losing weight.

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What does the Bentolit price look like?

The coffee-flavoured product has one big advantage: it is cheaper than many other products from the same segment and does a better job. The product is also sold in graduated offers. This has the advantage that you pay a preferential price per pack for several packs. The slimming drink costs at offer times, which are limited by the way, only half of the normal price. Therefore you should strike when the opportunity presents itself. So it means to strike when you have the opportunity to get a preferential price.


Bentolit evaluation

We would like to evaluate the product positively. Not only because the drink is easy to prepare and has an appealing coffee taste. It is also equally effective and includes the functional principle of metabolism. This is a basis for losing weight successfully and permanently and should therefore work. The product also promotes other processes and thus contributes to maintaining good health and thus serves to detoxify, improve health and is a good way to lose weight.

We would like to gladly recommend us. In addition, other users have already been able to try the product and have made good experiences. Everyone who is looking for a good food supplement is very well advised with this product.


Who is the supplier of the product?

The supplier of the product is a company called Genius Rainbow Limited. Here is the full address: Genius Rainbow Limited, Suite 504, 5/F, Nathan Centre, 580G-580K, Nathan Road, Kowloon Town/City Kowloon Country, Hong Kong. Unfortunately, no more is known about the provider.

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Ingredients 8.5
Effect 8.0
Price 7.5