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When it comes to educating a dog, many owners say they have a certain amount of fool’s freedom. In general, however, there is one quality that is absolutely undesirable in dogs: Barking! When dogs bark, not only do some people feel threatened by the animal, but it also disturbs immensely. It is not unusual for neighbours to get into an argument because one person’s dog barked too much again. If it concerns a yard dog, the whole situation looks again differently.

With these specimens the barking is quite desired, because they take care of house and yard. Nevertheless, there should be a certain amount of education regarding the barking. Unfortunately, there are only few possibilities for this, especially concerning the direct reaction to the misbehaviour of the four-legged friend. The product Barx Buddy presented here, however, creates alternatives, which is why we would like to describe it in more detail.


What’s the Barx Buddy?

If a dog barks, this is not necessarily funny, or even desirable. Until some time ago, electric collars were used for this purpose. These were around the dog’s neck and gave a slight electric shock to the dog to stop the behavior. However, the use of these accessories is outdated in the meantime. Even vibration collars do not necessarily bring the desired success. To educate with treats does not bring anything with some dogs, if it concerns the barking. Therefore, some now use the Barx Buddy.

It is a collar that emits a sound that is inaudible to humans, but even more so to the dog. It transmits on a frequency that is uncomfortable for the dog and signals him not to show the behaviour he is wearing at the time the collar is activated. Here is an overview of the characteristics:

  • produces noises above 30,000 Hertz
  • has an additional optical protection by means of flashlights LED
  • stops the barking immediately
  • integrated hand strap for constant availability
  • suitable for all dog breeds and sizes
  • works mostly also with cats

Barx BuddySo far, the ultrasound device has not appeared so frequently in the media because it has spread via word of mouth. Many dog owners already use it during dog training in order to get their darling out of the habit of barking once and for all. With success!

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What’s the Barx Buddy for?

Dog education owners always look at owners from different angles. If you look at fifty dog owners and ask them how they educate their dog, you will hear a lot of opinions. However, they agree on one thing: dog training should also help to stop the dog from barking.

Because it is an unwanted behavior, which does not really go down well with any owner, let alone with the environment, in which the four-legged friend lives. Quarrels with neighbours were the order of the day for many, or children were afraid because the dog suddenly began to bark. The device helps with dog training to get rid of the behaviour.


Why do I need the Barx Buddy?

The gadget device is primarily intended for people who keep a dog as a pet. The ultrasound device is very easy to use, so age and sex are irrelevant. However, it should be used with a certain sense of responsibility. The ultrasound device is suitable for anyone who wants to give up barking their dog. As a rule, this is not a desired behaviour and should therefore be avoided by the dog.

Dog Training


How is the product used?

The operation couldn’t be easier. There are several buttons on the device that can be operated. It is important that it is used correctly and, above all, responsibly in dog training, so that an effect is shown. The dog is conditioned on the fact that as soon as he hears the noise, which is unpleasant for him, he leaves the behavior, which he shows at this moment. Therefore it is very important to operate the device at the right moment. The ultrasonic device emits the signal when you press the “On” button. As an additional optical visualization you can use the switch below with “Light I” and “Light II”.

With it you switch on the integrated flashlight, which lights up the dog when he does not react to the acoustic signal. However, the device is only activated if the dog shows the wrong behaviour. Not before and not too late. If the dog has already barked a few times, he can usually no longer be tamed with the device, but continues to bark. The signal must reach the dog within the first barking. Only then the dog training is also efficient.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product?

Like every gadget, this one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would like to summarize these in the following.


  • easy to use
  • can be used for every dog size and breed
  • inaudible to humans


  • not suitable for sensitive dogs
  • only for responsible hands

We will go into the disadvantages in more detail later. The fact is, however, that it is suitable for every dog from the manufacturer, but sensitive dogs may react even more anxiously than already. However, if it works for a dog, the ultrasound device should be successful.

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General Barx Buddy Test and Quality Features

We also tested the device once and wanted to document its quality. The ultrasonic device is easy to operate and makes a valuable impression from the outside. In the editorial department we have three very different dogs, which is why we gave each owner the order to integrate the device into the dog training. In the course of the test, very different results were also obtained. One owner had more and more problems with his neighbours, because his dog barked every time he left the house.

This was annoying and the dog had to get used to it. The device worked relatively well in his education, so that he is on a good way to really get used to barking. Another did not feel any effect to the improvement, the dog barked only still further. The owner even had the impression that it had gotten worse. The third dog was already known to the editors as sensitive and sometimes mimotic. Within a short time he developed a fear of the device as well as of the training and went into avoidance posture.

While she used to have a lot of fun training, now she didn’t want to participate anymore. Generally we rate the device as relatively good, it is only – contrary to the opinion of the manufacturer – not applicable for every dog. In addition, it definitely belongs in expert hands, so that the dog training is not characterized by bad experiences.


General Barx Buddy review and opinions

During the research we also looked for other opinions and experiences. We found out that our test matched the opinions of the users well. Some people got good results with the ultrasound device, others clearly advised against it. So the experiences were very different.


Are there any known Barx Buddy problems?

There are no problems with the device itself that could be called problems. But sometimes there are problems with the dogs. Every dog is, like every human being, its own individual. Some react a little more sensitively to the training with the device, while others show the misbehaviour even more pronounced. If a person is constantly exposed to a sound that practically causes pain when listening to it, it is not for nothing that some people become aggressive. Therefore, the use of the device must be considered with responsibility.

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Where can I buy Barx Buddy?

The device can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, who sells it on his homepage at a good price. The graduated prices even make it possible to purchase several devices: The more you buy from them, the cheaper they become. The dispatch takes place fast, likewise the supply. Payment is made by Paypal or credit card, which is particularly low-risk and therefore gives the buyer a lot of security.

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BarxBuddy Technical Facts

Let us now turn to the technical features of the device. Here is a list for an overview:

  • Ultrasonic sound (inaudible to humans)
  • torch
  • infrared light
  • two setting options

We cannot give more information about the ultrasound device in terms of technology. However, we can confirm that it is easy to use and therefore easy for everyone to understand.


Barx Buddy Evaluation and recommendation

Overall, we consider the device to be very useful if it is used by a professional, or by responsible hands. One should consider in advance how one’s own dog could react and what character it has. As already written, some dogs are susceptible to intensify the misbehaviour, or even to go into avoidance posture, or even to get scared.

In particular the latter is actually an attribute, which no dog owner would like to produce with his four-legged friend, since it amounts in the long term to the fact that he develops possibly other quirks. If the dog gets along with it, the equipment could deliver however a good education method. Further customer experiences are available via this link! *


Information about the supplier or shipping partner

Not much is known about the supplier, except that he is based in the USA and also offers his products from there. But here is his complete address:

Barx Buddy,

PO Box 52171,

Phoenix, AZ, 85072-2171


Homepage: *

An email address is also available for enquiries. This is:


List of sources and further links

Barx Buddy

Technical Details 9.5
Price 9.0
Overall Rating 9.5

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