Airphones Reviews, Functions and Price

Portable Bluetooth headphones can be seen almost everywhere these days. But if you get a little more information, you usually put your hands above your head, because most of them are extremely expensive. Especially if they come from well-known suppliers, such headphones are worth a small fortune. Anyone who has an iPhone will sooner or later come to the Air Pods, for example. However, these also cost up to 180 euros from the provider, for example. Basically, however, these are just a few ordinary wireless headphones that do not have a cable and connect via Bluetooth. So at this point we looked around for alternatives and came across the so-called Airphones. Basically, it looks very similar to the original and also has many of the functions for which the original has become so famous. We wanted to take a closer look at the headphones.

What are Airphones?

The Airphones are basically also a few in-ear headphones that you connect to your mobile phone by radio, or more precisely by Bluetooth. A big advantage: They are much cheaper than the original, even if they look very similar. These are a few wireless Bluetooth headphones with the following features:

  • Wireless stereo headphones
  • long battery life
  • ultralight ergonomic headphone design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Standard
  • make phone calls or listen to music
  • rechargeable in supplied case

Like the original, the wireless Bluetooth headphones are also able to recharge in the supplied case. This makes them constant companions on the go, which you won’t want to miss anymore and which can convince with a good sound.


What are the headphones for?

In general, nowadays hardly any people use headphones that are not wirelessly connected, or MP3 players in general. Most people use their smartphone to listen to music. Not only because you can often save a lot more here, but you can also access a wide variety of music streaming services at the same time. To avoid the cable, they buy a few Bluetooth headphones and let’s be honest: The Air Pods are already chic, but also damn expensive. So why not take advantage of such a cheap alternative as the Airphones presented here?

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Why do I need the Airphones?

The headphones are actually intended for anyone who would like to buy some headphones to pair with their mobile phone. Wireless Bluetooth headphones appeal to young and old alike. All those who own a smartphone that has Bluetooth and with which you want to listen to music and answer calls. The headphones can also be used for this purpose. Simply answer the call on the way and start making calls, without disturbing mobile phone in the hand. The target group for this product is therefore very broad and can therefore not be generalized.

How is Airphones used?

First of all, it is important to charge the headphones. This is done in the case, which is connected to a power outlet by means of a cable. If the batteries are full, you can start right away. Every mobile phone or tablet has a Bluetooth function, which is actually always activated. If this is not the case, this is simply changed in the settings. The device then searches for the headphones and lists them. If you now select them, you can start listening immediately after you have put the plugs in your ear. More is actually not included.

Airphones listen to music

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Airphones?

Like every gadget, it has advantages and disadvantages that you should inform yourself about beforehand. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of wireless Bluetooth headphones:


  • look deceptively similar to the original
  • have very similar functions
  • deliver a perfect sound
  • recharge themselves in the case on the way
  • easy operation


  • some functions are missing in contrast to the original

For example, Airphones presented here does not have the function that you can accept a telephone call by tapping on it, or Siri. However, this is not a great feature that you can easily do without. Otherwise, the wireless Bluetooth headphones have everything you need to listen to music and make phone calls. A good sound, followed by easy operation, including the rechargeable case. The headphones are also supplied in the white design you are familiar with.

General Airphones Test and Quality Features

We once decided to do a test with the device. There are many wireless Bluetooth headphones like this on the market, but some don’t come close to the original, which we also know and appreciate. So we tried this device once and got our own impression of it. The handling is basically the same as with the original. Simple and user-friendly, it couldn’t be better. The headphones recharge in the case when they are empty. You can check the battery level with the smartphone menu. The battery life is absolutely reasonable and there is still the possibility to recharge the plugs on the way in the case. Overall, wireless Bluetooth headphones like these are a good alternative to the original, and they are also much cheaper.

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We therefore give a positive verdict and gladly recommend them to others. In addition, the manufacturer also offers its customers the possibility of claiming a warranty of another three years with every purchase. This way you can be sure that you will get your money back in any case if the headphones stop working at some point.

Airphones headphones

General Airphones experiences and opinions

When researching Airphones, we naturally also looked for reports from users who had already gained experience with Airphones. In most cases, we found reports that sounded very satisfying. Most of them got along very well with the product and therefore didn’t want to miss it anymore. Those who reported rather negative about the product usually had difficulties with the fit of the plugs, but this is not the rule. Who knows the usual headphones of iPhone and iPod and if these fit, will have no problem with these here. Overall, the feedback was very positive and the earphones were therefore highly recommended. More customer experiences are available via this link!*

Are there any known Airphones problems?

During our test we did not notice any problems. However, there are users who don’t like the plugs 100% and therefore have less wearing comfort. Wireless Bluetooth headphones like these usually fit a wide range of people, so you can’t generalize. In principle, it is therefore advisable to simply try it on and try it out for yourself.

Where can I buy Airphones?

When buying an airphone, it is always advisable to buy it directly from the manufacturer. This is because the manufacturer not only offers its customers the necessary information about the product, but also a good price. A big advantage: Those who are enthusiastic about the product and want to secure even more models can also purchase several at a preferential price. So you also have a replacement if your own are not full enough. You can also make sure that you have several of them with you on the road and that you are well taken care of during a longer trip. From time to time, the manufacturer also offers a free delivery.

It couldn’t be better, could it?

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Aiphones Technical Details

As far as the technical details are concerned, we’ll go into more detail below so that you can form your own impression of them:

  • high-quality stereo sound
  • Intelligent Bluetooth and instant connection
  • high-quality HD microphone
  • compatible with Android and Apple smartphones
  • Loading case with large capacity

Which is very advantageous: The headphones have the standard 5.0 in relation to Bluetooth. This means that even modern devices can all be paired with the headphones using this standard. Basically, these wireless Bluetooth headphones are the same as the Air Pods, but at a much lower price. The technical characteristics are quite equivalent and the headphones are therefore perfectly suitable for long-term use.

Airphones comfort

Airphones rating and recommendation

All in all, we would like to give the headphones a very good result. The rating is mainly due to the fact that the headphones are in no way inferior to the original, you only have to do without the answering function. At the same time, you also get the rechargeable case in which the headphones can be recharged at any time. Even if no power source is available on the way. Most users are very enthusiastic about the device and therefore also recommend it to others. Both young and old can benefit from buying the headphones, especially if they want to pair it with a mobile phone that uses streaming services or simply plays music stored on it.

Information about the provider or shipping partner

The company is based in Hong Kong, China and distributes its headphones across the globe. Preferably, he offers them at a good price and also helps his customers with words and deeds when things don’t go as planned. Here are all the necessary data about the company:

  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 7/F, The Grande Building
  • 398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Unfortunately we could not find further information about the provider.

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